PD House has launched a “Garden Surrounded by Home”, a changeable home, an exceptional function

Real Estate Press Releases Tuesday November 24, 2009 11:42
Bangkok--24 Nov--PD House

Patum Design Develop Co., Ltd. suggested home builders to develop the business and prepare for high competition next year. It is expected that the major construction materials companies will invest in home building business. Recently, PD House has launched a “Garden Surrounded by Home”, a large modern style home which exceptional function as a changeable home. Home functions and area deployment can be adjusted responding to the needs of residents. In addition, Multi-joint Lock System, a pre-fabricated structure, is used to control construction standard as well as to save energy.

Mr. Sitthiporn Suwannasut, Chairman and Director-General of Patum Design Develop Co. Ltd., or PD House home builder center, showed his vision about next year home building business that, “It is high possibility for large construction materials companies to increasingly expand their business to home building. On the other hand, current small home builders might not be able to compete with large company and finally have to leave the business. Therefore, the medium and small entrepreneurs need to swiftly adjust themselves to develop business in equivalent to competition situation.”

“To conduct home building business in this economic condition, both small and large entrepreneurs should consider factors affecting the business. Such factors include offensive customers finding using internet (E-commerce), to encourage customers on environmental conservation and bring along with brand, logo, or advertisement (Green logo), focus on value for management, emphasize on design-innovation and matching partner for sustainable business progress.

However, although PD House is a strength company with outstanding potential in home building business, but the company has never stopped business development in order to prepare for competition situation. In the last trimester, the company has created the latest product a “Garden Surrounded by Home”. It is designed under concept of changeable home functions or area deployment responding to the needs of residents or size of land or budget. This can be done by moving, adding, or reducing area without changing concept of the home.

“The company has introduced a Multi-joint Lock System, a pre-fabricated structure, to build “Garden Surrounded by Home” in works of pile, beam, and floor. These structures are pre-fabricated in the factory with quality control to meet the requirement specified by the engineers. After that, the structures are transported for installation at construction site. This is different from casting pile, beam, and floor at construction site which produce a large amount of errors and also difficult in quality control. A Multi-joint Lock System will reduce two times of time spending at construction site. This system is also sturdy and highly safe. A “Garden Surrounded by Home” is energy-safe home including energy from human and time for construction. In addition, design and suitable materials help reduce energy consumption and this is optimal benefits to residents.

The company believes that a “Garden Surrounded by Home” will be accepted and appreciated by the target group especially new administrators. Home is uniquely designed with highly environmental concern. Construction budget for a “Garden Surrounded by Home” ranges from 8 to 12 million baht.

Mr. Sitthiporn further stated that “We got high attention for PD House franchise launched in last August. This is because PD House is the first and the only company in Thailand. It is also a new model for the company to enlarge business in order to expand chance and seeking for new markets. Our target is to establish 50 branches within 5 years (2013). This year target is 4 branches include Saraburi, Udonthani, Chiang Mai, and Pitsanulok. Saraburi and Udonthani PD House branches have already operated while Chiang Mai and Pitsanulok are still in progress and expected to be opened in December or the latest schedule is in January, next year”.

“The company established franchise for center of home builder under the concept of Matching Partner or alliance network. Small entrepreneurs are grouped together under PD House brand which is a strategy to strengthen their business. This is in order to compete with large company and also to develop the company or franchises’ potential for sustainable progress in the future. In addition, we will build and develop new home builders with widely accepted in service and product standards by customers. In particular, provincial home building market is large and high potential to progress.”

“The company expected this year annual performance total sale will be approximately 220-230 million baht. This is 8-10% lower than last year (2008) where the total sale was 250 million bath. Total home building market in Bangkok and perimeters is expected to be 15-20% lower than last year. This is a result of the world economic crisis and Thai economic variation together with negative factors from politics which affect home building business and other business as well”, finally said by Mr. Sitthiporn.

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