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Bangkok--30 Dec--Idea Works Communications

True Digital Group, by Mr. Ekaraj Panjavinin (middle), Managing Director for IoT and Digital Solutions at True Digital Group, and Mr. Piroon Paireepairit (right), Head of 5G Working Group, True Corporation Plc., have announced the collaboration with CloudMinds Inc. led by Mr. Bill Huang (left), Founder and CEO to introduce Cloud AI Robot, an intelligent robot on Cloud AI technology, for the first time in Thailand. This collaboration highlights True Digital Group's leadership in digital solution and seeks to maximize the potential of businesses and industries under the 'Tech Village' strategy and True Group's 'Digital Convergence' which encompasses IoT, analytics and blockchain including the imminent best 5G network for Thai people.

Mr. Ekaraj Panjavinin, Managing Director for IoT and Digital Solutions at True Digital Group, said that after the launch of digital livestock monitoring solution last month, True IoT and Digital Solutions business group is now continuously driving the 'Tech Village' strategy to create strength and differentiate IoT and digital solutions services of the company with the vision of 'Digital is a Core' which uses digital as a core in developing businesses in all industries. True Digital Group's recent partnership with CloudMinds, a leader of robotics system development in the market, uses Cloud AI technology to connect all robots on the Cloud AI system and enable them to perform many tasks simultaneously. The technology also allows for fast system update for all robots at the same time. Set to be the first "Robot as a Service" in Thailand, this technology aims to help organizations access Cloud AI technology more easily without high capital resources with a pay-per-use basis

Mr. Ekaraj added that organizations can utilize robots in expanding technological capabilities for complex tasks such as using robots as a security patrol on large area like Airport or venues that requires a lot of security guards, a receptionist/concierge for foreign guests in hotels, medical term translation services between patients and medical professionals in hospitals, helping customers to search for or return items in retail stores, or even providing registration services and identifying VIP guests at events. In addition, True Digital Group has incorporated IoT sensor to the Cloud AI robots to help industrial customers control their work environment such as gas and heat detection sensors, toxicity sensor, and patrolling in the areas that are too dangerous for human where robot can send alert in real time without waiting for human intervention. Mr. Ekaraj expressed his confidence that the collaboration between True Digital Group and CloudMinds will be a milestone in the Thai robotics circle on the development and adoption of Cloud AI technology to improve and enhance the potential of businesses and industries, particularly for the coming 5G era. With 5G, Cloud AI technology can maximize the benefits to various sectors.

Mr. Piroon Paireepairit, Head of 5G Working Group, True Corporation, said Cloud Robot is an advanced technology that reduces the limitations in developing robots, especially in terms of memory and processing power by using a cloud system to control and command from a centralized system. Data is stored and processed with AI, enabling the robot to respond quickly, and when connected via the 5G network, the robot's performance in terms of speed and interaction will improve. The collaboration with CloudMinds is testament to True Group's endeavor to be the best 5G network provider and its readiness to introduce 5G services to consumers and businesses in various dimensions.

Mr. Bill Huang, Founder and CEO of CloudMinds Inc., said CloudMinds plans to expand the use of Cloud AI robots in many countries across the world, and its collaboration with True Digital Group is considered as a crucial step in the development of Cloud robots in Thailand. The combination of True Group's readiness in digital telecommunications infrastructure for the coming 5G era as well as its digital platforms such as Cloud, AI, IoT and Big Data and CloudMinds's expertise in Cloud AI robot system development will help create 5G Cloud Robots that can learn and understand the specific needs of Thai people better. New digital solutions could also be developed based on 5G and Cloud AI technology to create opportunities and drive growth for Thai businesses and industries in the 4.0 era, Mr. Huang concluded.

About True Digital Group

True Digital Group is one of True Group's core businesses to offer a portfolio of digital services which present strong growth opportunities as the momentum of digitization continuous to rise. True Digital Group was created with an aim to become the ultimate digital enabler in Southeast Asia. We are continuously expanding our ecosystem to deliver high quality digital services to customers. These services leverage True's digital media platform, O2O and Privilege platform, Data Analytics and IoT capabilities.

About CloudMinds

CloudMinds is a builder and operator of an open end-to-end cloud robot system – and the very first to commercialize related products and services across the global robotics industry. The company's pioneering world-class architecture is capable of operating a massive number of intelligent and secure robots simultaneously by giving them scalable access to powerful computation and storage resources in the cloud – also endowing them with a real-time open data center and shared knowledge base via a communication network. CloudMinds is on the cutting edge of the AI field, secured mobile communication and robotics. Its highly scalable operating platform creates an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates its products and services with all other major players in the robotics industry.

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