Fortinet recommends Secure Remote Workforce solution in time of COVID 19

Information Technology Press Releases Friday March 27, 2020 15:10
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As the COVID-19 pandemic forces many companies to shift the majority of on-site workers to remote teleworker environments. The biggest challenge for such a transition is ensuring that you have the technology in place to make such an adjustment rapidly and seamlessly. That not only includes having the proper technologies in place but also ensuring that you can scale broadly and rapidly enough to accommodate new network demands.

Chanvith Iddhivadhana, Fortinet Thailand Country Manager suggested, “The organizations should follow the guideline the Security for Enterprise Telework, Remote Access, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solutions, issued by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at ITL Bulletin, March 2020.” The recommendations are at least:

Enforce security policy (Segmentation and authentication)Require multi-factor authentication (2 factor authentication)Use encryption technologies for communication (SSL/IPsec VPN)Ensure remote server is secured and patched (IPS)Secure all types of teleworker devices (Endpoint Protection)

Your FortiGate Security Platform Already Supports Your Teleworker Strategy Fortunately, FortiGate customers already have the tools in place to support such a dramatic shift in where and how their employees and contractors can access critical online and cloud-based resources.

Of course, most next-generation firewall (NGFW) solutions on the market include support for terminating and managing SSL and IPSec connections. However, many of those NGFW devices are often already fully burdened by existing functionality requirements and use cases. As a result, they are often simply unable to support a sudden and dramatic increase in the number of connections and volume of traffic that an emergency shift to a remote workforce may require.

FortiGate NGFW security platforms have been designed with custom security processors capable of scaling to dramatically higher capacity. The latest SOC4, for example, not only provides four times greater concurrent connections and connections per second than the industry average for NGFW devices but 14 times higher IPSec performance and 20 times greater capacity to inspect SSL-encrypted traffic.

As a result, most FortiGate customers can immediately switch from having a primarily on-site workforce to a comprehensive teleworker strategy without any additional hardware.

The Free FortiClient Agent Provides Seamless VPN Support for Endpoint Connectivity Another common component required for such a transition is making sure that your teleworkers have a VPN agent installed on their mobile devices. While your FortiGate already supports a web portal for remote access without a VPN client, as well as a range of compatible VPN clients, FortiClient – available online as a free download – offers an easier experience for end users, more scalable connectivity than the web portal, and a more intuitive UI for existing FortiGate customers.

FortiClient provides seamless, always-on connectivity to your FortiGate, enabling you to bring your new teleworkers online immediately. And for larger customers, the quick addition of the FortiClient EMS solution (FortiClient Enterprise Management Server) adds centralized configuration and control to simplify the rollout of a new teleworker strategy even faster and further.

Teleworker Solutions are Part of the Fortinet Security Fabric That’s it. These tools – solutions that Fortinet customers likely already have in place – will provide you with an effective teleworker solution that can scale to meet the demands of your entire organization.

Fortinet customers like you already understand the value of having an integrated security fabric in place that has been designed to secure their entire distributed network. By implementing or extending a FortiGate/FortiClient teleworker solution, your remote workers and their connections and transactions receive the full stack of security protection and inspection that the Security Fabric provides. And that can provide welcome peace of mind, especially when so much is on the line.

Additional Teleworker Options

Given that cybercriminals are likely to target organizations that have made a sudden transition to a mobile worker framework, having the automatic protection of the full Security Fabric in place from the moment a teleworker program is implemented is crucial. That comes standard with your

FortiGate security platform.

However, once your basic teleworker solution is in place, you may want to enhance it with additional tools designed to provide extra security and simplification. Each of the following solutions is designed to enhance your teleworker strategy, and can work as an integral part of your existing Security Fabric environment.

Multifactor Authentication

If you are like most organizations, you have also already enhanced your network access strategy with multifactor authentication (MFA). If not, FortiToken can be quickly installed to provide an extra layer of authentication. A FortiAuthenticator solution at the head end securely terminates those MFA connections, as well as enable singles sign-on. Combined, they increase the certainty of the identity of users as they enter the network.

Chanvith emphasizes that, “Corporate customers who are using FortiGate can activate the VPN feature conveniently.   If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us or your IT system distributor immediately. We strongly believe the secure and convenient Work-From-Home solution establish peace-of-mind in teleworkers and maintain business continuity of the companies.

Learn more about how to maintain business continuity through broad, integrated, and automated Fortinet Teleworker Solutions.

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