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Properties Press Release : 20 Jan 2017

Shinwa Group Plans to Develop the Pilot Project Aiming to Build Brand Awareness and Expand to Launch a New Project, Worth Altogether Over 2.4 Billion Baht Within 2 Years Properties—20 Jan 17

Shinwa Group, a Japanese large developer, plans to build "RUNESU" brand to attract Japanese and those preferring authentic Japanese living, set to officially launch "RUNESU THONGLOR 5," the pilot project worth over 1.2 Billion Baht within the first

7 Things Every Thai Real Estate Developer Should Know About Crystal Lagoons That Will Ensure Highly Successful Projects Properties—20 Jan 17

Bangkok--20 Jan--Total Quality
The multinational water innovation company's technology has gone beyond the real estate paradigm of "location, location, location".

Crystal Lagoons brings the idyllic beach-like lifestyle anywhere, transforming unimaginable areas into the world's most successful real estate projects, making it highly beneficial for Thai real estate developers

Crystal-clear lagoons can be massively used with various recreational activities which can be enjoyed by varied groups of people

Crystal Lagoons, a multinational water innovation company that develops Sustainable crystal clear lagoons, limitless in size and at very low construction and maintenance costs. , continues to revolutionize the global real estate industry. With its value-added propositions by bringing the World's Top Amenity to transform unimagined areas into beautiful beach paradises. In Thailand, where there are abundant inner lands undeveloped, the multinational company offers every Thai real estate developer 7 key points they should know on how Crystal Lagoons can ensure successful properties anywhere in the country.

1. Crystal Lagoons' unique concept and its cutting-edge technology has changed the real estate paradigm of "location, location, location". It enables feasibility to otherwise unviable projects with an addition of a cr