Crystal Lagoons Revolutionizes Urban Public Areas to Improve Quality of Life and Create Immense Social Benefits

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Bangkok--31 Jan--Total Quality PR
The multinational water innovation company that develops crystal-clear lagoons brings the idyllic beach lifestyle into cities, completely transforming communal spaces
Creating a reality never before imagined – transforming cities located far away from the sea into coastal developments, enabling the practice of a variety of water sports
Improvement of everybody's quality of life, including medium and low-income groups, as well as improving their overall wellbeing, creating immense social benefits

Crystal Lagoons, a multinational water innovation company that develops sustainable crystal clear lagoons at very low construction and maintenance cost, continues to revolutionize urban areas with its unique and disruptive technology that develops public crystal-clear lagoons, which can be enjoyed by anyone. The crystal-clear lagoons located in urban public areas can bring the idyllic beach lifestyle into cities, and completely transforming communal spaces.

This revolutionary technology can change people's lives by creating a reality never before imagined - transforming cities located far away from the sea into coastal developments, enabling the practice of a variety of water sports, and creating an idyllic beach life experience just steps away from people's homes for everyone to enjoy. This improves everybody's quality of life, as well as their overall wellbeing, creating an immense social benefit.

Crystal-clear lagoons are changing the way people think about and experience public spaces since they can radically increase the usage and improve the aesthetics of parks as well as other urban settings, such as in medium to low-income sectors, where access to this type of amenity is traditionally beyond the reach of family budgets.

Crystal Lagoons promotes a healthy, active lifestyle with water recreational activities, swimming, sailing and various water sports, which attracts people of all ages and with many different interests. This World's Top Amenity can be the centerpiece of any community, bringing about social integration and serving as a beautiful backdrop for jogging, biking, sunbathing and even walking your dog.

The costs of building and maintaining a Crystal Lagoon are much lower than that of an urban green parkland of the same size. Therefore, by activating a public Crystal Lagoon and offering different water activities, as well as other complementary services such as restaurants, spas and retail shops, this amenity can strongly benefit local businesses and tourism making cities more attractive, sustainable and profitable.

CL's technology is ecofriendly. It involves very low water consumption since our lagoons work on close circuits, a Crystal lagoon of 3 hectares is using up to 30 times less water that a golf course. Apart from that, CL's lagoons can use any kind of water: fresh, salt, or brackish, using water from underground aquifers in deserts, which does not have any other alternative use. Therefore, they can avoid using fresh water at all. CL's technology provides a sustainable solution for the efficient use of water resources".

Crystal Lagoons can bring to your city:

A beach lifestyle far from the sea (soon you will see people on the bus carrying water sport gear).Revitalization and transformation of entire neighborhoods.Crystal Lagoons' water facilities can be intensively and massively enjoyed by everybody, that is to say, children, young people, adults, swimmers, et al.A wide variety of watersports that can be practiced in a new and safe environment.The opportunity to access an otherwise unthinkable lifestyle for many people.Adding strong value to surrounding areas, even in low value areas.

In Asia, Crystal Lagoons currently has 20 projects in various stages of development, with two projects already in operation, which are "Bintan Treasure Bay" in Indonesia and another project in the Hua Hin, Thailand. The company also aims to reach 60 projects in Asia over the next six years, being the most important market in Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. During 2017 Crystal Lagoons will sign two projects in Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia and three projects in Vietnam and one in Indonesia at least. The company has currently reached a sizable portfolio of more than 600 projects – in different development stages – in the urban, tourist, public and industrial sectors in 60 countries worldwide.

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