3BB was named the Best Fixed Internet Performances in 2019 by nPerf.

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday January 21, 2020 10:59
Bangkok--21 Jan--3BB

3BB was named "The Best Fixed Internet Performances in 2019" by nPerf, a world-class application for speed test that has been serving since 2003 from France. nPerf measured speed and connectivity of the Fixed Internet speed of Thailand for the year 2019 during January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019 by performing 10,594,501 connection tests. It was found that 3BB reached the highest total scores compared to other broadband internet service providers (ISP). This emphasizes being the real leader of fixed internet.

Mr. Subhoj Sunyabhisithkul, President of Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited, said it was a pleasure to 3BB to be named "The Best Fixed Internet Performances in 2019" by nPerf. With an overall highest scores of nPoints rating in 2019 ranked number 1, the quality of 3BB's network could be reflected throughout the year 2019. As 3BB had the highest score for both downloading and uploading, it demonstrates 3BB's commitment to continually develop the internet quality to provide a good experience for all customers.

"According to nPerf reports, there is still interesting information that the upload speed rate of 3BB is higher than other providers. This shows that stream caster gamers or online shops can live continuously. The download speed rate of 3BB shows that the speed of 3BB can be used for more than 100Mbps even during the night time with the most use. According to this information, it guarantees that 3BB's broadband internet service responds the needs of all groups of customers and really suits all forms of usage."

Moreover, Mr. Subhoj stated that nPerf revelaed in the report that fixed internet in Thailand performed much better in speed than last year and had delivered better performances than most of European countries with an average download average speed of over 100 Mbps, an increase of 90% from last year. The Upload speed of 73 Mbps was increased by 170% which proudly raised the standard of fixed internet to be the leader of the world. 3BB is still committed to continually develop the broadband internet and additional services in various forms to better serve the needs of customers further.

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