WHAUP and ZF Lemforder Sign the agreement to Install Solar Rooftop

Energy Press Releases Tuesday November 13, 2018 12:07
Bangkok--13 Nov--Media Planner Consultant

WHA Utilities & Power PLC received an agreement from ZF Lemforder (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to install Solar Rooftop on ZF's factory at Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) with a capacity of 0.8 MW. Mr. Thinus Steyn (middle right), Head of Region South East Asia, India and Pacific of the Chassis Systems Business Unit and Mr. Wisate Chungwatana (middle left), Chief Executive Officer of WHA Utilities and Power PLC or WHAUP celebrated the Solar Rooftop Power Purchase Agreement signing together with Mr. Punrapee Noparumpa (left) Director, Power Business Development, WHA Utilities and Power PCL., and Mr. Sirachat Samaikul (right) Plant Manager, ZF Lemforder (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The Purchase Agreement reflects ZF's intention towards Environment protection, with Clean Energy concept and also cost saving. The COD of the project is expected by April, 2019 respectively.

The ZF Lemforder (Thailand) Co., Ltd. plant is located in Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) of WHA Industrial Development, covering the area over 12 Rai. ZF is committed to Clean Energy, which is the reason why WHAUP has offered to install Solar Rooftop. "The solar energy contributes to environmental protection and to reduce the cost of energy in our factory as well.", said Mr. Sirachat Samaikul, Plant Manager, ZF Lemforder.

"WHAUP is responsible for the investment of the solar system, its engineering, permitting, installation as well as its operation and maintenance. The solar system is expected to supply up to approximately 49% of ZF Thailand's current energy consumption and offset CO2 emissions by 550 tons per year. "We are delighted to collaborate with WHAUP in this exciting project," declared Mr. Thinus Steyn, Head of Region South East Asia, India and Pacific of the Chassis Systems Business Unit. "This fits in perfectly with our group's environmental objectives and we are grateful to WHA Industrial Development and WHAUP for giving us the opportunity to enhance our factory with this "win-win" agreement", he concluded.

"The installation of 0.8 MW-Solar Rooftop project with ZF Lemforder (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) is one of the Company's Solar Rooftop service to the customers within WHA's industrial estates and other industrial estates. At present, WHAUP already has 9 solar rooftop power plants in operation with total capacity of 4.8 MW. Prospects for growth in solar rooftop are favorable as industrial customers are becoming more and more inclined towards the use of clean energy, while recognizing its economic benefits in saving electricity cost." said Mr. Wisate.

About WHA Utilities and Power PLC, or WHAUP

WHA Utilities and Power Plc, or WHAUP is the leading provider of fully integrated utilities services for industries in Thailand, with services in providing raw water, processed water, clarified water, wastewater treatment, natural gas, and investing in power business both in Thailand and overseas.

WHAUP's core business consists of:
  • Utilities Business is the production and distribution of industrial water and providing waste water treatment to industries in the local and oversea industrial estates and industrial zones of WHA Group, especially in Vietnam which is currently under investment development. In 2018, the Company aims to achieve the sales volume of the water distribution at 109 million cubic meters.
  • Power Business is the investment within the local and oversea power generation and distribution business through the electricity power joint investment with several electrical generators such as Glow Group, Gulf Group, and B. Grimm Power with the total production capacity of more than 2,500 MW.
  • The construction of the natural gas retail business in the WHA Eastern Seaboard NGD2 project is expected to be completed and to provide the distribution service to the customers in WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2 within quarter 4 of 2018. Meanwhile, the investment project in WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 4 is expected to be completed with the COD on early 2019.
  • WHAUP has provided full services of the Solar Rooftop installation for factories and warehouses, located both inside and outside of WHA's industrial estates and logistics centers. At present, WHAUP already has 9 solar rooftop power plants in operation with total capacity of 4.8 MW with further 10-15 MW currently under construction and preparing to sign with customers. WHAUP also aims to achieve the target of Solar Rooftop service providing at the total of 200 MW in the future.
About ZF Lemforder

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. In 2017, ZF achieved sales of EUR36.4 billion and as such, is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide.

ZF enables vehicles to see, think and act. The company invests more than five percent of its sales in research and development annually – in particular for the development of efficient and electric drivelines and also in striving for a world without accidents. With its broad portfolio, ZF is advancing mobility and services for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology applications.

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