BHIRAJ BURI GROUP held the piling ceremony for its new project SUMMER Lasalle

Real Estate Press Releases Friday February 16, 2018 14:48
Bangkok--16 Feb--spark
Photo caption: (From left - right)
-Sarocha Buri , Deputy CFO of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP
-Pitiphatr Buri, Managing director of BHIRAJ Management Co., Ltd. Under BHIRAJ BURI GROUP
-Dr. Prasarn Bhiraj Buri ,CEO of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP
-Panittha Buri ,Managing director of BITEC Management Co., Ltd
-Wuthichai Suppermpong, Managing director of About Food Co., Ltd. Under BHIRAJ BURI GROUP

BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, a leading property developer in Thailand, held a piling ceremony to start piling work for the first phase of SUMMER Lasalle, the first office campus for the Sukhumvit-Bang Na area. The event was led by Dr. Prasarn Bhiraj Buri, CEO and Prapee Buri, CFO of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP and witnessed by Pitiphatr Buri, Managing director of BHIRAJ Management Co., Ltd., Panittha Buri, Managing director of BITEC Management Co., Ltd, Sarocha Buri, Deputy CFO, ,and Wuthichai Suppermpong, Managing director of About Food Co., Ltd. Under BHIRAJ BURI GROUP.

SUMMER Lasalle is a new low-rise office development under the theme office campus. There will be 5 campuses and each campus will have 4-6 of 3-storey office haus. The completed SUMMER Lasalle project will consist of 3 areas including office campus, community mall and 3-star hotel. The project is located in Sukhumvit-Bang Na area, near to Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) and can be accessed from Bang Na and Bearing BTS Stations within only 20 minutes to Suvarnabhumi airport and Bangkok's CBD.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by Q2/2018. BHIRAJ BURI GROUP forecasts that SUMMER Lasalle will be completed in 3-5 years.

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