Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday March 18, 2020 15:43
Bangkok--18 Mar--LINE Thailand

Today, there is a large selection of digital platformsand tools available for marketers. According to a recent marketing seminar inBangkok, LINE is one of the most popularplatforms in Asia, possess Number One chat platform in Thailandwith over 45 million users. Its steadfast commitment to the privacy andsecurity of users, together with its value as a powerful marketing weapon thateffectively reaches customers, serve as LINE’score and unique strengths.

Since its debut inThailand in 2011 as the chat application, LINE has always been committed toimproving the digital living infrastructure of Thais – providing convenience,efficiency, and connectivity with its modern platform and technologies. Basedon its “Life on LINE” vision, LINE offersa diverse range of user-friendly services that enhance the daily lives ofThais, so that it becomes Thailand’s Number One chat platform for bothindividuals and businesses – including leading brands and 3 million SMEsnationwide. Currently, LINE encompasses up to 20 services – includingLINEChat,LINE Timeline,LINE Official Account,LINETV,LINE Today,LINE Shopping,LINE Melody,LINEWebtoon; plus a diverse range of service offerings under theLINE MANportfolio, such asFood Delivery,Taxi,Parcel,Messenger,to name but a few.

Among these services, LINE Timeline stands out as a key service inenabling LINE to become more social mediaoriented, yet still be based on “Privacy” and “Close Relationship.” Previously,LINE Timeline has allowed its users to createtheir own posts or share interesting content, whereby only friends can see suchposts. Thus, it has for many years been recognized as the “Privacy First” platform.

However, with the aimof building a wider user base for LINE Timeline in2020, LINE Thailand decided to revamp LINE Timeline into a “Social Private Platform” that still maintains its strength onprivacy, but transforms into a more socialized space that gains insights intothe behavior of its users. The move is intended to make LINE Timeline the perfect platform for both general users and Thaientrepreneurs in the future.

According to PruthisithPrateepavanich,Head of Product and Platform Management at LINEThailand, a new challenge for marketing tech providers is to make privacy andsocial media go together in the same cycle. The transformation of LINE Timeline serves as a clear example,attesting that everyone can reach the true identity of their friends, as wellas of products and services in an appropriate manner, based on the level ofprivacy and security that users can set up by themselves.

The newly transformed LINE Timeline will prove the realization of a“Social Privacy” platform, whereby social interaction and privacy coexist – totop it all, it also fosters a perfect ecosystem, providing relationship-buildingopportunities.

A new feature of LINE Timeline to be launched this year isExplore– a built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature that allows users to access to a variety of personalized content on LINE Timeline or Timeline posts, without having to be LINE friends.   At the same time, it provides a function for users to set privacy-related preferences for a friend or group of friends. This feature, therefore, fulfills the privacy needs of all user groups – be it those who value their privacy, as well as content creators and influencers who need to measure the engagement and effectiveness of their posts.

NorasitSitivechvichit, Chief Commercial Officer at LINE Thailand, revealed that LINE intends to focus more on privacy issuesthis year, realizing that the wider LINE’s user base is, the more focus wouldbe needed on privacy issues. Thus, new features designed to serve the market demands,will be based on the protection of data security for both partners andcustomers throughout the entire operational process - starting from theselection of reliable partners or businesses, to the use of a highly securepayment system, and the execution of roadmap towards achieving customersatisfaction.

Recently, LINE has also developed a new tool, called“MyShop,” to assist Thai entrepreneurs in taking their businesses via LINEOfficial Account to the next level – maximizing efficient communicationsbetween merchants and customers under the 'Circle of Trust’ concept, creatingexceptional customer experience, and generating more sales through betterinventory management tools. “MyShop” also provides assistance in logisticsmanagement, and analyzes consumer behaviors – without violating privacy orjeopardizing data security.

It is a significantmilestone for LINE in leveraging itselffrom being the Number One chat platform across many countries – includingThailand; into a more sociable platform that still maintains its focus onsecurity and privacy, while providing fun and extraordinary experience forusers. The move of LINE, one ofThailand’s most powerful platforms, is something marketers, advertisers,brands, and digital content creators should keep an eye upon – in order toutilize this platform for their own benefit to fuel growth in 2020!

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