Honeywell participates in Connected technologies in a digital transportation world workshop to support a digital transportation network in Thailand

Information Technology Press Releases Friday June 15, 2018 14:03
Bangkok--15 Jun--ABM

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today expressed its support for the government of Thailand's transportation vision backed by digital technologies, by participating in the "Connected technologies in a digital transportation world" workshop organized by the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

Thailand's Ministry of Transport has taken decisive steps in supporting the long-term development of the country's transport infrastructure. Its 20-year National Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan, 2017-2036 sets out a clear vision geared towards sustainable transport with targeted goals, strategies, action plan, outcomes and key performance indicators covering transport efficiency, green and safe transport, inclusive transport, and innovative transport. To achieve these goals, digital technology and innovations will be used to drive success.

Mr. Teerapong Rodprasert, Vice Minister for Transport, Ministry of Transport, said, "The Ministry of Transport is committed to sustainable transport, and we have already taken concrete steps to lay the groundwork to achieve our goals. This means delivering efficient, connected digital transportation network for the country. This effort falls within the transformative shift of our Thailand 4.0 policy which focuses on driving the transformation and modernization of the economy. Our strategic plan will harness the power and potential of digital technologies, and build out and renew transportation networks and systems that benefit all Thais. This will lead to efficient and environmentally friendly transportation systems for all stakeholders. Thus, we are moving forward to making Thailand a hub for connectivity."

The government is looking to a new paradigm in technology partnerships to better connect its assets and people, and believes that a positive disruption in transportation can help solve the following major challenges:

Urbanization – Smart Cities backed by efficient transportation systems and digital technology, and the use of powerful City Data Platforms and Command and Control Systems
Sustainability – Balancing the benefits of increased regional and global trade with an obligation to protecting the environment for future generations through more efficient and safer transportation.
Security – Using the power of technology and important innovations to ensure that transport infrastructure meets the expectations of citizens in regards to safety and security.
Global competitiveness and economic development – Using IoT to improve the competitiveness of cities and regions making journeys quicker and more productive.

In addition, the government unveiled its Transport Infrastructure Investment Plan last year to drive public infrastructure investment and further strengthen investor confidence in the Thai economy. The Action Plan is linked to the 20-year National Strategy and the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan which emphasizes transport modality shifts, increased connectivity, and enhanced mobility. The plan and its framework for implementation underscores the government's commitment and its collaboration with various stakeholders including manufacturers and connectivity providers opening a new level of cooperation.

Following the vice minister's remarks and morning activities, the workshop's three afternoon Breakout sessions provided participants with a series of detailed technical presentations by experts in transportations from many countries. The participants will also learn about innovative products and solutions from Honeywell, Huawei and KPMG covering the areas of connected airports, smart logistics, and connected transportation. The sessions each explored the relevance, impacts and solutions of digital technologies in the three respective categories.

Mr. Briand Greer, President of Honeywell ASEAN, said, "We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide this platform for the Ministry of Transport and the Honorable Minister to share insights and views on the importance of connected technologies. With the combination of changing expectations of travel and transportation, increasing urbanization, and the rise of connected devices, people expect their travel and transport experiences to be fast, easy and secure. This drives the demand for innovative products, services and solutions that boost efficiency, productivity and safety for everyone."

"I commend the Thai Government for its continuous efforts in developing the country's transport infrastructure, as well as for its leadership in recognizing the importance of connected technologies. At Honeywell, we are committed to being a long-term trusted technology partner to Thailand providing solutions that contribute to the country's growth and Industry 4.0 efforts," Greer further commented.

As a premier software-industrial company that delivers industry specific solutions, Honeywell is ready to provide the innovative solutions that will allow Thailand to become a transportation and logistics hub for trade, services and investments. For more information about Honeywell's activities in Thailand, please click

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