Best practices to Work from Home: prepare for the remote working era

Information Technology Press Releases Friday April 3, 2020 11:26
Bangkok--3 Apr--Spark Communications

Tips to Work from Home, that empower you and your teams to work together from a distanceMicrosoft Teams as the secure collaboration platform for every Ninja team playerPersonalization to fit every dimension of your working requirements, boosting dynamic teamwork and flexibility in a private and secure environment.

As Working from Home or Remote Working increases in
popularity due to the current health crisis, more and more organizations and
companies throughout Thailand and the world are adopting a new way of work.
Working from Home lets employees add flexibility to their day, while also increasing
efficiency in their daily work by being able to easily collaborate with their
The true definition of “Work from Home”

Work From Home is generally understood to mean working at home without going to the office, however this is not completely accurate. Working from Home may be better described as Remote Working, as it means you can work from anywhere as long as it provides the same flexibility and efficiency as working in your office.   According to a survey about Current Office Trends carried out by Microsoft Teams in late 2019, most Thai employees working lifestyle can be described as the “Ninja”. Thai Ninja team players demonstrate the ability to complete assigned work on their own, while also including their co-worker’s help to complete the work faster by collaborating online. Adapting to work at home also means special attention has to be given to security to protect important files, to ensure important information isn’t compromised. The important point is that even though people work separately, working remotely can still result in efficient and deliver results for the business.

Ninja’s techniques to achieve work success
can define as people who enjoy working in their personal space, and like to think
carefully about finishing
their tasks,
while planning ahead with a positive outlook. Current working styles are more adapted
to the digital world, allowing Ninja’s to revel in their role quietly, while
being able to share their best work and thoughts with the rest of their
colleagues through digital collaboration tools such as chatting, file sharing,
e-meetings or email.

Microsoft Teams is an important tool that Ninja team players use as their secret remote work weapon, whether they are in big companies, small companies or even Start-Ups. Teams is a safe and flexible tool for internal and external stakeholders to work in harmony and to improve the quality of work today. Teams allows you to work with colleagues from all over the world, taking advantage of the following features:

Chat, video call, share and edit your work with your team in real time, even when you are at home.Create online meeting rooms, while sharing work assignments and allowing colleagues to feedback in real time, whether brainstorming on a whiteboard together, through text, sharing links or files in a closed group. Plus, if you don’t want people to see your background, it can also be blurred on calls to allow more personalized protection.When attending online meetings, forget about taking notes by hand as Teams provides a recording tool to record video-calls in real time. This allow participants who join a meeting late or leave a meeting early to revisit details of the call later on.An additional app allows Teams to create Forms or even BOT to use inside the organization. These can perform a number of tasks, such as answering FAQs without you having to reply to the same questions repeatedly.Create meetings by checking your co-worker’s schedule in the organization through the Calendar feature.The Assignment feature allows team leaders to manage tasks in a project management team. For example, you can - add a deadline, create a task flow, define an SLA. Team leads also have the ability to access the work status of an assigned task whenever they want.World class safety on Microsoft’s trusted CloudTeams e-meeting platform complies with the law of Thailand., For more information is compatible with Microsoft 365 features such as OneNote, or specific applications your company uses.Teams can be accessed on a variety of devices, including Notebooks, Smartphones or Wearable devices.

Digital working methods are the only way to be successful in today’s
workplace, allowing people with the courage to embrace a new way of work to
work mobile or remotely. This innovation can enhance our work as a Ninja. The remote
working trend is going to stay with us, and Microsoft Teams is the ideal
platform to support your transition.
Download Microsoft Teams at
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