TDE Group: Drilling With Electrified Wired Pipe - PDS is Leading the Way to Real Time Optimization and Automation

Energy Press Releases Thursday September 19, 2019 09:02
LEOBEN, Austria--19 Sep--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Improved well construction costs with better performing wells is today's industry mandate. This requires drilling optimization and automation, which rely on ever larger amounts of solid data, and their bi-directional exchange between the surface and downhole tools. All this needs to happen in real time, while drilling and in a cost-efficient manner. In addition, capturing downhole data and operating downhole tools requires electrical power, as does the bi-directional transmission of data. Current technologies can't meet these data and power criteria.

TDE Powerline Drill String (PDS) delivers both, a high-speed data telemetry system and electrical power. It does it in a reliable and cost-efficient manner without batteries, turbines or repeaters.

Austria, Norway: TDE Group and Aker BP (launch partner) successfully completed the second test in Norway. Two weeks of full-scale drilling with PDS at NORCE/Ullrigg in Stavanger were performed. PDS successfully met all test criteria under field conditions, using standard pipe handling procedures and equipment.

  • Simultaneous transmission of data (500,000 b/sec) and power (300W)
  • Multiple vendor tools were integrated and operated in the drill string
  • 3rd Party MWD was operated, powered and controlled by PDS
  • iPDS String sensors, developed by TDE, were operated
  • Downhole data was processed and displayed in real time in several locations worldwide using proprietary web based TDE software.
  • PDS is ready for field operations.

Dr. Abdelrhani Lamik, Group VP of PDS said, "This is a significant achievement for TDE and the drilling industry. Multivendor BHA tools can now be operated using electrical power from the surface without batteries or turbines. The quality of the downhole data streamed at 500,000 bit/s is unprecedented. A gap has been filled and the digital age can start. I want to thank the PDS Team and our partner Aker BP."

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Thonhauser, Chairman and CTO of TDE Group stated that, "Combining the PDS technology with multiple third-party sensors is a major step towards an open downhole eco-system that will affect the MWD/LWD market in a positive way."

Dr. Harald Freissmuth, Group CEO of TDE Group: "This is only the beginning of drilling optimization and automation. PDS is a catalyst for future technologies and we are excited to be part of the story. PDS is a reliable foundation we can work with."

TDE Group is a data-driven technology and service provider for the oil and gas industry at the forefront of digital transformation. The aim is to enhance drilling and production performance of oil and gas wells. More than 100 companies have trusted TDE's products worldwide, and TDE currently operates in 30 countries. The DNA of TDE Group is a combination of deep oil and gas expertise, digital domain know-how and customer focus.

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