New LACONIC CLOUD ERP software solutions

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday May 30, 2018 11:47
Bangkok--30 May--Laconic Technology

"Laconic Technology" Company Limited, a company specialized in software development, internet technology and ERP leader operating for enterprise management with 6 billion baht in total revenue today is ready to bring a new LACONIC CLOUD ERP software solutions to penetrate in cooperate market from SME to large enterprise in Thailand and aims to reach 70 million baht revenue this year.

Laconic Technology Co., Ltd., a company specialized in software development and internet technology was founded in Thailand in 2006 or 12 years ago. Laconic Technology Co., Ltd., was promoted by BOI (Board of Investment) under the privilege of running a web-based application and service including applications that cover the processing power, storage unit and cloud computing which is in line with the way of Thai government has announced its move to "Thailand 4.0" to upgrade its SMEs business and raise service levels to increase value.

The company has technical experts and senior global managers who work with our team to make the company grow. Laconic Technology also has team that can communicate in English, Thai and Chinese to support and maintenance of this software for customers from other countries. Our platform simplifies IT with data capture and usability that is the key to success of SMEs development. Our Asian customer base which utilizes the ERP system has total revenue of $ 6 billion or approximately $ 190 million.

Mr. Alex Chih, Founder and CEO of Laconic, said, " Laconic is launching not only a new product but also new portals to integrate the country with Thailand 4.0 by using DIGILEAGUE's technology products and experience to build a target market from SMEs to large enterprise because Laconic's technology uses cloud-based ERP that has been tested in Thailand for more than 10 years, with a proven base and proven track record in complex manufacturing processes."

"Today, organizations or companies who use The "Laconic" management system generated more than 6 billion baht in revenues, which is a result of our overseas customer base too."

There are 7 recommended Taiwan tier-one advanced digital technology solution introduced in Thailand through LACONIC TECHNOLOGY and DIGILEAGUE and seamless integrated with "LACONIC CLOUD ERP" for the market in Thailand which are HRM & HRD - fit for human resource management and development. CRM - Customer Relationship Management. Business Intelligence (BI) - Analysis, storage and Information accessibility POS – retail management. E-Payment - Electronic Payment Comboware–smart IT infrastructure RTLS – Real Time Locating System.

In terms of marketing strategy and business development of LACONIC TECHNOLOGY in 2018, the company aims to open new doors or channels widely by integrating with our partners with DIGILEAGUE Technology solutions from Taiwan to cover all channels. Nowadays, LACONIC TECHNOLOGY operates in Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia and there is one change management partner and one hardware partner in Thailand.

"Since we had the first customer in Thailand 13 years ago, we are confident that we will have good growth in Thailand soon and we hope that in Malaysia as a new customer will result the strong earnings and good performance. In addition, we are now negotiating business expansion into Cambodia and Myanmar. We have set a goal of revenue in Thailand and Malaysia in 2018 this year to 70 million and will increase revenue 2 times in 2019"

Mr. Yuan Li, Taiwan's leading-edge technology solutions leader, also said, "DIGILEAGUE is a platform to accelerate the Thai SMEs business use as the government has defined Thailand as a "Thailand 4.0". In the Digital Economy, the Thai government emphasizes on domestic businesses to prepare for these matters. For a company, we have many applications ready to response and support especially in manufacturing operations management, human resource management and development, industry automation, smart retail/mall system, and more that customer can select to use."

"Our platform will help to reduce the damage from business operations via IT that is interrupted. Users no need to damage the interface use in Asia, which will make users become the key to success in business development of SMEs. Therefore, leading SMEs should be reminded the need for change as well as open mind to allocate budget for investment in development and advancement in the ERP system that can deeply develop human resources, "Yuan said.

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