CPN unveils its #World Elite Tourism strategy, aiming to attract quality tourists to the new luxury flagship brand #Central Phuket, to boost Thai Economy with over 30 billion baht annually

Travel and Lifestyle Press Releases Thursday August 30, 2018 16:01
Bangkok--4 Sep--Central Pattana
Penetrate the world's tourism market, attracting 'Quality Tourists'

Create new Phuket's downtown comparable to the Ratchaprasong area, complementing Phuket as 'One of A Kind Beach Lifestyle Destination' to meet the needs of beach luxury and leisure shopping, the first and only one in Asia

Target 'Rich Asian Millennials', 'European High Spenders' and 'Bluxury' with the first-ever world-class features
Expect to double tourists' spending at the shopping center

Central Pattana Plc (CPN) is today announcing its strategy entitled 'World Elite Tourism', a tourist marketing strategy that will attract 'Quality Tourists' from around the world with the unique 'Central Phuket', its latest luxury flagship brand. This will support further growth in tourism in Phuket, and expects to boost Phuket's economy with over 30 billion baht. It has invested to penetrate the world's tourism market segment over 3,000 million baht in response to the trends of 'Rich Asian Millennials', 'European High Spenders' and 'Bluxury', creating 'Super Magnets' with the first-ever features and arranging 'World Playlist' events and performances. CPN plans to push forward Phuket to become a 'World-Class MICE CITY generating stable and sustainable income for the country and transforming the heart of Phuket into a new downtown and global landmark comparable to the Ratchaprasong area. It also aims to double tourists' spending at its shopping center.

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy CEO of Central Pattana Plc (CPN), said: "CPN sees the strength of Phuket as a city that represents Thailand in welcoming tourists from all over the world and it is expected that in the next few years, the number of tourists will reach 20 million. Therefore, we have created our new luxury flagship brand, 'Central Phuket', with project investment totally worth 20 billion baht, applying the strategy of 'World Elite Tourism' with 3,000 million baht to meet the needs of tourists who are currently influencing global trends and are considered 'Quality Tourists'. We are presenting Central Phuket through three main ideas: first, creating Super Magnets - Central Phuket will become a 'The Magnitude of Luxury & Leisure Resort Shopping Destination' that will gather all its strengths to become distinctive from other shopping centers located at seaside cities around the world. Others may have only some distinctive points while Central Phuket will have all magnets in one project including international luxury brands, comparable to Central Embassy, our 3 main world attractions, and ultimate dining destination. These will become jigsaw puzzle pieces that complement Phuket as a complete and perfect beach city in order to meet all travel purposes similar to how Singapore has Sentosa, Marina Bay and other theme parks."

"Second is to create the 'World Playlist' phenomenon continuously – establishing itself as the country's landmark by holding international events such as the world-class Grand Opening, Phuket International Music Festival and Phuket International Countdown 2019, which will make Central Phuket become Phuket's landmark comparable to the Ratchaprasong area. In addition, we will create 'Phuket Menu', an exclusive menu available only at Central Phuket where the shopping center has joined hands with partners (popular restaurants in Phuket) in order to promote the reputation of Phuket's cuisine; and third is to push forward Phuket to become a 'WORLD-CLASS MICE CITY' by strengthening the province as 'The World's #1 Preferable Choice for MICE Tourism' with over 6,000 square meters of international convention & exhibition center space and a world-class hotel to support the MICE industry and make Phuket the world's MICE destination admired by people around the world," added Ms. Wallaya.

"We believe that Central Phuket will truly become a world-class destination and help to boost the number of quality tourists and their spending in Thailand's tourism industry, pushing growth in both the economy and tourism of Phuket, creating a circular economy throughout the province with over 30 billion baht in cashflow per year through the shopping center, convention hall, hotel, attractions and logistics system, providing a stable and sustainable income for the country," Ms. Wallaya added.

"The target groups for the shopping center are the three groups that have a major influence on global tourism including 1) Rich Asian Millennials such as from China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. They are of working age and are likely to have rapid growth in income and become successful at a young age. Asian millennials account for 60% of millennials in the world. Currently there is a population of 70 million millennials in the world aged 20-35 years old, who are willing to spend money on travel, purchase a different lifestyle experience, prefer to be noticeable and love to shop for well-known brands; 2) European High Spenders – European travelers who are heavy spenders such as those from Russia, Germany and the UK. They focus on long stay and are fond of Thai products and souvenirs as well as Thai culture and local related items and 3) Bluxury (Business + Luxury) – businesspeople who travel for meetings, seminars or incentive trips. They generate a high income, enjoy a premium stay and may travel on their own and/or with their family. They tend to extend their stays for leisure in addition to business purposes. These three groups are considered trend leaders for world tourism for the next few years and they will help to push the global tourism industry towards major growth," Ms. Wallaya said.

Mr. Pakorn Partanapat, Chief Operating Officer of Central Pattana Plc, said: "At Central Phuket, we clearly focus on tourist customers and we assign the ratio between foreign and Thai customers at 50:50. This is the first flagship where we are highly focused on quality tourist customers, therefore, we have launched 'Tourist Marketing' as our new department. We plan to create 'Tourist Big Data', connecting to our customer database of 'The 1 Tourist Member', which has access to over 700,000 foreign customers around the world and to create CRM allowing cross selling with shopping centers and department stores under the Central Group that exists around the world."

"Central Phuket is set to meet both the Luxury & Leisure travel lifestyle with the concept of 'Central Phuket - The World Comes to Play', targeting quality tourists at every touch point, from booking tickets and making travel plans to experiencing the shopping center through various features. At the Grand Opening event on 10th September 2018, we are presenting first time in the world at Central Phuket, 'Star Catcher' a 360° Innovative Live Performance by 'Creativiva' a famous production from Canada. We are also creating authentic local immersion with 'Tales of Thailand' where we simulate the atmosphere of the Thai way of life from all regions in one place. There are more highlights that meet the needs of tourists such as the Durian Pavilion, a special zone opened to provide the experience of tasting the popular tropical fruit, Trimurti Shrine (God of Love), a cast sculpture coated in real gold, similar to the one standing at CentralWorld, which will be built as a place of worship for local Phuket people, and Thai and foreign tourists. An executive lounge is available for guests with personal services. Enjoy an extensive selection of skin care and body care products from HARNN and Phuket scented interior fragrance products from Vuudh that will complement the atmosphere aesthetically. Sit back and relax while sipping an exquisite Mulberry Organic Herbal Tea from Tichaa. We aim to add special features and attractions to Central Phuket," Mr. Pakorn said.

Central Phuket's total investment is 20 billion baht. Located on 111 rai of land with a total project area of 400,000 square meters, it is a world-class mega project consisting of shopping center and global leading luxury brands and exclusive unique-in-the-world attractions such as 'Tales of Thailand', which simulates the atmosphere of the Thai way of life in the largest shopping center, 'Tribhum', which is a 3D virtual adventure in the world's first fantasy walkthrough to be officially opened in November 2018, and 'Aquaria', a new concept of aquarium in Thailand, which will be ready for you to experience the wonders of the ocean and the mysteries of the river with over 25,000 creatures (open in the first quarter of 2019) as well as an international convention hall and world-class hotel. In addition, this will be a major force of the main businesses under the Central Group including Central Department Store, which will be as luxurious as Central Chidlom covering four floors, SuperSports, Central Food Hall, Power Buy, B2S, Office Mate, Family Mart, and SFX Cinema in addition to over 400 luxury, bridge line, and lifestyle brands and restaurants.

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