LEED GRANTED CERTIFIED LEVEL TO 98 WIRELESS 98 Wireless Becomes Thailands First Residential Building to Receive This Recognition

Real Estate Press Releases Thursday October 5, 2017 13:37
Bangkok--5 Oct--Ogilvy Public Relations

98 Wireless, Sansiri's latest flagship condominium project unveiled earlier this year, has been awarded LEEDฎ green building program at Certified level. LEED is the foremost program for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.More than 38,600 commercial and institutional projects are LEED-certified, comprising more than 560 million square meter of construction space in more than 167 countries and territories. 98 Wireless has become the first-ever residential project in Thailand to receive such recognition.

Mr.Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Officer of Sansiri Public Company Limited, said "It is one of our proudest moments to be qualified with such global recognition as a certification by LEED green building program. 98 Wireless has become the first residential project to be LEED-certified. It is Sansiri's first flagship condominium project in decades for which we spent over the past 7 years, at the very least, to come up with the best in every aspect. From location selection and architectural design inside and out to material use and exclusive service we are offering to residents, our determination and commitment were main reasons why LEED has granted certified level. We built 98 Wireless under the theme of "The Best Comes as Standard" and it can be true literally only through our hard work of making each residential unit a sustainable one and the one that adds more quality of life to the lives of our residents. Luxury and sustainability are what can be built in parallel and it is what every developer should do together too. For 98 Wireless, we made it happen through our partnership with Meinhardt (Thailand), an engineering consultancy company that helped us bring out the best as standard in every detail from the structure of the building and water and electric system to private lift system and supercar parking space."

98 Wireless has been certified with LEED since September 2017 under the certification's concrete and straightforward criteria. The property has undergone quality inspection in seven major aspects, including:
  • Sustainable sites
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Material & resources
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Innovation
  • Regional priority credits
LEED registered Projects are evaluated based on a point system on each of these key areas and given a rating accordingly.

With LEED requirements, 98 Wireless can differentiate itself from other super luxury condominium projects in Thailand. Several sustainable strategies were employed during design and construction process including:

Sustainable sites

First and foremost, the property is surrounded with a wide range of facilities and situated at a convenient location. With a bicycle parking area, the property promotes the well-being and energy efficiency among the residents by highlighting bicycles as one of the efficient transportation methods. The property also provides the open space with area of 25% larger than required by Thai law.

Water efficiency

LEED encourages each building to use high efficient water fixture such as water closet, urinals, faucet, showerhead, and kitchen faucet. Generally, LEED certified buildings must reduce water use for toilet at least by 20% from baseline. In the case of 98 Wireless, it is clearly qualified because at the building water use for toilet is reduced by 31% from the baseline via efficient fixtures especially faucet in residential units

Energy & Atmosphere

LEED endorses ASHRAE 62.1 as the standard for ventilation design. The standard enforces the project to have adequate fresh air for all area. To ensure that fresh air inside the building is sufficient, the project provides fresh air fan units supplying all residential units and common areas. However, fresh air from outside contains high pollution, temperature, and humidity. To resolve the problems, firstly, High efficient air filter is installed to capture particulates and improve fresh air quality. Secondly, Fresh air fan with Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) has been installed to exchange fresh air heat load to exhaust air from the residential unit without mixing. So, temperature of fresh air is slightly decreased without energy use which also reduce energy use for air conditioning. In short, this design can bring fresher air to the rooms with lower energy consumption.

Material & Resources

98 Wireless provides facility for recyclable waste in the building to encourage resident to separate waste. During construction, the project implement construction waste management and divert waste by 1070 tons or 87% of total construction waste from landfill via selling to recyclables vendors.For construction materials, the building contains recycled content materials and local materials which extracted and manufactured in Thailand at least 10% and 21% by construction cost respectively. Those low environmental impact materials can reduce new material extracting, manufacturing, transportation, and disposal, and also promotes local economy.

Indoor environmental quality

Energy saving is main concern for every green building. It is not only with the purpose of saving expenses but also reduce burden for power plant as well as to reduce environmental impact. In total, 98 Wireless can save energy by 15.5% compared to base line building under ASHRAE 90.1-2007. This is how the first LEED-certified condominium manages to consume least energy as possible in comparison to other buildings.

Air Conditioning System: The project use Variable Refrigerant Flow system (VRF) to cool mixed fresh air from ERV and return air from living space. VRF consumes less energy than conventional split type AC because VRF can adjust refrigerant flow depending on actual condition inside the unit unlike conventional system which it has only on/off mode.

Domestic Hot Water System: The project provides Hot Water system using heat source from Condensing Unit heat rejection as primary system. Secondary system which is electric heater may be used at the beginning to heat water more quickly. At normal operation when air conditioning system is working, residents have hot water with less energy consumption.


Apart from timeless charms illustrated through the Beaux-Arts exterior and the luxurious yet homey interior designs, 98 Wireless has also adopted residential innovations as part of the property. EV Charger and special parking area for electric vehicles, for example, have been included in the property to encourage and solidify the sustainable concept within 98 Wireless.

Regional priority credits

98 Wireless is located at the heart of Bangkok with several public transportation options only a few minutes away. The property is surrounded by a number of facilities and services, including shopping centers, offices, schools, financial institutions and finesses – all of which can be easily accessed within a walking distance, thus reducing car usage. The developer has also taken into consideration the sustainable designs and management that yield benefits for the neighborhood.

Mr.Uthai concluded "To be LEED-certified is truly a great start for 98 Wireless. It gives a new definition to the word 'luxury'. In the past, luxury means meticulous design and decoration, best selection of world's renowned brands and materials with best service offering and so on. Today, luxury adds sustainable element into how we create a building that answers to every need possible of our client. Customers today are not only looking for innovations and high standard but also something sustainable in long future. We hope to see more residential projects being LEED-certified to prove that Thai developers are putting their hard work in building projects that are energy saving and environmentally friendly just like developers in other countries did."

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