Huawei Unveils HiSec 2.0 Solution to Safeguard a Fully Connected Digital World

Information Technology Press Releases Friday October 16, 2020 13:43
Bangkok--16 Oct--Carl Byoir & Associates

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei released the HiSec 2.0 Solution, which signifies a leap towards a better platform architecture, more comprehensive threat detection and analysis, as well as a more benign security ecosystem. This solution, built on continuous innovations and breakthroughs, safeguards enterprises' digital transformation and creates new industry value.

As digital transformation continues to sweep across industries, government agencies and enterprises face a multitude of difficulties in implementing network security. First, security products are divided into many segment domains, and it is difficult to enable different components to interwork with each other. As such, threat detection and closed-loop threat disposal are both challenging to implement. Second, the threat detection and analysis capabilities of detection and defense devices cannot be rapidly improved to constantly match evolving threats, which in turn means that unknown threats cannot be promptly disposed of. Third, government agencies and enterprises are calling for a comprehensive security solution. Such a solution will involve multiple vendors with diversified trustworthiness capabilities and product quality. Additionally, there are no uniform regulations for vendor cooperation. All these issues adversely affect the solution delivery quality.

Huawei's HiSec 2.0 Solution achieves three future-proof upgrades in terms of platform architecture, threat detection and analysis, as well as security ecosystem, making it an ideal choice for overcoming the preceding challenges.

Platform architecture: Huawei's HiSec 2.0 Solution innovatively provides two platforms: network security and security analysis. The network security platform can flexibly integrate the security capabilities of Huawei and third parties to simplify network security deployment and enable the security solution to better adapt to various security scenarios. On the other hand, the security analysis platform provides a data bus subscription mechanism for sharing threat intelligence among components and interconnecting with third-party security products in a codeless manner. These practices implement security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), simplify interconnection, and improve interconnection efficiency.

Threat detection and analysis: Huawei's HiSec 2.0 Solution expands AI capabilities to the entire network through a built-in AI engine (AIE) to form a multi-faceted defense architecture featuring edge intelligence, local intelligence, and cloud intelligence. As such, the solution is ideal for combating ever-changing threats, and it provides AI federated learning technology to protect customer privacy. In addition, AI detection model parameters are exchanged, enabling detection capabilities to rapidly and automatically evolve.

Security ecosystem: Huawei joins forces with industry-leading vendors to upgrade Huawei Security Business Alliance to the 2.0 version. The upgraded alliance builds a lineup of scenario-specific security solutions ready for commercial use, such as the Zero Trust Solution, through comprehensive teamwork spanning the lifecycle of security products. Such teamwork includes joint planning, joint development, joint verification, and joint go-to-market. In addition, Huawei Security Business Alliance 2.0 enables partners to share Huawei's development process, trustworthiness standards, and quality system to improve the overall trustworthiness and quality of security solutions.

"Huawei's HiSec 2.0 Solution has achieved three advancements, namely, a better platform architecture, more comprehensive threat detection and analysis, as well as a more benign security ecosystem. Such advancements aim to build an efficient network security platform, simplify security integration and deployment, and help government agencies and enterprises improve their security protection capabilities", said Denzel Song (Duanzhi), President of Huawei Security Product Domain. "We will remain customer-centric and strive to provide customers with secure, reliable, simple, and efficient security products and solutions to safeguard the digital transformation of government agencies and enterprises."

Huawei places network security and privacy protection at the top of its agenda and has been devoted to the security field for a period spanning 20 years, building an end-to-end security assurance system. In the future, Huawei will continue committing to intelligent defense with the aim of safeguarding a fully connected digital world, and will continuously provide best-in-class security products and solutions for customers around the world.

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