Odakyu Group Launches Odakyu Group Early Spring Campaign for Foreign Travelers

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TOKYO--12 Feb--Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/InfoQuest
  • 500 Yen Coupon Usable at Odakyu Group Facilities to Be Given as Present to Each Foreign Traveler Buying Designated Discount Pass -

The Odakyu Group, led by Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd., is launching the "Odakyu Group Early Spring Campaign" from February 10 (Monday) through March 10 (Tuesday), 2020, as part of its efforts to let foreign visitors fully enjoy their trips to tourist spots along the Odakyu Line, including Hakone.

The campaign is designed to give a 500 yen coupon that can be used at Odakyu Group facilities as a present to each traveler who buys a designated discount pass at Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center in Tokyo's Shinjuku Station between February 10 (Monday) and March 10 (Tuesday).

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1. Details of the event
(1) Event name: "Odakyu Group Early Spring Campaign"
(2) Event period: from February 10 (Monday) to March 10 (Tuesday), 2020
(3) Content

A 500 yen coupon usable at Odakyu Group facilities is given to each customer who buys a discount pass for adults -- "Hakone Freepass" or "Hakone Kamakura Pass" or "Fuji Hakone Pass" -- which allows rides within designated areas such as Hakone, one of the major hot-spring resorts in Japan, at reasonable prices, at the tourist information centers for foreign tourists -- "Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku West" or "Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku South" -- during the campaign period (A total of 10,000 coupons are available during the campaign).

(4) Facilities where the coupon can be used
The coupon can be used for shopping and eating as well as buying souvenirs at Odakyu Group facilities in Shinjuku, Hakone, and the Enoshima-Kamakura area. More details are available on the following website.
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2. Details of Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center and each of the discount passes
  • Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center:
  • Hakone Freepass:
  • Hakone Kamakura Pass:
  • Fuji Hakone Pass:
Photos: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/release/202002076540?p=images
About Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Odakyu Electric Railway, established in 1948, is one of Japan's major private railway companies. With the "Shinjuku" central transportation terminal in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Odakyu lines extend to Hakone, one of Japan's foremost hot-spring tourist destinations, and "Enoshima-Kamakura," the historical seaside town close to the city center, and they are used not only for sightseeing but also by two million commuters traveling to work every day. In addition to transportation, Odakyu conducts a variety of other businesses, primarily in the Tokyo and Kanagawa areas, such as department stores, supermarkets, real estate, hotels, and restaurants.

SOURCE: Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
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