If You Can Highlights Auto-translation Benefits for Diverse Communities

Information Technology Press Releases Thursday April 18, 2019 14:44
Bangkok--18 Apr--Spark Communications
Automatic In-app translations help create effective communication among multi-cultural groups.

Bangkok, Thailand – 18 April 2019 – If You Can Co., Ltd., a leading software company providing security and notification solutions for individuals and organisations, presents an innovative way to overcome language barriers in communications. Specifically, the company's NotifyMe platform offers organisations a real-time notification delivery platform equipped with an intelligent multi-language translation tool to support multilingual communities.

In today's globalised world, communication within any one group may require many languages. People of different cultures and languages come together for various reasons to create common business, social, or personal networks, organisations, and entities. These diverse groups can bring about greater cooperation and understanding, but this can be hindered by language barriers.

To address this obstacle, If You Can developed an automatic translation tool which it deployed in its NotifyMe service. With NotifyMe, inter-cultural communication is easier because it provides content in the language selected by end-users when they set their preferences. Users will then receive information from participating organisations simultaneously translated, if necessary, into the language of their choice.

"We cannot deny that English is a common language among international communities. Nevertheless, some people do not have good English skills which may impede communications. So, we developed NotifyMe to help overcome this problem, improving communication within these communities. With NotifyMe's more effective communications through automatic translations, we believe that everyone involved will become more engaged," Mr. Kevin Bloom, Founder of If You Can Co., Ltd. commented.

International schools are a good example. Since there are students and a parent from many nationalities within the community, NotifyMe's intelligent multi-language translation technology will allow parents to understand every announcement from the school at the same time, avoiding miscommunication. So, parents who are more comfortable communicating in their mother tongue such as Chinese, Japanese, or Russian can receive content in their own language and can be more informed and engaged.

Mr. Chadchaphol Sukaramula, Director of Business Development at If You Can Co., Ltd., stated,"NotifyMe can help international schools create a more involved environment between parents and school communities. Even non-English speaking parents will be able to understand any information received from the school, including activities reports, assignment notifications, or emergency alerts in clear detail, enabling parents to be a part of school activities and help build closer relationships. This is why we believed NotifyMe's auto-translation feature offers extraordinary benefits to any multi-lingual community."

In addition to automatic translations, NotifyMe is not limited to sending only text in real-time. It can also deliver multimedia content, including photos, videos, and downloadable links for even greater engagement from users. Therefore, it is compatible for all organisations and businesses in terms of marketing or loyalty programmes.

About NotifyMe

NotifyMe is an application developed by If You Can Co., Ltd that enables organisations to communicate cost effectively with their stakeholders by delivering targeted notifications to their mobile devices based on stakeholder interests and preferences.

About If You Can Co., Ltd.

If You Can is an information technology company, focussed on security and real-time communications as well as bespoke business analytics applications. We aim to organise and present data that is meaningful for our customers. Our Protection Suite provides products that secure and organise information on mobile devices for individuals and families. Our Notification Suite allows for entities to provide timely and relevant information to their stakeholders. Our Custom Projects are customised to enable organisations to develop information-based elements for their businesses, including logistics, proximity marketing, and personalised promotions.

If You Can is a business that values quality, teamwork, and customer-focused excellence.
For more information, visit https://www.ifyoucan.com/

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