HEMAN Press Releases http://www.thailand4.com/heman/ Teerawut Supapunpinyo, the latest MD for Brother Commercial (Thailand), is ready to lead with the new concept #Towards the next level, expand growth, and handle present and future challenges. Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited recently appoints 'Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo' as a managing director to strengthen the management team, implement the new concept 'Towards the next level' to achieve business growth against the current sluggish th-TH Wed, 20 Mar 2019 10:53:45 +0700 Wide Faith Foods offers healthy snacks, rice snack Rise Buddy Brand At Thammik Witthaya School, Petchburi Province http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-03-06/c6b480ebf7cba10ca072bc23806536e2/ Ms. Gloria Kuo, Marketing Vice President Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd. The manufacturer of Rice snack, Rise Buddy Brand, with team visit the students at Thamikham Wittaya School (School of the visually impaired) to give rice snack, a healthy snack for http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-03-06/c6b480ebf7cba10ca072bc23806536e2/ Wed, 06 Mar 2019 14:19:42 +0700 Photo Release: Centara Hotel Hat Yai had organized lunch for the children Hat Yai Blind Education School http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-03-06/5125a4ff96917e3155e5914cda835dba/ Mr. Manoon Wutti General Manager along with the management and staff of Centara Hotel Hat Yai had organized lunch for the children Hat Yai Blind Education School. It is one of many social activities that Centara Hotel pays great attention under Centara http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-03-06/5125a4ff96917e3155e5914cda835dba/ Wed, 06 Mar 2019 13:27:47 +0700 ค็อกเทล #แมงโกริต้า จี๊ดจ๊าดกันได้แล้ววันนี้ ที่โรงแรมพูลแมน ขอนแก่น ราชา ออคิด http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-03-04/e0e4871504603071a0f62503bdf30758/ ที่ ออคิด ล็อบบี้ เลาจน์, เบเกอร์ บาสเก็ต, มลุลี พูลเทอเรซ โรงแรมพูลแมน ขอนแก่น ราชา ออคิด Mango Festival is Here!! Chill with the MangoRita the king of summer to freshen up your day at Pullman Khon Kaen Raja http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-03-04/e0e4871504603071a0f62503bdf30758/ Mon, 04 Mar 2019 15:25:40 +0700 ภาพข่าว: FTE จับมือ US Fire Pump จัดสัมมนาป้องกันอัคคีภัย http://www.thailand4.com/gen/2019-03-04/d65abb4771ccbe2be2148767c4b10b7c/ นายมนต์นฤทธิ์ ธาราพงศ์สวัสดิ์ ผู้อำนวยการฝ่ายปฏิบัติการ นายปฤณ บุรีคำ ผู้จัดการแผนกขายระบบดับเพลิง บมจ.ไฟร์เทรดเอ็นจิเนียริ่ง (FTE) ร่วมกับ US Fire Pump Company LLC แห่งประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา จัดงานสัมมนา Fire Fighting innovation for Petrochem and Oil http://www.thailand4.com/gen/2019-03-04/d65abb4771ccbe2be2148767c4b10b7c/ Mon, 04 Mar 2019 11:40:33 +0700 NLMI appointed Darling Mattress Khorn Kan to market latex products in China - Hong Kong http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2019-03-01/20c3ae0656b9b77d7547d1c23420fb83/ Daring Mattress Khorn Kan Co. Ltd. , leading Thai manufacturer of mattresses and bedding products by Pensri Champreeda the Managing Director, has been appointed by Natural Latex Mattress Industry (Thailand) or NLMI by Phaisarn Jaroongkeeratiwong the http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2019-03-01/20c3ae0656b9b77d7547d1c23420fb83/ Fri, 01 Mar 2019 14:32:06 +0700 Photo Release: Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya shows support CSR @ Blind Man School http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-02-11/a2c2418656750e22000471dc22340bd3/ Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya led by Denis Thouvard (Centre), Area General Manager along with the management team and staff hotel donated re-use paper, Flip top of bottle, 2nd hand product and lunch host at Pattaya Blind Man School (Photisarn http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-02-11/a2c2418656750e22000471dc22340bd3/ Mon, 11 Feb 2019 16:04:08 +0700 Photo Release: YOUR DAY YOUR WAY REN WEDDING SHOWCASE 2019 AT RENAISSANCE PATTAYA RESORT SPA http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-02-11/bf5d90fb8c847a6f320da369bbcae6c7/ The management of Renaissance Pattaya Resort Spa led by Khun Thansita Sirapastuwanon, Director of Sales and Marketing (4th from right) together with wedding planners proudly presented the first #Wedding Showcase 2019 Your Day Your Way# of http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-02-11/bf5d90fb8c847a6f320da369bbcae6c7/ Mon, 11 Feb 2019 14:07:13 +0700 Fujitsu Announces Management Scholarship http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2019-01-28/d0816a4fabec06c85504b3f745fd3bec/ Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd today announced the availability of the management scholarship offered by Fujitsu Limited for qualified applicants in Thailand with a bachelor#s degree, at least three years of full-time work experience, and over 750 points in http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2019-01-28/d0816a4fabec06c85504b3f745fd3bec/ Mon, 28 Jan 2019 16:36:33 +0700 Holding Statement: Incident in Nairobi, Kenya http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2019-01-16/40ffd0ad148f212f9cdac73795151829/ The management and staff of Dusit Hotels Resorts is devastated at the incident which took place at the Dusit hotel complex in Nairobi on 15 January at about 16:00 local time (13:00 GMT). We are extremely saddened by this act of violence and would http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2019-01-16/40ffd0ad148f212f9cdac73795151829/ Wed, 16 Jan 2019 15:36:46 +0700 Photo Release: Transport Minister and ministrys top managements attend Un Ai Rak Khlay Khwam Nao winter festival http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2019-01-15/122956cc229d5d990072e09c685ee1fe/ Arkhom Termpittayapaisith (middle), Minister of Transport, led the management teams from agencies under the Ministry of Transport to participate in Un Ai Rak Khlay Khwam Nao winter festival. His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2019-01-15/122956cc229d5d990072e09c685ee1fe/ Tue, 15 Jan 2019 17:58:49 +0700 Photo Release: Wide Faith Foods gives away rice snacks Rice Buddy Brand on National Children#s Day http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-01-15/8f582ae325a26054d9779695f33a7df8/ Mr. Kenny Au Assistant Sales Manager, Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of rice snacks from 100%, Rice Buddy Brand, healthy snacks, MSG free, trans fat free, gluten free and less cholesterol, Joint booth in order to distributing products for http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-01-15/8f582ae325a26054d9779695f33a7df8/ Tue, 15 Jan 2019 15:00:43 +0700 DT Group of Companies celebrate 25 years of success http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2019-01-14/8cb713f70533db4837d2068bd5019a29/ DT Group of Companies (DTGO) celebrated its 25th anniversary in grand style. Mrs Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Group CEO, led the management team in a spectacular event at the Bangkok Convention Center of Centara Grand in CentralWorld. DTGO looked back over http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2019-01-14/8cb713f70533db4837d2068bd5019a29/ Mon, 14 Jan 2019 11:29:16 +0700 Photo Release: Rise Buddy Rice snacks supporting Taekwondo Sports http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-01-10/5707d4bec5ad77c5c3ff6207a8e9b501/ Mr. Oliver Yeh (on the left), Managing Director of Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd. The manufacturers of rice snack Rise Buddy brand supporting the International Taekwondo Competition (8th Tirak Taekwondo International Championship 2018 for Her Majesty Queen http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-01-10/5707d4bec5ad77c5c3ff6207a8e9b501/ Thu, 10 Jan 2019 14:28:44 +0700 Photo Release: Countdown party 2019 at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-01-04/27be9f150a4f7e082da1508a73350fd2/ Denis Thouvard (centre), General Manager of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya along with the management team led the hotel guests celebrating the recent New Year#s Eve with the count-down towards midnight and the beginning of a new year 2019. The http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2019-01-04/27be9f150a4f7e082da1508a73350fd2/ Fri, 04 Jan 2019 14:49:26 +0700 137 Pillars donates to Chaipattana Foundation http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2019-01-04/0f868d9918fd4422c3e7dce088fa4b9f/ The management of the luxury boutique hotel 137 Pillars Suites Residences Bangkok recently donated a part of the proceeds from its My Beloved King Rama 9 auction to the Chaipattana Foundation. In the photo, Dr. Sumeth Tantivejakul, http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2019-01-04/0f868d9918fd4422c3e7dce088fa4b9f/ Fri, 04 Jan 2019 14:37:19 +0700 Photo Release: PTTEP and PEPOV enter into an MOU for EP Collaboration http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2019-01-04/d404b15a3f01e785b213753405bf9ded/ Representatives from the Management and team members of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) and PETRONAS (EP) Overseas Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (PEPOV), a subsidiary of PETRONAS, witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2019-01-04/d404b15a3f01e785b213753405bf9ded/ Fri, 04 Jan 2019 11:17:02 +0700 Photo Release: Wide Faith Foods launched Rice Buddy, a delicious healthy rice snack, the top Sales from Australia and New Zealand http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-12-26/e877c1e07e9d58f8e535d2d67ab83c51/ Mr. Oliver Yeh, Managing Director of Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd. The manufacturers of rice snack launched Rise Buddy, a delicious healthy rice snack made from 100% Thai rice and the innovative production process designed by Wide Faith Foods Co., Ltd. http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-12-26/e877c1e07e9d58f8e535d2d67ab83c51/ Wed, 26 Dec 2018 15:49:02 +0700 ภาพข่าว: ควอลิตี้เฮ้าส์และบริษัทในเครือ คว้า 2 มาตรฐาน ISO ระดับสากล ด้านบริหารงานคุณภาพการก่อสร้างและบริการหลังการขาย http://www.thailand4.com/prop/2018-12-13/fe20f0f652257c30ac32147c9904f650/ บริษัท ควอลิตี้เฮ้าส์ จำกัด (มหาชน) ผู้พัฒนาอสังหาริมทรัพย์ชั้นนำ และบริษัทในเครือ ได้รับ 2 ใบรับรองมาตรฐาน ISO9001:2015 โดยบริษัท ควอลิตี้เฮ้าส์ จำกัด (มหาชน) ผ่านการรับรองมาตรฐาน ด้านบริหารงานที่เน้นมาตรฐานกระบวนการก่อสร้างที่มีคุณภาพ The Management http://www.thailand4.com/prop/2018-12-13/fe20f0f652257c30ac32147c9904f650/ Thu, 13 Dec 2018 16:22:39 +0700 Oasis Spa Loves You and Demonstrates It to Students of San Pa Kia School in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-12-12/0738e9b776413a13005457adbd3d2433/ The Oasis Spa (Thailand) and its Managing Directors, Pakin Ployphicha and Toby Allen, believe that corporations have a responsibility to society at large and to the needy in particular. Hence, the Managing Directors, along with more than 20 volunteers http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-12-12/0738e9b776413a13005457adbd3d2433/ Wed, 12 Dec 2018 17:19:26 +0700 Photo Release: WHA Industrial Development Co-Organized HR Club Rally http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-30/07d47b40bdf469bf9ae6550d0265b557/ WHA Industrial Development PLC. recently co-organized and joined the HR Club Rally for the management and staff of Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (ESIE), with the aim to raise funds for purchasing medical equipment for Pluakdaeng Hospital. From the http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-30/07d47b40bdf469bf9ae6550d0265b557/ Fri, 30 Nov 2018 17:29:00 +0700 Gateway at Bangsue, the first shopping mall in the latest CBD of Bangkok that will #Fulfill Your Everyday Life, is set for a grand opening. http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2018-11-30/44d4eea04aae7197cd7511a6892d01ac/ Asset World Retail Group under Asset World Corporation (TCC Group), the manager of Gateway at Bangsue Shopping Mall, has invested over 4 billion baht in the development of its latest shopping mall, #Gateway at Bangsue# under the platform of a community http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2018-11-30/44d4eea04aae7197cd7511a6892d01ac/ Fri, 30 Nov 2018 15:52:52 +0700 อิเกีย บางใหญ่ ร่วมกับมูลนิธิ EDF จัดกิจกรรมพัฒนาโรงเรียน http://www.thailand4.com/gen/2018-11-22/8e3fa5b1d2d8d471df66e44ce64c5df0/ จากวิสัยทัศน์ของอิเกีย To create a better everyday life for the many people หรือ การสรรสร้างชีวิตที่ดีกว่าให้กับคนทั่วไปในทุกๆ วัน อิเกีย สาขาบางใหญ่ ภายใต้การบริหารของบริษัทอิคาโน่ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด ได้ร่วมกับมูลนิธิ EDF http://www.thailand4.com/gen/2018-11-22/8e3fa5b1d2d8d471df66e44ce64c5df0/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 17:03:09 +0700 Photo Release: Italthai Engineering cooperate with SCG Chemicals Set up CSM Training Program - Partnership Program Reduce work accidents to zero http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2018-11-22/adefcf89ea8554957b481de4b15d213e/ Mr. Nuttha Pramojaneeya (the 2nd from right), Executive Vice President of Italthai Engineering Co., Ltd., the management team and staffs to attend Executive Leadership Workshop on CSM-Partnership Program for partner companies organized by SCG Chemicals http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2018-11-22/adefcf89ea8554957b481de4b15d213e/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 13:43:21 +0700 Yamazato Restaurant recognised with Michelin Plate award for the second year in a row in the Michelin Guide Thailand, Michelin Guide 2019 Bangkok, Phuket and Phang-nga http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-19/04ec726204574c88ec997e29088c47e3/ The management of The Okura Prestige Bangkok is pleased to announce that its signature Japanese restaurant Yamazato has once again been awarded the Michelin Plate designation in the Michelin Guide Thailand, Michelin Guide 2019 Bangkok, Phuket and http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-19/04ec726204574c88ec997e29088c47e3/ Mon, 19 Nov 2018 17:41:14 +0700 Elements Restaurant Receives Michelin Star for the Second Year in a Row http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-14/b4a55532f62bc7a87511eb19e3d76fd1/ The management of The Okura Prestige Bangkok is pleased to announce that the hotel#s Elements restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star for the second consecutive year in the second edition of Michelin Guide Thailand, Michelin Guide 2019 Bangkok, http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-14/b4a55532f62bc7a87511eb19e3d76fd1/ Wed, 14 Nov 2018 16:18:03 +0700 Photo Release: Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya celebrates 9th anniversary http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-06/1328a0580c1e00bc9b0466b6c4acefec/ Denis Thouvard, general manager of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya led the management and hotel staff to celebrated the hotel 9th anniversary by Tak-Bat as offering food to 9 monks and paying the respect to the four-faced Brahma image and the http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-06/1328a0580c1e00bc9b0466b6c4acefec/ Tue, 06 Nov 2018 17:55:30 +0700 Taokaenoi Opens Taokaenoi Land PLUS As a Prototype and Landmark for Tourists Shopping for Souvenirs Having Ranee #Bella Campen as the Presenter to Enhance Awareness http://www.thailand4.com/.ent/2018-10-31/908974238161780d51c1e6548b710050/ Taokaenoi Food and Marketing Plc., the manufacturer and distributor of Taokaenoi seaweed snacks that capture 70% of domestic market share, is determined to build a strong brand. The Company has been domestically and globally implementing marketing and http://www.thailand4.com/.ent/2018-10-31/908974238161780d51c1e6548b710050/ Wed, 31 Oct 2018 16:18:33 +0700 Oyster fresh from the sea @Daiichi Japanese Restaurant http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-30/2ecf62c2861000054f93a1b8bac3f25f/ This November 2018, Daiichi Japanese Restaurant of the Emerald Hotel brings you the Oyster fresh from the sea to the menu of Grilled oyster with BBQ sauce including the many kinds of Japanese cuisine. All you can eat with buffet style for lunch http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-30/2ecf62c2861000054f93a1b8bac3f25f/ Tue, 30 Oct 2018 14:46:27 +0700 CLP Launch 3 New Models of Rice Milling Machine Thai farmers tackle the 4.0 era. http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-22/ff9d63b08bae33497265169fb1b9d563/ CLP Group, on behalf of CLP Engineering Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of rice milling machines and agricultural machines, in collaboration with Taiwa Seiki Cooperation (Taiwa) Jointly developed the technology of agricultural machinery from Japan, launched http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-22/ff9d63b08bae33497265169fb1b9d563/ Mon, 22 Oct 2018 18:00:17 +0700