Space Camp Open House and FUTURE TALK: STEAM, AI, Robotics and the Future of work and career

Information Technology Press Releases Friday May 18, 2018 12:29
Bangkok--18 May--

Synopsis: The advancement of STEAM, AI and Robotics post opportunity as well as threat to humanity. On the bright side, machine learning enables many tasks more efficiency, precision, less labor intensive and cost effectiveness from smart farming to driverless cars. On the other hands, AI and robotics eradicated many jobs such as the replacement of cashiers with Amazon Go and banking tellers with mobile-banking application. While many works and jobs are on the waiting list of becoming a history, the burning questions for the human of this generation are still unanswered. What are the works or jobs of the future? How can we as a human still be relevant in the work place comparing to machine and how can we best using the machine as our tools to win the future, not replaced by them? These burning questions are the heart of this symposium: STEAM, AI, Robotics and the Future of work and career!

Symposium: US Space and Rocket Center, Zignature Marketing and The Explorer offer a symposium to tackle with these burning issues of our generation by inviting gurus of the 3 generations from the baby boomer, Generation X and Generation Y trying to find the best answers to guide us through the braved new future. With our goal of supporting the advancement of STEM and Space Exploration to bettering human lives, we offer the most advanced Space Camp in the world at the US Space and Rocket Center to help the new generation preparing for the new world.

Place: Main Auditorium Hall of the Brighton College Bangkok
Date: May 19th, 2018
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Future Speakers:
1. Dr. Art-ong Jumsai Na Ayudhya
2. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat
3. Pirada Techavijit
Conductor: Krit Kunplin, Representative of the US. Space & Rocket Center

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