One Belt And One Road Scientific Research Institute Alliance was established in Shenyang

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday June 20, 2018 15:56
SHENYANG, China--20 Jun--Xinhua-AsiaNet/InfoQuest

On June 14, the "One Belt And One Road" Scientific Research Institute Alliance establishment conference was held in Shenyang. Forty research institutes from 18 cities at home and abroad jointly launched the "One Belt And One Road" Scientific Research Institute Alliance.

The conference adopted the union constitution, and released Shenyang declaration of the "One Belt And One Road" Scientific Research Institute Alliance. The first council of the alliance was selected, and Shenyang Surveying Geotechnical Research Institute Co., Ltd of MCC was elected as the President unit.

Shenyang, with great positional advantage and development space, is an important node city of "The Belt and Road". To initiate the "One Belt And One Road" Research Institute Alliance is one of the important measures for Shenyang municipal government to build a modern international metropolis.

Shenyang municipal government hopes that the "One Belt And One Road" Research Institute Alliance will promote cultural exchanges and enhance international mutual trust through think tank communication and technical services, and that the Alliance will also explore new ways to complement each other and to pursue openness and development, providing new energy for Shenyang in its construction to be a Northeastern Asia center for scientific and technological innovation.

Source: Shenyang Municipal Government
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