Kaspersky Lab Sets A Malaysian Record of Anti-Virus for Mobile Devices Activated At An Event!

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday June 6, 2018 17:57
Bangkok--6 Jun--Kaspersky Lab

It was a Malaysian record breaking day for Kaspersky Lab as 1,931 of its anti-virus for mobile devices were activated at an education and awareness program held in partnership with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) in conjunction with the global cybersecurity company's 20th anniversary, here today.

Students, faculty and visitors to TAR UC were quick to join the Kaspersky Lab mobile device anti-virus download drive that included Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Kaspersky Password Managers for iOS devices for smartphones and tablets.

To create the Malaysian Book of Records feat, a minimum of 1,500 downloads had to be completed within 6 hours. The target was achieved by 2:30pm, and from there on it was a new record with each download. Officials from the Malaysian Book of Records were present to certify the record-setting feat.

Kaspersky Lab and TAR UC worked together to reach students, as this demographic are most likely to use mobile devices as their primary access to the internet and urgently need to protect their digital assets and identity.

The Digital in Asia Pacific Report 2017 shows that there has been healthy growth in digital connectivity around Asia-Pacific with 1.94 billion internet users, up 8 percent year-on-year to reach 47 percent regional penetration; 1.67 billion active social media users, up 17 percent to reach 40 percent regional penetration; 3.93 billion mobile connections in the region, up 4 percent year-on-year; and 1.63 billion mobile social media users, up 20 percent to reach 39 percent regional penetration.

Almost two-thirds of Asia's internet users access the web via mobile devices. 98 percent of the region's social media users access their top platforms via mobile devices, with countries including China, Japan, and South Korea all registering mobile shares of close to 100 percent.

However, the security of mobile devices remains a challenge moreso as more users use mobile devices for financial transactions from micro-payments to online shopping and banking.

While awareness to protect personal data among user in this region is increasing with more users vigilant in protecting their hand phone using passwords and backing up their photos and contacts; the number of users in the Asia Pacific with mobile device security solutions on their smartphones is still low.

"Mobile device security goes beyond password-protecting a device, and backing up data serves as an extension of your brain. As mobile devices become the primary device for more people, identify theft becomes easier and online banking and in-app e-commerce transaction become more frequent. The need to educate on securing mobile devices is urgent. This is why Kaspersky Lab held this record-breaking mobile device download drive in conjunction with our 20th anniversary," said Jesmond Chang, Head of Corporate Communications, APAC at Kaspersky Lab.

"Based on the success of this awareness and download drive in Malaysia, Kaspersky Lab will be rolling out similar campaigns across countries in the Asia Pacific. We believe that reaching out to young, active users will have a multiplier effect as they spread the news among their network to get protected," he added.

TAR UC is building the momentum towards its 50th anniversary in 2019. The President of TAR UC, Datuk Dr. Tan Chik Heok said that student welfare and well-being is an important priority at the university college.

"Student welfare now needs to extend beyond the physical and emotional aspects to encompass their digital well-being and cybersecurity as well. In our run-up to TAR UC's 50th anniversary, we are proud to partner with Kaspersky Lab to give our students access to the information and solutions that can protect them online. In the process, TAR UC has once again been part of a Malaysian Book of Records entry that we are proud of," Datuk Dr. Tan said.

A spokesperson for the Malaysian Book of Records said that Kaspersky Lab had been certified as setting the record for Most Number of Anti-Virus for Mobile Devices Activated in an Event.

In the picture: (From left) Ms. Lim Mei Shyan, Dean of Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, TAR UC, Datuk Dr. Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, received the token of appreciation from Mr. Jesmond Chang, Head of Corporate Communications, APAC, Kaspersky Lab.

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