PEACH DELIs New Menu Offerings: Gyutan and Zunda! Introducing discerning flavors from Sendai to celebrate the opening of the new Sendai hub!

Travel and Lifestyle Press Releases Wednesday May 31, 2017 12:27
Bangkok--31 May--Peach Aviation
  • The PEACH DELI in-flight lineup to be revamped to a new summer menu on June 1
  • Introducing local favorites like Gyutan*, Zunda, and Mapo Tofu & Fried Noodles
  • To be available from June 1 through August 31
Peach Aviation Limited ("Peach"; Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) is pleased to announce that as of June 1, it will be revamping the in-flight PEACH DELI offerings to a summer menu.
To commemorate the opening of the new Peach hub at Sendai Airport this autumn, the new PEACH DELI summer menu lineup will feature an introduction to three new dishes like

Sendai Gyutan Hamburg, Sendai Mapo Tofu & Fried Noodles, and Zunda Edamame Bean Paste Bread, local favorites that are closely associated with Sendai City. These delicacies will be available from June 1 through August 31.

Sendai Gyutan Hamburg (1,000 yen) is a juicy beef hamburger patty that the rich, delicious juices of beef tongue is sealed inside and offers a texture that's habit-forming. Served with rice topped with edamame and healthy vegetables, it's an extravagant dish that's sure to please flyers.

Since being introduced as a staff meal offering at a Chinese restaurant in Sendai during the '70s, Mapo Tofu & Fried Noodles have been a topic of discussion through word of mouth and is attracting attention today as one of the soul foods of Sendai. The taste that's unique to Sendai has been arranged to be served aboard Peach as Sendai Mapo Tofu & Fried Noodles (900 yen), recreating the combination of fried noodles and mapo tofu while arranging ways to cut back on calories for a delectable menu offering that can be recommended to weight-watching women.

Zunda Edamame Bean Paste Bread (300 yen) is a bread roll that's filled with a generous amount of zunda (a bean paste made from mashed edamame), a favorite ingredient of Sendai that can't be overlooked when discussing sweets that are available in the city. Instead of the usual red bean paste filling, the zunda filling is a delightful green edamame paste that's sure to please zunda fans anywhere.

The new menu offerings will be available along with popular standard dishes like Osaka TAKOMASA's Takoyaki (750 yen) and Osaka Chibo's Okonomiyaki (800 yen). Look forward to PEACH DELI as it continues to offer menu items that satisfy its customers, both their appetites and in spirit.

*Gyutan is Beef Tongue

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