KTC becomes first in Thailand to introduce divers’ credit cards.

ข่าวข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์หุ้น การเงิน การธนาคาร Friday May 25, 2007 02:55
KTC becomes first in Thailand to introduce divers’ credit cards. Serious implementation of segmentation strategy with loads of benefits. 1,500 members expected within first year.

KTC rides the diving and underworld adventure fever, introduces KTC-Diving VISA Platinum and KTC-Diving Titanium MasterCard–Thailand’s first hi-end credit cards for divers— with the cooperation of top diving businesses. The move reaffirms KTC’s policy to engage in segmentation strategy with loads of benefits and up to 20% discounts on diving gears and courses, underwater photography equipments, travel and health related items. Apply now and get free 3 privileges; a free flight ticket to Samui or Phuket, one-year insurance, and, buy three get one free roundtrip Bangkok-Maldives. The firm expects 1,500 applications in the first year.

Terapoj Chokeanantang, Senior Vice President for Credit Card Business, KTC or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, said “We have been conducting consumer lifestyle surveys and found that diving is fast becoming a popular sports. There are more and more divers each day and the trend is still on with more than 80,000 PADI and NAVI certified divers in Thailand already. These are individuals with clear cut lifestyle and serious purchase power. After all, they are the ones who are willing to embrace relatively high costs of diving courses, trips, gears, underwater photography equipments as well as traveling, accommodation and medical expenses.”

“That is why we have decided to go ahead with the launch of KTC-Diving VISA Platinum and KTC-Diving Titanium MasterCard. These two cards are the first in Thailand to target specifically divers and also further our implementation of segmentation strategy. They aim to facilitate dive enthusiasts by alleviating their financial burdens and allowing them to fully pursue the lifestyle of their choice. To this end we have attracted exceptional cooperation from diving businesses which offer privileges and discounts of up to 20% on dive related matters to KTC credit card holders which total to more than 1.42 million nationwide presently.”

“The key benefits holders of KTC-Diving VISA Platinum and KTC-Diving Titanium MasterCard will enjoy can be divided into four categories. Firstly, traveling and tourism: 5% discount on domestic Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and One-Two-Go flight tickets; 9% discount on Royal Orchid Holiday packages; and, 18% discount on travel insurance. Secondly, diving courses, gears and trips: up to 20% discounts at 9 providers namely The Diver’s Emporium, Dive Info, Dive Master (importer of Suunto, Scubapro and Seac Sub brand), Dive Supply Bangkok, Oceanic Thailand, Panunee Yacht, Planet Scuba, Sumui International School, and Wahoo Diving Center. Thirdly, health: special privileges from hospitals under Bangkok Hospital Group on dive spot including Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Bangkok Samui Hospital, Bangkok

Trad Hospital, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Badalveda Diving Medicine Centers at Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Bangkok Samui Hospital, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and Koh Tao Physicina Clinic. Fourthly, housing and underwater photography equipments: 10% discount at A.V. Camera and Professional Diver.”

“Those applying for KTC-Diving VISA Platinum and KTC-Diving Titanium MasterCard from now until August 31st, 2007 will be eligible for 3 additional offers. Firstly, one-year AIG diving accident insurance simply by spending via KTC credit card. Secondly, one free roundtrip Bangkok Airways Bangkok-Maldives flight ticket worth 12,000 Baht for every purchase of three.   Thirdly, diving gear and trip discount coupons from Dive Info, Dive Master, Dive Supply Bangkok, Wahoo Diving Center, and Water World.”

“Most importantly, applicants who have not previously applied for a KTC credit card will be entitled to a roundtrip Bangkok Airways Bangkok-Samui or Bangkok-Phuket flight ticket worth 7,100 Baht and 6,050 Baht respectively upon a transaction of 50,000 Baht or greater made via the card within September 30th, 2007. Offer is valid for only the first 50 members.”

“KTC-Diving VISA Platinum and KTC-Diving Titanium MasterCard members will enjoy basic privileges and promotional campaigns and waiver of entry fee and annual fee for life. We hope that the cards will be well received by dive enthusiasts and KTC members alike. As things stand we believe that as many as 1,500 cards will be issued by the end of this year.”, said Terapoj in conclusion.

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