SUSCO Unveils New Look for its Service Stations, Featuring Frontline Services Ready to Meet Modern Lifestyles Needs and Embarking on Heavy Marketing Efforts

Energy Press Releases Thursday November 13, 2014 15:53
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Mr. Chairit Simaroj, Managing Director of SUSCO Public Company Limited, or SUSCO, revealed that since 2012, after the company bought the Petronas (Thailand) business, SUSCO added 96 gas and service stations to its portfolio, bring its total number of branches to 235. These are located throughout the country, especially in Bangkok and its surrounding areas. Before, SUSCO’s stations were concentrated in the provinces; the Petronas sale thus expanded SUSCO’s presence into the Thai capital, in accordance with the company’s aim. At present, SUSCO maintains 235 branches in Thailand; of this amount, 139 are SUSCO’s original branches, while 96 are from Petronas. In Bangkok and its surrounding areas, there are 79 branches, while there are 44, 13, 29, 45, 16 and 9 branches in the Southern, Central, Northeastern, Northern, Eastern and Western regions, respectively.

“SUSCO continues to maintain a marketing strategy that targets the community level, in order to build brand loyalty among consumer groups. Therefore, we are currently not focused on expanding our presence on major highways. Our latest initiative is to improve our gas and service stations, including increasing the number of staff to serve customers. We have also improved cleanliness in each outlet, and added a number of non-oil businesses in each location. Next year, SUSCO will fully embark on heavy marketing efforts, as the company has finished transforming the purchased stations from Petronas into those under the SUSCO brand name, marking SUSCO’s presence in Bangkok and the provinces. SUSCO’s marketing strategy is to adapt each outlet to the needs to the local community, as opposed to directly competing with the big brands. The company will also conduct promotional campaigns that will allow our branches to reach consumers in every region of Thailand, in accordance with the needs of each demographic,” said Mr. Chairit Simaroj.

Also, after the integration of the Petronas stations, SUSCO has plans for additional marketing strategies. Mr. Chairit explained, “SUSCO will move forward, continuing to offer quality oil refined by Thai Oil, Thailand’s largest and most modern refinery. The quality of SUSCO branded oil is approved by the fuel commission, and we have received an award for the quality, safety and consumer appeal of our service stations from the Energy Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Energy. This reflects the fact that every drop of oil sold at SUSCO gas stations is of a quality that meets international standards. Moreover, to address the comprehensive lifestyle needs of consumers, SUSCO also formed alliances with business partners in order to add color and depth to its services, both within and outside of its service stations. Our goal is to create the maximum satisfaction among our customers; for example, we feature convenience stores, a Car Care cleaning service, and food and beverage outlets. All of these offerings add to the customer’s comfort and convenience. Presently, SUSCO maintains collaborative relations with leading Thai firms, such as Family Mart, B-Kwik, Cockpit, Wizard, Moly Care, 95 Coffee, Chao Doi, D’Oro, Rabika, Mezzo, Gateaux, A&W and a variety of restaurants.

As for 3rd quarter results, SUSCO had total revenue of 6.12 billion baht, with 65.75 million baht of net profit. In the past 9 months, SUSCO was able to generate 19.35 billion baht in revenue, with net profit of 128.34 million baht. The main source of revenue remains from the sale of diesel oil, benzene oil, gasohol, airplane fuel and NGV gas. In the last quarter of the year, after SUSCO has unveiled its new look, we expect the number of customers to increase. Also, SUSCO will have increased revenue from the rent it collects from various businesses that occupy its premises. The company initially anticipates that business growth will be in line with pre-set targets,” surmised Mr. Chairit Simaroj.

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