GAWOONI Launches Pet Pet Rush, A New Mobile Game, to Test the Reactivity of Gamers in Thailand

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday July 17, 2018 10:23
Bangkok--17 Jul--Asia Media Publishing Group

Pet Pet Rush, the cutest arcade game by GAWOONI, is ready to give joy and test the reactivity among Thai game lovers. Gamers will enjoy dozens of super cute and unique skilled critters on their way through beautiful landscapes and challenging levels. Pet Pet Rush is available for free for smartphones and tablets.

The game creates a huge buzz around Thai people these days as it is an easy but challenging way to test the reactivity of old and young. Everyone understands the controls very fast and can see how far he can run in this cute little game. And sometimes, old people beat the younger ones, showing them that reactivity is not limited by age.

The first people already come up with runs above 1,200 meter, which is incredibly good. Everybody who can manage to run 1,000 meter in this game has a good reactivity and will get a "Certificate Of Excellent Reactivity" in the game.

The game also features a great Augmented Reality Mode (AR). AR is well known from the game Pokmon GO where you look through the camera of your phone and see virtual reality elements added to the real world environment. In Pet Pet Rush you can easy make AR photos with cute little pets. It's a great fun for everyone.

In July 2018, GAWOONI plans a lot of events where people can play Pet Pet Rush, take new highscore challenges and win great prizes. It is a little bit like in eSports. People want to compete in events against each other and get the chance to win something when they are performing well. Now young and old have the chance to compete against each other in a very funny way in the game Pet Pet Rush. All results can be uploaded to digital leader boards, so that everybody can see his performance in comparison to other Thai people.

GAWOONI is a very ambitious publisher and developer for mobile and online games with a special focus on emerging digital markets like Southeast Asia and India. GAWOONI set up over the last year a very professional game development team in Thailand as the company believes in the creative potential of Thai artist and developers. At GAWOONI, talents from Thailand, Germany, UK and India working together in international teams to create exciting new gaming experiences. GAWOONI has a very clear vision about the future in gaming. The company will launch in 2018 its own Gaming Platform, a complete Games Ecosphere uniting developers, publishers, advertisers and gamers in one place. The development takes place in Thailand, Germany and India. It is a huge international project.

"Thailand has a lot of creative potential, you just need to unleash it. At GAWOONI artist and developers from Thailand work in international teams so that we all can learn from each other. This kind of international team building is the only way to realize huge projects in gaming. Since 8 years I am working now with talents from Thailand. I love Thailand. It's great to see how much progress we made together over the last years" comments Frank Holz, CEO at GAWOONI.

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