Keeping up the success of the Tech-Life Mall concept, TCC Asset World Retail approves 100 million baht budget to renovate Pantip Plaza Chiangmai and launch E-Sport Arena, ready to become the hub of lifestyle and technology of the north region.

Real Estate Press Releases Thursday August 3, 2017 17:06
Bangkok--3 Aug--4D Communications

TCC Land Asset World Retail continues its success story with 100 million baht budget to give Pantip Plaza Chiangmai, located at the Night Bazaar area, a new look with the "Tech-Life Mall" concept and the 2nd Pantip E-Sport Arena, where games and sports fuse perfectly. With the emphasis on hi-tech lifestyle, the shopping center is expected to penetrate the new market of young generations and students, elevating Chiangmai to be the technology hub of the northern area, creating over 20% growth in revenue in 2017.

Mr. Veerarit Somboonsub, Asset Manager of Pantip Plaza, TCC Land Asset World Retail Co., Ltd., revealed that in the previous year, the company completed the renovation of Pantip Plaza Pratunam under the concept "Tech - Life Mall" and launched the first "Pantip E-Sport Arena" which is the center of games and e-sports. Many e-sports tournaments also took place there and achieved tremendous success. The shopping center can completely satisfy customer demands in all aspects, resulting in the increasing number of customers who come to the center for more products and services. Thanks to this success, the TCC Land Asset World Retail decided to overhaul Pantip Plaza Chiangmai as well since there is yet any distinguished technology hub in the northern region. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to rebrand the Pantip Plaza Chiangmai so that the center is able to meet such expectation. The renovation will be made in the same direction as in the Pantip Plaza Pratunam, and the second Pantip E-sport Arena will be launched too under the partnership with "Speed" and other business operators in the area of ??Chiangmai. The new look is expected to be the main highlight and the driving force for the revival of the Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai and help it attain a status as a popular center of lifestyle, technology, and gaming in the north. Many activities are now being planned for gamers to enjoy all year, including the creation of gaming center, and the promotion of E-Sport as a serious hobby in which players can have a chance to compete nationally and internationally.

"The development this time will help Pantip Plaza Chiangmai become the most important and technologically advanced hub of northern Thailand, ready to meet all needs of hi-tech lifestyle both in terms of hardware and software, to provide necessary services, and to be the learning center for both academic and IT activities for people of all ages. Pantip Plaza Chiangmai will also become a hub for gamers and E-Sport players for students of age groups by organizing activities throughout the year to promote and support E-Sport athletes from the north to compete in the national and international levels. Pantip Plaza Chiangmai is located on Changklan Road, Night Bazaar area at Chiangmai's city center. It is highly anticipated that after the upgrade, the shopping center will be able to increase the number of traffic up to 3 times," said Mr. Veerarit Somboonsub.

Mr. Pisan Suwuanthada, General Manager of Pantip Plaza Chiangmai, TCC Land Asset World Retail Co., Ltd., talked about the overview of the renovation that currently Pantip Plaza Chiangmai is located in the Night Bazaar zone and has the area of ??approximately 14,000 square meters available for rent. This redevelopment will be in line with the refurbishment of Pantip Plaza Pratunam, which means that the new Pantip in Chiangmai will house shops from over 40 brands as well as the 2nd Pantip E-Sport Arena that will have an area of ??about 600-700 square meters. For this redevelopment, in addition to joining forces with leading partners in Bangkok, the partnership of Pantip will encompass local entrepreneurs in co-creating Pantip Plaza Chiangmai to become the largest complex of the hi-tech lifestyle, technology, and gaming of the north. At the same time, the center has allocated a space for over 400 parking lots both inside the building and the surrounding area to ensure that customers receive as much convenience as possible. The target customers are students from all provinces in the north, jobbers, and tourists. The company is ready to heavily promote the new look of Pantip Plaza Chiangmai through online media specifically to reach the new generation of customers. There are plans to cooperate with Chiangmai University to create a course in the field of E-Sport which will possibly be branched out to other universities in the future.

The refurbishment of Pantip Plaza Chiangmai is projected to create a business growth of about 20% and this target is hoped to increase to 30-40% by the year 2018 due to the fact that the renovation will attract new customers to purchase products and services. And another favorable factor is activity and promotion with partner brands to deliver happiness to customers all year round. The activities include PC Gaming Expo, PC Com Set Expo, Toys & Games, and Notebook For Life, to name a few. These will be great ways to increase the revenue of Pantip Plaza Chiangmai Shopping Center while customers can enjoy shopping for products and services with a superior value of money.

"In addition, the center will provide more convenience for customers with various stores such as McDonald's, KFC, Shabushi, Big C, Watsons, Sports World, and Smart Life Zone. Customers will be able to use services and enjoy shopping comfortably with place to rest and relax. Living and shopping at the same time are now possible as a new lifestyle at Pantip Plaza Chiangmai. These conveniences and leadership in the technological field will make Pantip Plaza Chiangmai a perfect gaming and tech life hub of the north," added Mr. Pisan Suwuanthada.

To celebrate the new look, Pantip Plaza Chiangmai offers special activities for customers starting this September 1st with a great opportunity to meet top gamers – Toffy is Toodzomcom and Soulvee – and enjoy a mini concert from Kang Vorakorn (The Star). On September 2nd and 3rd, be ready for the excitement from competitions in famous games like ROV, Point Blank, and Hon. Prizes worth over 500,000 baht, souvenirs, gifts, and many more are awaiting.

In addition, during September 1st – October 31st, there are yet another series of special promotions for customers as follows:
1st promotion – with at least 1,500 baht purchase at the shopping center, receive special gift for free.
Special for KTC customers, receive the gift with only 1,000 baht purchase.
2nd promotion – with every 1,000 baht purchase at the shopping center, receive one coupon. And special for KTC customers, receive 2 coupons to win many exclusive prizes worth over 250,000 baht.
For those interested, please visit Pantip Chiang Mai Shopping. Open daily from 09.00 - 22.00 hrs. For more information, please contact

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