The Third Hebei Province Tourism Industry Development Conference held in Qing Dynasty imperial hunting grounds

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CHENGDE, China--3 Aug--Xinhua-AsiaNet/InfoQuest

The Third Hebei Province Tourism Industry Development Conference was held from July 18 to July 20 in Chengde, once a famous resort where emperors in the Qing Dynasty would spend the summer and hunt for fun. The conference was hosted by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Hebei Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Hebei Province, organized by the CPC Chengde Municipal Committee, the Chengde Municipal People's Government, and the Hebei Tourism Development Committee.

The theme of the conference is "Ecotourism and Green Development". The mascots, a pair of cartoon sika deer named "Batu" and "Saiya" are based on the traditional Chinese auspicious animal "deer", dressed in Manchu traditional costumes. Batu, which means "strong will", reflects bravery and perseverance; Saiya, which means "beautiful", indicates poise and glamour. Batu and Saiya open their arms to the guests at home and abroad, representing Chengde people's hospitality.

Over one thousand of domestic and foreign guests attended the conference. They visited the 20 brand new tourism projects of six categories along the national "No.1 Scenic Avenue".

Chengde City is located deep in the Yanshan Mountains, which lies north of Beijing. It is in the transitional zone between the North China Plain and the Inner Mongolia Plateau. The summer resort built in the Qing Dynasty enjoys long-standing global fame. Mulan Paddock, the royal hunting garden of the Qing Dynasty, is also in the city's Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County.

Based on the abundant tourism resources on the Bashang prairie region, Chengde has developed the national "No.1 Scenic Avenue" and built a "National Ecotourism Resort" with an area of 6,023 square kilometers, according to Su Tiecheng, deputy mayor of Chengde Municipal People's Government.

The national No.1 Scenic Avenue is an ecological landscape avenue, featuring diverse natural landscapes including forests, grasslands, lakes, wetlands, mountains and others; it is also a cultural experience avenue with abundant historical and cultural resources, where visitors can have a taste of the Mongolian culture, Manchu folk customs, imperial culture, commercial route and frontier culture; it is meanwhile an industrial integration development road which connects 20 tourism projects of six categories and cultivates tourism types such as leisure vacation, recreation experience, outdoor sports, leisure agriculture and cultural creativity; the avenue helps reduce poverty by developing rural tourism thanks to its distinctive beautiful rural features and rich folk customs; it is well equipped with public facilities such as bicycle lanes, guiding signs, tourist centers and the recreation facilities; the avenue features many efficient and convenient smart tourism services with the AR/VR interactive facilities offering impressive experiences.

Source: The CPC Chengde Municipal Committee
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