The ninth CEO of PTT to carry on the business emphasizing transparency for sustainability

Energy Press Releases Monday September 10, 2018 12:02
Bangkok--10 Sep--PTT

Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, President and Chief Executive Officer of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) has unveiled the management concept of PTT for the next two years that PTT strategies will be continued from the previous generation to the next. Our way of conducting business will be adapted to suit changing circumstances and challenges of today and in the future under a specified policy of "CHANGE for Future of Thailand 4.0" which features six areas:

Continuity for uninterruptedness In preparation for the continuous changing business scenario, we designate 3D business strategy i.e. Do now, Decide now and Design now.
Honesty involves integrity and impartiality Management and every employee must perform their duties with integrity and ethically by taking the interests of stakeholders into consideration.

Alignment means pursuing more cooperation for security and sustainability by harnessing the strength from inside both PTT and PTT group for synergy in order to integrate expertise and offer opportunities to the society.

New Innovation Solution is to pursue the business that paves a way to new success (New S-Curve) to PTT by employing new technology, innovation and ideas to secure investment in potential businesses.

Good Governance and efficiency PTT upholds good governance principles, with a focus on transparency, fairness, impartiality and auditability. Both PTT's direct and indirect roles of corporate governance in affiliated companies will be improved for more efficiency while taking into account overall interest of the entire business chain of PTT Group for security and the wealth of energy and petrochemical business of the country.

Excellence Team Work is to build a new generation, and change the existing generation to readily cope with the change. An emphasis is on development of the new employees and existing employees to work as a team with highest capabilities to meet changing situation. They need to be courageous to overcome any change and new challenges.

"Due to the change of environment and challenges in the future, PTT needs a vision and strategies to build the immune so that the business is able to thrive and achieve sustainability. Adhering to sound corporate governance principles, we aim to be an exemplary organization for Thailand and serve as a vital cog to propel the country to accomplish a 20-year strategic plan and to be in line with the country's development paradigm of "Thailand 4.0" which will result in a healthier economy and thus benefit every level-the community, society and the country- accordingly. The ultimate goal of PTT is to become an organization of pride which emphasizes transparency so as to move forward to sustainability", Mr. Chansin said.

In addition, PTT is relentlessly committed to undertaking business in a sustainable manner; namely, the great importance is placed upon the sustainable management by balancing the 3P i.e. development of human resource, community and society (People), conservation of natural resources, and environment (Planet) and sustainable business (Prosperity).

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