30 years of AIS: leaping onwards for the future Transforming quality of life, entertainment and the Thai economy with the power of 5G

Information Technology Press Releases Friday October 2, 2020 11:36
Bangkok--2 Oct--AIS

On its 30th anniversary, AIS’s network is dedicated to bringing benefits and developing innovation in digital technology to upgrade quality of life, economy, society and the environment to create new opportunities and new capabilities for Thais. The company is ready to lead the way for all to surmount every crisis with the power of 5G network technology, and provide knowledge through its digital platforms to reskill Thai workers.

AIS Chief Executive Officer Somchai Lertsutiwong commented, “it is now over 30 years since AIS has been a part of upgrading the country's digital infrastructure by developing telecommunications technology from 1G to 5G. In this period, the telecom industry grew by over 90 million numbers. This also entailed growth of the digital economy to support the creation of new business formats and employment, bringing about national growth with powerful capabilities and competitive potential.

“Our pride over the last 30 years has not only been in building digital infrastructure for Thai people. We have also generated revenue for the state and national benefits worth a total of 915 billion baht, along with continual investment of over 1.1 trillion baht. This year we have planned investment budgets of 35 billion baht to further strengthen the country's digital infrastructure.

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we are determined to apply technology to national development, to revive the economy and to overcome challenges. The starting point of AIS’s new decade is 5G technology, which will have a crucial role in delivering both virtual reality experience to Thais, and upgrading the competitive capabilities of the industrial sector, as an infrastructure for every sector. Even the public sector can grow sustainably.”

On the occasion of its 30th birthday, AIS staff want to thank their customers and the people of Thailand who have put their trust and confidence in AIS operations. On this occasion, the company is ready to announce its commitment by providing quality services and collaborating with every sector, which includes:

Continuing to create opportunities and boost capabilities for the national industrial sector with 5GLaunching the full 5G service for Thais to gain the full experience from packages and digital contentStanding together with Thai people and society in readiness to adapt to changes and deploy 5G to develop infrastructure, and to encourage participation in conserving the environment sustainably.

Alongside this, to make a thank you, and to repay the trust of customers in continuing to use the company’s services, we are giving happiness with 150 million AIS points. These can be redeemed with leading Thai retailer partners throughout the month of October, to celebrate the 30th anniversary together.

“For AIS’s next step in its 31st year, we intend to transform our company into the complete Innovation Organization. We will be ready to create services and develop products that meet the needs of companies and every generation of customers. We will apply our capabilities and technology to improve 9 sustainable quality of life and livings for all Thai people,” Somchai underlined.

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