POSITIVE Press Releases http://www.thailand4.com/positive/ Positive Results for Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Continues in Q3 2018 Mitsubishi Motors Thailand (Co., Ltd.) recently announced its Q3 (July – September) sales results, which were positive and continued the automaker's upward trend so far in 2018, and putting the company on the right track to its 2018 targets. From th-TH Thu, 15 Nov 2018 16:00:48 +0700 New tech and FinTech: Embracing the opportunity and grasping the risk with Singapore Case Study http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-05/836f38560a7eb1aef8882ed92e6be495/ Disruptive technology evolution has made a wide impact to global economies, the very first forefront business that feel this in both positive and negative way is financial service industry. Due to the nature of business has been digitized and operated http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-05/836f38560a7eb1aef8882ed92e6be495/ Mon, 05 Nov 2018 14:32:22 +0700 Thai firms are ready for #Thailand 4.0, positive about outlook for international trade: HSBC survey http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-11-02/51b7ec651bbabbc47e1e67680b630118/ **97% of businesses in Thailand are using of data and analytics to optimise performance, compared to just 78% globally** **92% of Thai firms say the outlook for international trade is favourable** With strong economic momentum in Thailand, the country#s http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-11-02/51b7ec651bbabbc47e1e67680b630118/ Fri, 02 Nov 2018 17:29:26 +0700 Fitch Ratings: 900MHz Spectrum Win Positive for DTAC#s Growth http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-30/208d79d9e6f283f16169e0aed6c65c1d/ Thai telco Total Access Communication Public Company Limited#s ( BBB/AA(tha)/Stable) market position is likely to strengthen after it secured 900MHz spectrum at an auction, which plugs the gap in its spectrum portfolio that had constrained its http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-30/208d79d9e6f283f16169e0aed6c65c1d/ Tue, 30 Oct 2018 16:17:13 +0700 Sonic Interfreight Pcl. Advances Its Business Potential with an Eye on Growth To Be Leader in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management in ASEAN http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-19/2712c33b728d41c50b64beefa16319e1/ Sonic Interfreight Pcl. (SONIC), a leading regional provider of integrated freight and logistics services, is ready to be traded in the Market of Alternative Investment (MIA) for the first time on October 19 with full confidence of positive investors# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-19/2712c33b728d41c50b64beefa16319e1/ Fri, 19 Oct 2018 18:02:20 +0700 Siam Commercial Bank reported Baht 10.5 billion net profit for the third quarter of 2018 and Baht 33.0 billion for the first nine months of 2018 http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-19/6da01e12004100a9918f65018ed0b3c8/ Siam Commercial Bank and its subsidiaries announced total operating income of Baht 104.4 billion, a 2.5% yoy increase, for the first nine months of 2018. This positive income growth was achieved despite the digital transaction fee waiver. Operating http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-19/6da01e12004100a9918f65018ed0b3c8/ Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:51:27 +0700 Menarini Progresses Into the Clinic With MEN1611, a PI3K Inhibitor for the Treatment of HER2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-19/6fe2b4a77e36658124f6f95720bbc395/ Menarini Ricerche announced today the initiation of the B-PRECISE-01 clinical trial, a multicenter phase Ib study that will evaluate the safety and efficacy of MEN1611 plus trastuzumab with or without fulvestrant. The study will enroll patients with http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-19/6fe2b4a77e36658124f6f95720bbc395/ Fri, 19 Oct 2018 8:44:00 +0700 Menarini ก้าวนำ MEN1611 ซึ่งเป็นยายับยั้ง PI3K เข้าสู่การวิจัยทางคลินิก สำหรับการรักษามะเร็งเต้านมชนิด HER2 Positive ระยะแพร่กระจาย http://www.thailand4.com/food/2018-10-19/22a125456f59b531d0d63034ac9c92e5/ Menarini Ricerche ประกาศเริ่มการวิจัยทางคลินิกแบบพหุสถาบันระยะ Ib ภายใต้ชื่อโครงการ B-PRECISE-01 เพื่อประเมินความปลอดภัยและประสิทธิภาพของการใช้ยา MEN1611 ร่วมกับยาทราสทูซูแมบ (trastuzumab) ร่วมกับหรือไม่ร่วมกับยาฟูลเวสแทรนต์ (fulvestrant) http://www.thailand4.com/food/2018-10-19/22a125456f59b531d0d63034ac9c92e5/ Fri, 19 Oct 2018 8:45:00 +0700 BGC Begins First Day of Trading of Its Shares in the Stock Exchange of Thailand Highlighting Potential As Thailands Largest Packaging Manufacturers Ready To Be Leader in ASEAN http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-18/ae024d68393c1ddd12cba70a1a931715/ BG Container Glass Public Company Limited (BGC) is floating its shares in the Securities Exchange of Thailand for the first trading today (18 Oct. 2018). The company is confident of positive investors# response. The company#s vision is to be the leading http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-18/ae024d68393c1ddd12cba70a1a931715/ Thu, 18 Oct 2018 13:18:19 +0700 Sirayos Rolls Out DOLCE LASALLE A Luxury Low-Rise Condo With Touchable Price for Young Working People http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2018-10-08/8c4bc79974cc32cbe8866a0eeebf24b4/ Due to a positive sign of the property market, Sirayos Company Limited launches DOLCE LASALLE, a 450-million-baht worth boutique condominium near Bearing BTS station. The average price is 75,000 baht per square meter to capture the demand from the http://www.thailand4.com/.prop/2018-10-08/8c4bc79974cc32cbe8866a0eeebf24b4/ Mon, 08 Oct 2018 15:38:12 +0700 Veloce BioPharma Announces Positive Phase 2b Study Results for VBP-926 (Topical Povidone-Iodine in a Novel Non-Aqueous Vehicle) http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-04/6b68794f0a4b31fc60b4aa3ab462a0ff/ Veloce BioPharma Announces Positive Phase 2b Study Results for VBP-926 (Topical Povidone-Iodine in a Novel Non-Aqueous Vehicle) in Subjects with Chemotherapy-Associated Paronychia - Veloce BioPharma#s VBP-926 (Povidone-Iodine) Demonstrates Statistically http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-04/6b68794f0a4b31fc60b4aa3ab462a0ff/ Thu, 04 Oct 2018 13:40:42 +0700 LUI Che Woo Prize Holds 2018 Prize Presentation Ceremony http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-04/7521bb112e9cfae684750f60c8e0ab22/ The LUI Che Woo Prize was officially presented at tonight#s ceremony, attended by honourable guests including Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Dr. Lui Che Woo Motivating positive change by supporting the selfless efforts of people and organisations http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-04/7521bb112e9cfae684750f60c8e0ab22/ Thu, 04 Oct 2018 9:32:51 +0700 Rockwell Automation sets to help companies transform under Thailand 4.0 New office opens to support growth in the digitization age http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-01/9b35837dbf4c86db082b52c572bddf1d/ Rockwell Automation (Thailand), a leading industrial automation solution provider, saw a positive trend in the Thai industrial sector#s transformation to smart manufacturing after the government introduced Thailand 4.0 development model. To support the http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-01/9b35837dbf4c86db082b52c572bddf1d/ Mon, 01 Oct 2018 17:30:48 +0700 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reaffirms the Rise of Thai Economy http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-09-25/803406c3aeb77bc9a0d39539c132f498/ Amidst all the focus on the countdown towards general elections in Thailand, one piece of positive news that has gone somewhat under the radar are the strong economic figures coming out of the country. Official statistics recently released by the http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-09-25/803406c3aeb77bc9a0d39539c132f498/ Tue, 25 Sep 2018 17:16:03 +0700 Concluding the first co-location of INTERMAT ASEAN 2018 and Concrete Asia 2018 http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-09-20/1b54e05de4b0c0e43ebb5bd335aca280/ INTERMAT ASEAN 2018 and Concrete Asia 2018, ASEAN#s construction and concrete trade exhibitions, ended on a positive note after bringing together 5,000 industry professionals. Mr. Loy Joon How, General Manager, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., the http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-09-20/1b54e05de4b0c0e43ebb5bd335aca280/ Thu, 20 Sep 2018 14:24:59 +0700 Menarini Ricerche Announces New Positive Results in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cell Lines for MEN1112/OBT357 at the 60th Annual SIC Meeting http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-09-19/def32d2bfcbc6d966fc39e8171069a82/ Menarini Ricerche will present tomorrow, September 20th, at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Italian Cancer Society (SIC), new preclinical data showing that pre-treatment with 5-Azacytidine and Decitabine enhances the Antibody-dependent cellular http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-09-19/def32d2bfcbc6d966fc39e8171069a82/ Wed, 19 Sep 2018 8:24:42 +0700 Asian Consumers Positive About Artificial Intelligence And Willing To Upskill To Future-Proof Their Careers http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-13/10da61674deaa72e86d18ea8026f3b56/ 63% believe that AI will enable them to do a better and more interesting job in the future Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the world#s leading CRM, today launched new research focused on Asian consumers titled Artificial Intelligence in Asia: Trust, http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-13/10da61674deaa72e86d18ea8026f3b56/ Thu, 13 Sep 2018 8:00:19 +0700 BAVENCIO(R) (avelumab) Plus INLYTA(R) (axitinib) Significantly Improved Progression-Free Survival in Previously Untreated Patients With Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma in Phase III Study http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-09-12/e936b5d859549c18e8959072f2b4786b/ - First positive Phase III immunotherapy trial in combination with a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) in any tumor type - Results significant in both PDL1+ and all-comer populations - Alliance plans to pursue a regulatory submission in the US and http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-09-12/e936b5d859549c18e8959072f2b4786b/ Wed, 12 Sep 2018 8:37:56 +0700 M-150 receives Asias Most Trusted Brand 2018 award, building brand recognition on the global stage http://www.thailand4.com/.biz/2018-09-05/63f20d7185868aac4071f2c7de850cec/ Mr. Petch Osathanugrah, Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO of Osotspa Public Company Limited, said, Osotspa takes pride in M-150, which has received positive feedback and has increased trust with both Thai and international customers. We were http://www.thailand4.com/.biz/2018-09-05/63f20d7185868aac4071f2c7de850cec/ Wed, 05 Sep 2018 15:06:01 +0700 A MASTERPIECE AT SOLITAIRE BANGKOK, SUKHUMVIT 11 http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-08-24/4db07d2c7ae6ae9f6dffd205fd632324/ One can#t underestimate the power of a beautiful Art. It not only feels pleasant to look at but also invokes in us all the positive emotions often reminding us of all things beautiful and positive. A beautiful artwork has the ability to lift up the http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-08-24/4db07d2c7ae6ae9f6dffd205fd632324/ Fri, 24 Aug 2018 9:56:19 +0700 Growing awareness of economic crime a positive sign for Thailand http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-08-23/9557b7c90fe1e92d0975f8c953ca436a/ Companies in Thailand are becoming increasingly aware of the prevalence and impact of fraud and other economic crimes, a new survey by PwC shows. Almost half of all Thailand respondents to the PwC 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey said they had http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-08-23/9557b7c90fe1e92d0975f8c953ca436a/ Thu, 23 Aug 2018 13:29:27 +0700 Artprice: H1 2018 Global Art Market Report - All Indicators Are Positive http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-08-06/9927eadaa4c5dea4fb17f069185abcc1/ 10. Contemporary Art#s global price index rose 27%, a serious competitor of the SP 500 * Public sales of Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Photography, Prints, Installations) **In collaboration with Art Market Monitor of Artron http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-08-06/9927eadaa4c5dea4fb17f069185abcc1/ Mon, 06 Aug 2018 17:30:44 +0700 Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Continues to Outperform Market with 26.3 Percent Sales Growth http://www.thailand4.com/.auto/2018-08-06/abc4b394892e87b2a58437d6d55c9228/ Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has posted positive figures for the first half of 2018 showing itself to be on-track to meet its targets for the calendar year. From January to June 2018, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand sold 41,101 vehicles, http://www.thailand4.com/.auto/2018-08-06/abc4b394892e87b2a58437d6d55c9228/ Mon, 06 Aug 2018 12:28:55 +0700 Fitch: Thai Banks# Asset Quality Stabilising in Line with Expectations http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-01/aa59ded48ef39695ad40a568e47603f1/ The 1H18 results for listed Thai banks show that the asset-quality cycle has started to stabilise, with positive impact on banks# profitability and buffers. The trend is in line with Fitch Ratings# expectations (see Fitch: Thai Banks# Asset Quality http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-01/aa59ded48ef39695ad40a568e47603f1/ Wed, 01 Aug 2018 15:09:20 +0700 กลุ่มตรัง Positive จับมือ ครุสถาปัตย์ สถาปัตย์ สจล. มอ. และภาคีเครือข่าย ต่อยอดศิลปะวัฒนธรรม - สถาปัตยกรรมพื้นถิ่นและวิถีชุมชน ในงาน กันตังบ้านเรา จ. ตรัง http://www.thailand4.com/gen/2018-07-18/24635441be162efbf8fc92046ab3fa43/ การจัดงาน กันตังบ้านเรา ครั้งที่ 1 ถือเป็นความร่วมมือภาคีเครือข่าย เทศบาลเมืองกันตัง, สถานีรถไฟกันตัง, คณะสถาปัตยกรรมศาสตร์ มอ.ตรัง, คณะครุศาสตร์อุตสาหกรรม สาขาสถาปัตยกรรม สจล., ภาคพลเมือง กลุ่มกันตังเมืองเก่า และ กลุ่มTRANG+ (ตรัง Positive) http://www.thailand4.com/gen/2018-07-18/24635441be162efbf8fc92046ab3fa43/ Wed, 18 Jul 2018 8:48:50 +0700 SET holds SET Social Impact Day 2018 to create positive impact on society http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-11/06a6c4035db8fd78c4228df5e6dd585f/ The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will organize SET Social Impact Day 2018 event under the theme Partnership for Better Impact on July 12 as a platform to bridge business sector and social enterprises (SEs) to jointly create exponentially positive http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-11/06a6c4035db8fd78c4228df5e6dd585f/ Wed, 11 Jul 2018 12:18:43 +0700 Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers Active and Willing Partners in Meeting United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-07-06/d15344236b2a1e5055a42924969d0ee2/ - In partnership with others producers are positively impacting on thousands of communities - IARD members are determined to do more and have a significant role to play in delivering the SDGs The UN has embedded partnership at the center of the SDGs, http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-07-06/d15344236b2a1e5055a42924969d0ee2/ Fri, 06 Jul 2018 15:36:21 +0700 Sharp Corp. Outlook Revised To Stable From Positive On Cancellation Of Public Offering And Ratings Affirmed http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-04/9c212d5f9fc97cc70aa96605207f103c/ TOKYO (SP Global Ratings) July 4, 2018-SP Global Ratings today said it has revised to stable from positive its outlook on Japan-based electronics maker Sharp Corp. We have affirmed our #BB-# long-term issuer credit and senior unsecured issue http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-04/9c212d5f9fc97cc70aa96605207f103c/ Wed, 04 Jul 2018 17:30:34 +0700 Outlook On Two Panamanian Infrastructure Entities Revised To Positive On Similar Sovereign Action http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-04/9792563b0bad486b51f1782631d9530c/ MEXICO CITY (SP Global Ratings) July 3, 2018-SP Global Ratings revised the outlook on Autoridad del Canal de Panama (ACP) and on Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen#s debt rating to positive from stable. We also affirmed our #A-# ratings on http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-04/9792563b0bad486b51f1782631d9530c/ Wed, 04 Jul 2018 17:23:52 +0700 Los Angeles County, CA Revenue Bonds Assigned #AA# Rating On Very Strong Management, Flexibility http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-04/fbb18e9a70e096505baf917e152ef070/ SAN FRANCISCO (SP Global Ratings) July 3, 2018-SP Global Ratings revised its outlook to positive from stable on Los Angeles County, Calif.#s issuer credit rating (ICR) and appropriation debt. At the same time, SP Global Ratings assigned http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-04/fbb18e9a70e096505baf917e152ef070/ Wed, 04 Jul 2018 17:22:11 +0700