Get to know Nok Air#s planes The significance behind each bird#s name

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Bangkok--6 Sep--Chomchaviwan

If you were to think of a Thai airline with memorable designs on its planes, so outstanding as it soars above the sky that you can recognize the airline immediately, "Nok Air" has to be the first name you think of. Its design around the cockpit area, with a bird's beak and eyes right in position, becomes one with the plane itself. There are various colourful designs and its playful, friendly smiles are notable. Nok Air is named among the Top 18 airlines with the most beautiful exterior paint design by CNN Travel. Additionally, it is also named the Best Low-cost Airlines in Thailand 2018 by Skytrax.

Let's get to know Nok Air's planes better and see the process behind the design, ideas and inspiration that made Nok Air successful in creating a memorable brand image that is also elegantly Thai at the same time.

The logo of the airline was designed based on its name "Nok Air". Commercially, it is an easy name to remember. Its meaning is self-explanatory. An animal that flies up on the sky, and it also shows Thainess right in one word. How cool is that?

But, having just a bird logo at its tail like other airlines wouldn't be as cool as painting the "entire plane" into a bird. This fits the airline's cheerful and accessible image. The fun lies in thinking out of the box. The graphic design makes the plane looking as though it is a bird flying smoothly with a smile up high on the vast sky. We believe you must have been on one of these planes such Nok Omyim (Smiling Nok), Nok Sabai (Nok Comforts) and Nok Dee Dee (Good Nok) that signify the airline's image well.

Nok Air is a Thai airline. Using a Thai word like "Nok" in the name of the planes signifies a Thai beauty and elegance. Especially all Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, they are also combined with names of gems such as Nok Petch Nam-ngern (White Pearl with Diamond), Nok Yok Napha (Blue Jade), Nok Thong Chompoo (Pink Gold), Nok Budnampetch (Citrine), Nok Tubtim Siam (Siam Ruby) and Nok Bussarakham (Yellow Sapphire). The last plane was specifically designed for the 10th anniversary of Nok Air, and was named after a yellow gem which is the airline's main colour.

With its name a bird, of course it soars through the sky. It can be seen that some of Nok Air's planes are named after views and scenery from a bird's eye view, including sky, wind and mountain. Some became the name of the planes such as Nok Napha Proud (dazzling sky), Nok Veha (firmament), Nok Tawan (sunshine), Nok Fah Kram (blue sky), Nok Phu pha (mountain)

Nok Air pays attention to all details from the plane's design to their names. Together with its 14 years of service as a national airline, guests can be sure to receive great hospitality and safety in all of our flights that will definitely make everyone smiles. Don't forget to observe which of Nok's planes you will be flying with on your next trip.

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