Judicious Measures Are The Key To Dampening China's Sizzling Growth, Says Article

ข่าวข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์หุ้น การเงิน การธนาคาร Friday May 25, 2007 02:22

China's central bank needs to sharpen its knives. Monetary tightening measures have so far failed to rein back runaway economic growth or stop share prices from reaching vertigo-inducing heights. Further measures expected in the second half of 2007 are likely to have only a limited cooling effect. That's according to an article released today by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services titled "Can China's Central Bank Do More Than Roar As Growth Soars?".

The article explains that a judicious mix of interest, exchange, and reserve rate adjustments, as well as direct administrative measures, will be the key to dampening unsustainable growth and safeguarding long-term stability. "A heavy-handed approach, however, could have a significantly negative impact on the economy," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst KimEng Tan.

The article also discusses China's banking sector. "We maintain our positive outlook on the banking sector over the medium term," said credit analyst Qiang Liao. "Reform initiatives remain on track and credit profiles continue to improve." Nevertheless, small banks--in particular small city commercial banks--are likely to face more pressure than their stronger counterparts over the near term as a liquidity-tightening cycle weeds out weak corporate players.

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