TSCC 25 Years @ Central World: DIAKRITs innovations revolutionize real estate

Real Estate Press Releases Monday October 13, 2014 16:14
Bangkok--13 Oct--Diakrit, Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

When the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC) celebrates it 25 Year Anniversary with an exhibition themed ‘Beyond Innovation’ in Bangkok, DIAKRIT partakes to raise brand awareness in Asia but also to let the market know they recruit local talents.

When it comes to the theme, this designer and developer of digital marketing solutions for the real estate industry is simply spot on. DIAKRIT perfectly stands for what TSCC wants to showcase at CentralWorld; companies that utilize knowhow and innovation in order to improve a market with the solutions for the future.

Of the state-of-the-art systems and innovative products created by companies who are members of TSCC, DIAKRIT truly represents the inventive spirit that many Swedish companies stand for, thus contributing to the country’s high-ranking position as one of the most innovative countries in the world.

Its solutions have been game changing for a traditional sector: real estate. DIAKRIT has set out to revolutionize the presentation and marketing of homes and office spaces based on emerging technologies and platforms.

Visualizing real estate in 3D is the particular segment in which this Swedish company aims to become the global leader.
DIAKRIT set out to challenge an industry norm to innovate, with the result that they are empowering consumers and enabling new innovations that we never imagined were possible up until recently.

DIAKRIT’s President & CEO Fredrik Bergman paints the before and after picture very well: “As recently as a decade ago people were making one of the biggest financial decisions in their lives based on a few amateur photos and, if lucky, a blurry floor plan sketch from the last century. An information deficit and an agonizing decision-making process characterized the search for a new home, or office.”

Those days are long gone now, since, as with so many other things, the customer now expects a real-life experience when it comes to searching for, and visualizing, their new home or other property investment.

Now, thanks to DIAKRIT’s innovative solutions (with the fitting slogan ‘SEEING IS BELIEVING™), anyone can make the decisions connected to real estate based on the capacity to imagine their future home, or property, and to plan and furnish it.

Visualizations, photos, floor plans and interior design tools are indispensable within this.

Imagine choosing a new home and in the search process being able to test different furniture and colour schemes and seeing the results as if they were for real by simply using online software from the convenience of your smartphone!

To be presented during the innovation event days from October 24th – 26th, DIAKRIT will demonstrate for its visitors the recently upgraded, patent-pending, D-Furnish™ - a furnishing tool with new and improved features that allows homebuyers and renters to virtually furnish properties of interest online! This software considerably enhances a property's potential by allowing clients to envision their perfect living space.

Another online software is the D-Navigator™, a customized product for new developments where one can tour from the façade or aerial view of a particular development to see its surroundings, then look inside and see interiors and get a wide range of the information about the property. From there, users can then visualize their new home down to the finest of details including door panel materials and selection of appliances.

DIAKRIT has set up a large operation in Bangkok, Thailand, employing foreigners and many highly skilled and talented Thais and the company is always on the lookout for more people who can fit strategic roles within the organization. That said, youth keen on a career within 2D and 3D animation and graphics, and new graduates, are especially welcome to visit DIAKRIT at the event.

Those with 3D production skills and 3D graphic artists, other highly educated individuals with computer knowledge, as well as those with photo editing skills are sought after by the company.

Having re-shaped the Scandinavian real estate landscape, DIAKRIT, with clients in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and the Philippines, is now embracing the strong potential of the emerging real estate markets throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

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