PD House: Reorganization for AEC Expand 11 subsidiaries + 20 franchisees get ready for Asean Market

Real Estate Press Releases Friday June 8, 2012 09:18
Bangkok--8 Jun--PD House

PD House is getting ready for AEC 2015. After spending 2 years for organization development, the strategy was set to divide the organization into 11 subsidiaries + 20 franchisees. To open more branches and expand the market share nationwide. 100% confident to expand Asean home builder market in the next 2 years. While most of the player in the market still not prepare for the coming change, particularly the medium and small ones which might be extinct from the market.

Mr. Sitiporn Suwannasut, Chief Executive Officer – PD House Corporation Co., Ltd. or PD House Home Builder Center, said that “We have been developing our organization continuously in order to prepare for the coming of Asian Economic Community or AEC in year 2015. In the past we ran our home builder business under one business identity, Pathum Design Develop Co., Ltd., but this year, there is the separation into 11 subsidiary companies to run our 3 main businesses which are 1. Home builder center business 2. Franchise management business and 3. Construction material dealer.”

“Recently, we re-organized our organizational structure and appointed our executives to manage and take responsibilities to the 11 companies + 20 franchisees. With our aim to drive our businesses into the same direction, we divide our organization in to 5 main lines which are Franchise Business, Marketing, Human & Resource, Engineer & Design and Franchise Standard Controller”

“PD House is the first in the home builder business that alert and understand the importance of the readiness before Thailand fully open for the AEC in year 2015. In these recent years, PD House, we have the significant adjustment and development such as bringing the franchise system to broaden our potential. We are the first home builder in Thailand that use franchising as the strategy to drive the growth of our business which can be considered as the innovative idea that different from other players in the market. This concept combines our strength to other small home builder companies or SMEs and drive PD House into the leading position of the standard home builder business by the number of branch.”

“I am more than 100% confident that our adaptation is the right step into the right direction especially the adoption of the franchise system and using it to expand the business. Though there were some suspicions from many parties at the beginning. They did not believe that it is possible for home builder business to franchise. Now a day our business performance and output confirm the possibility, convince the doubters and made them change the perception especially when we demonstrate our readiness and the adjustment we have been preparing to both defend and penetrate the AEC while others in the home builder market have not prepared.” mentioned, Mr. Sitiporn.

Executive Vice President, Mr. Pisan Thammaviset, said that “I would like to add that the adaptation of the organization is not only the seminar or meeting but also the implementation of the plan to actions, especially the medium and small home builder companies. Without the clear direction of adaptation, when the AEC is fully on, they will in unfavorable position compare to the larger companies. In the worst case there will not be any space for them in the home builder industry since, in the competition arena under the AEC environment, the rules will benefit only to the larger or stronger players. Therefore the medium and small home builder companies should be alert and adjust themselves in this 2 years and 6 month period that we have left so that they will be capable to deal with the coming change in the business environment in time.”

Beside the expansion of the PD House Group into 11 subsidiary companies under the 5 main line of management, there are also the network companies under the “PD House Home Builder Center Franchise” concept across the country. PD House estimates that there will be 20 franchisees within this year. With the number of 31 companies, including the subsidiary companies, PD House will be able to expand the customers’ base or cover more than 50 provinces in Thailand. This is the strategy to establish strong market in Thailand before expanding to the Asians home builder market in the next 2 years. For this year, PD House aims to reach 1,400 Million Baht sales.

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