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Ready for a chance to let your mind run away with ideas? The 2013 IKEA Catalogue comes out this 1 September 2012with 324 pages of products, tips and inspiration for a better everyday life at home. From modular sofas to LED lamps, there are tons of new products out of our full product range found online and in stores.

This year, we’re giving more attention and celebration to textiles and their importance at home. An easy and affordable way to bring new life to a room, textiles make a big difference without creating a big dent in your budget. There’s focus on creativity, since we believe it can fit into any space. To top things off, we’ve created more films and interactive features that bring the catalogue to life and keep the inspiration coming!

Until you can touch, fold, rip, keep and love the 2013 IKEA Catalogue, grab a pen or your smartphone to take notes or shots and get ready to be inspired! On the following pages, there are preview images, behind-the-scenes info, background about how we strive to meet sustainability goals in catalogue production and as always, free home furnishing ideas. Welcome to the 2013 IKEA Catalogue preview! A better everyday life at home awaits.

2013 IKEA Catalogue quick facts
· 211 million copies
· Distributed in 43 countries in 62 versions
· 60 online versions
· 45 catalogue versions for mobile applications (iPhone and Android)
· Focuses on soft, impactful textiles as well as encouraging creativity
· Includes films and interactive material for even more inspiration
Inspiration made even easier

It’s never been hard to find inspiration in the IKEA catalogue, but this year it’s even easier. We’ve taken our insights about everyday life and used them to make changes in the catalogue to room settings, product displays, styles and more.

For instance, we’ve stopped dividing life at home into rooms. Bedrooms, for example – they’re as varied as the ways people sleep. We’ve taken away our notions of what defined a ‘bedroom’ and replaced them with the idea ‘sleeping.’ We know that some homes don’t have ‘bedrooms’ – they have one 24-hour room where people live and sleep. Life is about activities; not the walls that define where they unfold.

And now, when we’re showing a selection of products, we’ve changed things up so it’s easier to compare products. There’s a better overview of the sizes, designs, styles, coloursand materials of what we have – but not all we have since the web and the store show all IKEA products.

Speaking of styles, we’ve dedicated several pages of the catalogue to show our range of styles side by side. Whether you like traditional, modern, simple, bold, a little bitmore Scandinavian or a little bit not, with styles grouped and shown together, it’s easier to find looks and products that speak to you.

Plus, throughout the catalogue, look for the smartphone symbol. It leads to additions and extended material that enhance the catalogue experience with more ideas and inspiration.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for (and maybe what you didn’t realise you needed), we’ve made it easier to find more information on www.IKEA.co.th, where you’ll find even more tips, ideas and inspiration.

All these changes make it easier to be inspired by what you see in the catalogue and bring new life to your home!

Whether we stop to think about it or not, life would be rather cold and lonely without textiles. That’s why this year at IKEA and in the 2013 Catalogue, we’re celebrating textiles for making life soft, snuggly, lively and personal.

From blankets and rugs to curtains and towels, textiles are an easy, affordable, attractive and quick way to bring new life to your home. Refresh a sofa with cushions or throws. Switch out curtains instead of repainting a room. Change doesn’t have to be big and difficult. It can be as small and simple as changing the sheets.


The 2013 IKEA Catalogue goes well with paint, scissors, glue, needle, thread and an open mind. That’s because this year, we hope our ideas spark even more inspiration for people to express themselves and their creativity at home. Customising REGOLIT lampshades, embroidering DUKEN bed frame, painting TARVA chests of drawers – the catalogue shows these and more ways to get creative!

Inviting digital ideas to paper pages

With this year’s catalogue, we want to give you more. That’s why we’ve added inspiring films and interactive features to delight, entertain and offer even more ideas and insights for a better life at home. We love having a printed catalogue that can be a part of everyone’s homes all year long, but with today’s technology you get more:

  • films with how to’s and behind the scenes clips
  • image galleries with additional photos
  • stories from product designers
  • 3D and interactive views

To access the bonus material, you can download an app to smartphones/tablets or see everything at www.IKEA.co.thIf you’re using a smartphone or tablet, look for the phone symbol throughout the catalogue (as seen below) and scan the whole page.

Scan to unlock extra content
Behind the scenes

Work on this year’s IKEA catalogue began in September 2011 at IKEA Communications (ICOM) in Älmhult, Sweden. Catalogue production takes the teamwork and skill of many employees from art directors to project leaders and carpenters. There will be 211 million copies of the 2013 catalogue, at about 324 pages each. Distributed in 43 countries, the catalogue will have 62 different versions.

Follow an IKEA crew on location as they film a photo shoot for the 2013 IKEA Catalogue. Watch the film at www.IKEA.co.th
Here’s what a typical day of working on the catalogue looks like for an ICOM creative:
08:00 Let’s start at the catalogue wall, which shows each of its 324 pages and where we are in the process with text and photos.
09:00 Check in with the 3D team, who create digital images using advanced technology to make the impossible possible
10:00 While we’re on the same floor, let’s look closely at some of the catalogue’s photos to see if anything needs to be touched up.
11:00 Brainstorm with an interior designer. ICOM’s 33 interior designers come from 13 countries and use insight from home visits and magazines for inspiration.
12:00 Lunch! Meatballs, a salad or Thai takeaway?
13:00 It’s time to walk through the 8,800-square-foot studio to catch up with the different product and room photos.
14:00 Meeting with a project leader. Most work days have these, don’t they?
14:45 Fika! Most of ICOM’s 285 employees take a coffee break in the café (usually with something sweet to eat, too.)
15:15 Studio time again. This time we need a new vase that’s missing from a room setting. Let’s look in the studio’s ‘mini store.’
16:00 Still in the studio. One room needs a prop. Will it be food? Plants?An old camera?A snowman?
17:00 It’s time to go home, relax and rest for tomorrow. There’s still more to do!
Never lose sight of sustainability

How does sustainability fit with the IKEA catalogue when we printed 209 million last year? It’s an important question we ask ourselves every year as we continually look for ways to make our business more sustainable. But there’s a lot that can be done. With 50 paper and print suppliers in more than 19 countries, there are many opportunities to make a big difference.

For instance, though we printed 6% more catalogues last year, our suppliers further decreased CO2 emissions (-12%) and energy use (-8%) per catalogue copy. In addition, all the paper used in IKEA catalogues is sourced from paper mills having environmental management systems that are third party certified against ISO 14001, an international standard used in various kinds of organisations and businesses in more than 159 countries.

This means paper for the catalogue comes from paper mills that are committed to continually minimising environmental impact.

When making purchase decisions about the catalogue, IKEA greatly considers the sustainability performance of suppliers. Since 2009, we’ve intensified this process and created more dialogue with suppliers about environmental performance as well as increasingly conducting supplier sustainability audits. Our environmental concern shows in our suppliers, who continue to improve their environmental performance. All these steps, in lots of areas, add up to something big.

Though our sustainability performances improved in 2012 compared to 2011, we cannot rest. Creating a better everyday life at home for the many people isn’t just about home furnishing – it’s about taking better care of the environment, the earth’s resources and each other. As the number of printed catalogues increases, we need to move quickly to ensure this growth has less impact on the environment, no matter how challenging further improvements may be.

This year and onwards, we will define further goals for environmental indicators to measure the catalogue, revise our current sustainability requirements for suppliers and develop new incentives for suppliers to further improve the sustainability of their operations. A glorious future includes the IKEA catalogue if we continue our commitment and never lose sight of sustainability.

Want to know more about how we work to reduce the IKEA catalogue’s environmental impact? Please read the IKEA Sustainability Report on www.IKEA.co.th
Every year, we try to make the catalogue more sustainable than
Here are some of the noticeable improvements and progress in the 2012 catalogue:
100% of the virgin fibre in the paper used for the 2012 catalogueis traceable back to the forest.
65% of the virgin fibre in the paper used for the 2012 catalogue hascertified Chain-of Custody, which considers all certifications like FSC, PEFC, SFA and CSA.
Average energy consumption in production of the cataloguedecreased 8% from 2011 to 2012, from 2,96 kWh/copy to 2,72 kWh/copy, which is like taking roughly 2,000 cars off the road for a year.

Average fossil CO2 emissions per catalogue copy decreased around12% from 2011 to 2012, from 0,49 to 0,43 kg CO2 – a savings of at least 7,000 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to taking 1,370 cars off the road for a year.

For more information contact:
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Email: tissana.wa@ikano.asia Fax : +662-108-1012
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