Real Estate Press Releases Friday February 10, 2012 15:06
Bangkok--10 Feb--PD HOUSE

PD HOUSE assessed purchasing power in Bangkok and nearby provinces in 2012 dropped while recover upcountry and believed that top 5 home builder companies have to adjust themselves to cope with declining market situation. PD vowed that within 2 years they will push PD franchise upward and prepare to open newly born franchise brand “A Q HOME” for houses price below 2.5 m. They also added that the modern style houses with flood protection would be hot in 2012. They launched “high floor elevated house” to lure the customers and hope to get total sales amount up to 300 m. in the first quarter of 2012. The new strategy is to attract small home builder companies to join PD franchise to build a strong business network for Asian Economic Community or AEC in the year 2015.

Khun Sitiporn Suwannasut CEO of PH HOUSE CORPORATION COMPANY LIMITED or PD HOUSE HOME BUILDER CENTER disclosed that for the last 1 month the market situation for home builder in Bangkok and nearby provinces was still flat. This reflected the worry of the customers about the past big flood and can last until the end of the 2nd quarter so the big 5 home builder companies should be alert and adjust themselves to cope with the changes. They will provide more budgets to build brand awareness and differentiate themselves from their competitors and extended their service area or join franchise like what PD HOUSE did successfully under the flat market situation.

From the year 2012 onward, PD HOUSE strategy for recruiting franchisees will not be considered for only general investors but also small home builder companies who want to upgrade their own business to meet the standard the consumers expected because PD HOUSE home builder franchise is now well known among customers. With this, the small home builder companies can compete with their competitor but the entrepreneurs should adjust work process and service to meet the standard PD HOUSE specified and decorate their offices the same style. Special offer for those who will join the PD HOUSE franchise is the 25% deduction of Franchise Fee from 500,000 baht to 375,000 baht. Currently, 2-3 entrepreneurs are negotiating. Apart from upgrading the entrepreneur standard, joining fr5anchise will also build a strong business network for joining Asian Economic Community in the year 2015.

Khun Pisan Thammawiset, the manager, said that at present PD HOUSE has 26 offices all over the country. The last one which was newly opened was Sakonnakorn office. PD planned to open 10 more offices this year so there will be 36 offices altogether emphasizing on the offices upcountry like Chiang Rai, Nakorn Ratchasima, Nakorn Srithammarat etc. The target sales amount in 2015 was 1,400 m. Moreover, PD HOUSE will launch a brand new franchise “A.Q.HOME” for building the houses price not exceed 2.5m.baht.in order to expand consumers especially upcountry. The pilot project will be begun at Nakorn Pathom office soon and expect the sales amount up to 90 m. baht in the first year.

It is believed that the trend of the house style in 2012 is modern style but the design should be done to avoid damage from the flood in some degree so the company designed 2 new models-F-211,F212 which elevated the 1st floor 120-150 centimeters high from the ground. This will meet the need of a large numbers of customers. In the promotion period, the special price are 3.5 m. and 5.3 m..The company also campaigns for “free elevated floor” and “ give out energy saving electrical equipments” for the customers who decided to build houses with PD HOUSE. The campaign will be ended with in the first 50 houses. It is hoped that the total sales amount in the first quarter will reach 300 m. baht, Khun Pisan concluded.

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