Charoen Pokphand Foods to Optimise Revenue Margins with Experience Management

Information Technology Press Releases Monday February 17, 2020 13:59
Bangkok--17 Feb--Precious Communications
Critical milestone ahead of 2020's Personal Data Protection Act and CPF's international growth

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, today announced Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), Thailand's leading integrated agro-industrial and food conglomerate, will use Qualtrics CoreXM to optimise its product development.

Using Qualtrics CoreXM, the industry-leading insights solution, CPF will increase the speed at which it can collect and act on customer feedback, expand the volume and quality of insights being captured, and empower users to easily manage a high volume of complex research projects simultaneously. Experience data collected by the Qualtrics platform will inform CPF of the products and features customers most value, along with the prices they are willing to pay. Combined with the advanced functionalities in CoreXM, including omni-channel feedback collection and an AI powered digital research assistant, CPF will be able to use these insights to prioritise and personalise services and optimise revenue margins.

CoreXM also ensures CPF is compliant with Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act, which is due to come into force in May 2020. The Qualtrics platform offers one of the industry's only trusted and secure enterprise-grade research platforms allowing brands to safely manage experience data. Furthermore with CPF operating in markets across North America and Europe the company will benefit from the high-level security certifications Qualtrics holds in these regions.

"Qualtrics brings a whole new level of intelligence to CPF's research process, which will help us compete and win in today's international and experience-driven economies. With Qualtrics CoreXM we are able to safely and securely bring the products our customers are asking for to market in the shortest time frame possible regardless of where they are based, all while maximising revenues," said Ploy Dumrongpol, Head of Insights, Charoen Pokphand Foods.

"Bringing new products and services to market is a careful balancing act of meeting the needs of your customers and your business. It's also about being quick to market with a flawless user experience. Analysing experience data, from price points through to user experiences, is critical to overcoming these challenges and ensuring successful product launches. Powered by Qualtrics, CPF is able to make sophisticated research simple to rapidly unlock and act on insights that satisfy the needs of its customers," said Foo Mao Gen, Head of Southeast Asia, Qualtrics.

Qualtrics CoreXM is the most complete and trusted insights solution on the market. It provides capabilities for expert researchers to manage a high volume of complex research projects, and for non-researchers to unlock critical experience insights for their business, all while enabling IT administrators to manage security, compliance, and governance with ease.

For insights professionals and expert researchers, CoreXM offers end-to-end capabilities around omni-channel feedback collection, advanced stats and text analytics, panel management, fully automated research solutions, and more.

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About Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category, is changing the way organisations manage and improve the four core experiences of business––customer, employee, product, and brand. Over 11,000 organisations around the world are using Qualtrics to listen, understand, and take action on experience data (X-data(TM))––the beliefs, emotions, and intentions that tell you why things are happening, and what to do about it. The Qualtrics XM Platform(TM) is a system of action that helps businesses attract customers who stay longer and buy more, engage employees who build a positive culture, develop breakthrough products people love, and build a brand people are passionate about.

About Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF)

CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business, including livestock and aquaculture such as swine, broiler, layer, duck, shrimp and fish. The businesses are categorized into 3 categories, namely Feed, Farm and Food. The Company also operates retail and foods outlets.

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