Shinwa Group Plans to Develop the Pilot Project Aiming to Build Brand Awareness and Expand to Launch a New Project, Worth Altogether Over 2.4 Billion Baht Within 2 Years

Real Estate Press Releases Friday January 20, 2017 12:32
Bangkok--20 Jan--Oasis Media
Set to Open Pre-sale of "RUNESU THONGLOR 5", the First Innovative Condo in Southeast Asia

Shinwa Group, a Japanese large developer, plans to build "RUNESU" brand to attract Japanese and those preferring authentic Japanese living, set to officially launch "RUNESU THONGLOR 5," the pilot project worth over 1.2 Billion Baht within the first quarter. It eyes to launch another project in a potential location, totaling 2 projects in 2 years worth altogether over 2.4 Billion Baht with a strong confidence in Sigma BEAM, the patent innovation of RUNESU's structure—only one in the world which can maximize usable space by up to 40%.

Mr. Wichai Chula-Olarnkun and Mr. Tomoyasu Yamabe, co-CEO of W-Shinwa Co., Ltd. disclose that after the announcement of "RUNESU THONGLOR 5," the project gains a very good feedback from the market. Target customers are interested and ask for more information. This is very satisfying and in line with the objective to building "RUNESU" brand in the market to be well accepted and perceived that it is a cutting-edge innovative condominium from Japan. It will particularly apply Sigma BEAM, the patent of RUNESU's structure—only one in the world which can maximize usable space by up to 40% by turning beam to be floor and floor to beam. After this pilot project, the company plans to consecutively launch another project, totaling 2 projects in 2 years worth altogether over 2.4 Billion Baht on a potential plot in the central business district (CBD) which is the most popular area among Japanese expatriates and Thais as well as other foreigners that prefer authentic Japanese living.

"The perfect combination of the joint venture is that Thai shareholder is the host who knows investment regulations and marketing strategy while Shinwa Group is the leading property developer from Japan with a diversified investment portfolio. In particular, the group has cutting-edge construction technology which is more advanced than Thai's for over decade. For the first joint venture project, we will apply Sigma BEAM innovation which is the patent of RUNESU's structure, only one in the world which can maximize usable space. We will also pay attention on other details to develop the project to have authentic Japanese living environment with the use of IAO Takeda, a leading Japanese design firm which has won the design champion in Japan for many consecutive years. We would like to invite those interested to experience this authentic Japanese project at the project's site where unit model will be decorated under the concept.

The official launch will be in the second quarter definitely," Mr. Wichai says.

Mr. Tomoyasu Yamabe, co-CEO of W-Shinwa Co., Ltd., says that Shinwa Group was founded 60 years ago with the headquarter in Osaka. It is a large conglomerate with many subsidiaries and affiliates. Its property development business is renowned and well-accepted that it is one of the leading property developers in the industry. The property development business covers all categories including condominium, serviced apartment, hotel, property management, onsen and automatic car parking system. It has a policy to expand an investment in overseas. It selects Thailand as it is confident in property investment potential which has a good growth. Investing in Thailand will be a solid base to expand into other countries in the region like the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia as Thailand is the center of Southeast Asia. Overseas investment will also include other attractive destinations like USA and Europe.

"The joint venture in W-Shinwa Co., Ltd. is the first joint venture for Shinwa Group. It is the first time we expand to overseas after a great success in property development in Japan. We have experiences and many track records which are well accepted and perceived that we create quality projects and do not use pricing strategy to lead marketing campaign. Despite a consecutive growth in Thailand's property sector, Shinwa Group will apply various technology on hands to create an opportunity in project development. The group's marketing policy is development of both salable space and rental area. For RUNESU THONGLOR 5, we are strongly confident that it will be the first phenomenon in Asia like no others definitely," Mr. Yamabe says.

Developed by W-Shinwa Co., Ltd, RUNESU THONGLOR 5 will be located on a 1-rai plot of land on Soi Thonglor 5. It is a low-rise condominium with an eight-storey building and a total of 156 units. There are 2 types including 1 and 2 bedroom sized from 29-65 square meter with prices starting from 4.9 Million Baht. It is designed to feature authentic Japanese living which will be a new phenomenon in Thai property sector with the use of some construction materials and decorative items imported from Japan, for example, new bathroom system where floor can be dried very quickly within 3 minutes and Kara Kara Tile, a new tile technology from Japan which can help control moisture and prevent dust mites.

Common area and facilities will feature Japanese garden, onsen swimming pool originated from Japan, golf practice area, auto parking system, security system and etc. It is set to have an official launch in the second quarter of 2017. Construction will start in the third quarter 2017, being scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2018. Project sales value is over 1.2 Billion Baht.

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