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Energy Press Release : 23 Aug 2018

B.Grimm and Babcock Power in partnership to tap SE Asia demand for innovative, high quality Energy—23 Aug 18

B.Grimm and Babcock Power in partnership to tap SE Asia demand for innovative, high quality steam generation and energy-related products & services B.Grimm Group, Thailand's leading diversified conglomerates, has recently formed a new level of

Trina Solar Chairman Jifan Gao elaborates on the PV maker#s continued steady growth in 2018 Energy—23 Aug 18

CHANGZHOU, China--23 Aug--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Trina Solar has been under the spotlight since the company delisted from the US stock market and became a private company in March 2017. Although the majority of the players in the PV sector have recently dealt with obstacles, Trina Solar Chairman Jifan Gao recently said in an interview that, the company's cash inventory remains at a high level. The company sold more than 4GW of sales volume including modules and solar farms in the first half of 2018, generating more than 2.04 billion USD in revenue, up more than 13 percent compared to the prior year period. For the full year of 2018, it remains quite likely that the company's total sales revenue will exceed that booked in 2017.

A sound globalization strategy reduces risk

At present, Trina Solar has expanded to 103 countries and regions globally, with offices in around 40 countries and employees that come from 38 countries. Statistics show that the Company realized over 9GW in global coverage. Mr. Gao believes that establishing a globalized business system bolsters Trina Solar's ability to withstand market volatility; when volatility occurs in a market, other markets may provide a balance.

"Even when the market is at its best - both in China and overseas - we are still able to guarantee the supply overseas. In 2017, Trin