China Enters the Golden Age of Ice and Snow Tourism

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China is significantly different from Thailand in climate, culture, natural scenery and folklore, which triggers a strong desire among Thai people for travelling to China. This winter, China Ice and Snow Tourism Promotion Alliance has integrated regional advantages in ice and snow resources, and launched five tourist routes with the theme of ice and snow: Joyous Folklore Trip, Thrilling Vitality Trip, Fantastic Art Trip, Romantic Hot Spring Trip, and Gorgeous Scenery Trip, offering more options to get close to China's ice and snow.

Happy Chinese New Year Reflected in Ice and Snow

As the grandest festival in China, Spring Festival serves as an important carrier for Chinese people's emotions and desires. It is also the annual carnival and eternal spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation. Thanks to the distinctive regional culture and other factors, Northeast China has the richest festival atmosphere during the Chinese New Year, thus giving rise to the characteristic route of Joyous Ice and Snow Folklore Trip.

Starting from Yuxian County, Zhangjiakou, it takes you to enjoy the authentic drama singing and Yangge dance performing, as it gives you an opportunity to make a wonderful papercut for window decoration. With the festivities of Spring Festival, it is sure that you will immerse yourself in a happy mood, reluctant to leave. Coming to Changchun, you will find yourself encircled by the strong movie elements in the theme park of Changchun Movie Wonderland, where cultural connotation takes root, and by shuttling through museums, you can feel the profound history as well. You will cheerfully participate in winter fishing in Jingpo Lake, watch the rolling snowy mountains in the Snow Town, and join in the celebrations of Spring Festival. In the beautiful Harbin where European elements exist, you will pass exquisite churches while listening to music. This route runs all the way to Hailar, where mystic Ice and Snow Naadam and unique Mongolian customs are sure to impress you.
Caption - Winter Fishing by Jingpo Lake
Thrilling Downhill Skiing

After China won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, ice-snow sports marked a new upsurge that China has never saw. If you want to experience the excitement of skiing, the Thrilling Ice and Snow Vitality Trip is the best option.

Praised as "one of the most desirable natural places in China for developing the ski tourist industry", Chongli is a paradise for ski enthusiasts at home and abroad. Owing to superior resources, with accumulative snowpack mounting to one meter's thick, and snowy days existing for more than 150 days, endless tourists flood here. This route heads all the way north starting from Chongli. As the biggest ski theme park in Asia currently, the Natural Ski Park of Changbai Mountains boasts quality services and complete facilities, enabling ski enthusiasts to experience extreme pleasure of skiing. Once a hunting enclosure for the imperial family and Manchu aristocrats in the Qing Dynasty of China, Yabuli Ski Resort is among the top ten ski resorts in the world, with three mountains connected to form a super ski trail, bringing different feelings of skiing.
Caption - Yabuli Ski Resort
Fantastic Spectacle of Lifelike Ice and Snow Artwork

Also hailed as the "Ice and Snow Disneyland", Harbin's Ice and Snow World is the largest ice and snow space globally with most artworks, most exciting activities and most beautiful night views, bringing Harbin a festival air during the whole winter. As the origin of China's snow sculpture art, Harbin's artistic Sun Island Snow Expo exhibits interesting snow sculptures, which are superb in quality, novel in design, and large in size, making it the world's largest ice and snow carnival. Jilin's rime ice is collectively called China's Four Natural Wonders with Guilin's scenery, Yunnan's Stone Forest and the Three Gorges Dam. It brings you into an amazing fairyland with willows and pines all covered in silver hard rime, dreamlike and incredible.
Caption - Ice and Snow World
Enjoying a Healthy Life by "Traditional Health Care"

The culture of health care has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine, and health care by bathing in the hot springis typical inChinese culture. Bathing in the hotspring can relax your body, dispel coldness and diseases, and reduce fatigue. Experiencing the opposite feelings of coldness and warmth will add much joy to your ice and snow trip. In the coastal city of Yingkou in Liaoning Province, bathing in the hot springs in winter has become a feature, with its crystal ice and snow, and quality thermal water attracting a large number of tourists, and its diversified activities accompanied by cheers and laughter. Bathing in the open-air hot springs in Changbai Mountains, Jilin Province, you are surrounded by rime ice formations, while enjoying the mineral hot spring worry-free and viewing the amazing winter landscape. In Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, where it is rich in geothermal resources, hot springs with Mongolian medicine can dispel illness, giving you a feeling of freshness that you never had. The running spring water is warm as if spring had come, and staying in the embrace of ice and snow and hot spring with the coexistence of chill and warmth, it allows you an exciting and fresh experience of health care in winter.
Caption - Daqing Hotsprings
Feeling Ice and Snow in the Best Scenery

Clad in silvery white, Heaven Lake is like a fairyland with cheerfully running water, transparent ice cover, and steaming mist. In remote Kanas, you will see the magnificent snowfield, crystal rime ice on the birches, gleaming ice lakes, the misty Fairy Cove in the morning, villages with smoke rising from the chimneys, as well as the scattering flocks and herds, which are all presented by the daily winter life of Kanas.

To experience the best ice and snow, come to China where it is wealthy in resources and sights, where you can have all of your needs for ice and snow satisfied, with five theme routes available. We are sure winter will become your favorite season of the year. Come and join us now!
Caption - Heaven Lake of the Changbai Mountains
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