QUARTER Press Releases http://www.thailand4.com/quarter/ TRUE GROUP REPORTS CONTINUED PROFITABILITY IN 3Q18 True Corporation PLC (SET: TRUE) recorded Baht 385 million of net profit in the third quarter of 2018 bolstered by accelerating service revenues with double-digit YoY growth in both mobile and broadband internet businesses. True Group's financial th-TH Thu, 15 Nov 2018 11:28:51 +0700 Infineon Technologies AG announces results for the fourth quarter of its 2018 fiscal year http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-11-15/4a2502d614747fc2db19b515d66c9275/ Following a successful 2018 fiscal year Infineon confirms its targets for revenue, Segment Result and investments that were raised in June. Further dividend increase planned - Q4 FY 2018: Revenue EUR 2,047 million, plus 5 percent quarter-on- http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-11-15/4a2502d614747fc2db19b515d66c9275/ Thu, 15 Nov 2018 8:40:25 +0700 GC announces record-breaking net profit of 12,793 million baht for the third quarter of 2018, achieves historically-high net profit for the first nine months of the year http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-14/3cf57ce50acd261a677d33f6a31440a0/ PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), Thailand#s largest integrated petrochemical and refining business, has released its operating results for the third quarter of 2018, reporting a net profit of 12,793 million baht and 136,712 million baht http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-14/3cf57ce50acd261a677d33f6a31440a0/ Wed, 14 Nov 2018 9:56:36 +0700 UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2018 names the ultimate driver in Quon and Quester http://www.thailand4.com/.auto/2018-11-12/42456798a5bffd38b6ebac17a3c18452/ Extra Mile Challenge 2018 Final was completed on October 25 at the UD Experience Center in its Ageo corporate headquarters. There were nine finalists, selected from 300 initial participants who underwent local qualifying rounds held in 9 countries. The http://www.thailand4.com/.auto/2018-11-12/42456798a5bffd38b6ebac17a3c18452/ Mon, 12 Nov 2018 17:49:44 +0700 BGRIM records 40% earnings growth in Quarter 3 http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2018-11-12/f78464ad20c0931d54c44cac22c846e2/ B.Grimm Power Plc (BGRIM), one of Thailand#s leading private power producers, raised net profit in the third quarter of this year by 40% from the same period of last year to 795 million baht. Strong earnings growth was driven by a 20% growth in revenue http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2018-11-12/f78464ad20c0931d54c44cac22c846e2/ Mon, 12 Nov 2018 14:06:59 +0700 AAV Announces Operational Results for the First Nine-Month of 2018 with Net Profit of Baht 340 million http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-11-12/5d4c4df16d624a1777d9dacd510ab3a2/ Quarter 3 Encountered a Heightened Rise in Global Fuel Price and Slowdown in Foreign Tourists AAV announces its operating results for the first nine-month of 2018 (9M2018) with a net profit at Baht 340 million despite a net loss of Baht 358 million in http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-11-12/5d4c4df16d624a1777d9dacd510ab3a2/ Mon, 12 Nov 2018 9:59:19 +0700 Dahua Technology to Impress Customers with Successful Roadshows http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-11-09/bcc43345ed1f41429624342c90b9f774/ In the third quarter of 2018, Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, held a variety of successful roadshows in multiple countries and regions, impressing distributors, installers, integrators as well as http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-11-09/bcc43345ed1f41429624342c90b9f774/ Fri, 09 Nov 2018 15:52:09 +0700 Alibaba Group Announces September Quarter 2018 Results http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-11-09/3520f52eb403b13a20632f433d0e86f8/ Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA) today announced its financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2018. Alibaba had another strong quarter of rapid growth. In particular, annual active consumers increased by 25 million to reach 601 http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-11-09/3520f52eb403b13a20632f433d0e86f8/ Fri, 09 Nov 2018 15:22:18 +0700 Indorama Ventures Reports Third Quarter 2018 Results http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-09/f61d41d6f53f6e7ae7ddadc9fe5dd004/ Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), a global chemical producer, today announced results for the third quarter ending 30 September 2018. Highlights: - Revenue of $2,920 million in Last Twelve Months 3Q2018 of $10,088 million, 34% http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-09/f61d41d6f53f6e7ae7ddadc9fe5dd004/ Fri, 09 Nov 2018 9:32:17 +0700 THAI Announces Third Quarter Results 2018 http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-11-09/8130e16811c7da39d2cd12f967f8adcd/ Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) and its subsidiaries announced its operating results for the third quarter 2018 that had a total revenue of THB 47,953 million, a 2.2% increase from the same quarter last year, and an operating http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-11-09/8130e16811c7da39d2cd12f967f8adcd/ Fri, 09 Nov 2018 9:19:23 +0700 Huawei and PEA Jointly Launch Smart Meeting Room at PEA Headquarters in Bangkok http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-11-08/4848fec8eb1f813a36e658ebd7bb7cef/ Mr. Sermsakool Klaikaew, Governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), and Mr. Hu Gang, Head of Sales, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Southeast Asia, officially launched today the Smart Meeting Room. This follows the official opening last http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-11-08/4848fec8eb1f813a36e658ebd7bb7cef/ Thu, 08 Nov 2018 15:34:38 +0700 Best Western Hotels Resorts Ramps Up Japanese Expansion with Stylish New Hotel in Downtown Osaka http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-11-07/fa156eefb11f92921f4c79aefbc7a104/ Best Western Hotels Resorts has revealed plans to launch another modern international hotel in the heart of Osaka, Japan#s second largest city, commercial center and culinary capital. Scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2019, Best Western http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-11-07/fa156eefb11f92921f4c79aefbc7a104/ Wed, 07 Nov 2018 11:59:58 +0700 Indorama Ventures Takes Major Step towards a Circular Economy http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-05/d1e5e13f5407666f6a125e8b9bc064b0/ Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), headquartered in Thailand has committed to further increase its use of post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyester waste materials as feedstock for the future. Commenting on the recent http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-05/d1e5e13f5407666f6a125e8b9bc064b0/ Mon, 05 Nov 2018 10:07:36 +0700 Bradesco Results in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-02/46139cb170bdf5ddf1546ba471ed6e98/ 1. Recurring Net Income in the 3rd quarter recorded R$5.471 billion (an increase of 6% compared to the previous quarter and 13.7% compared to the same quarter of the previous year), representing R$3.08 per share with accrued profitability in the year http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-11-02/46139cb170bdf5ddf1546ba471ed6e98/ Fri, 02 Nov 2018 11:45:51 +0700 DSM establishes HQ in Bangkok while spreading its wellness solutions across the globe http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-02/364b435df7ad14e8e6466117ffb02a84/ Destination Spa Management Ltd. (DSM), a Hong Kong-registered global wellness management company, has established Bangkok as its headquarters at Column Tower in the heart of the vibrant Sukhumvit area. For years we have operated behind the scenes of the http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-02/364b435df7ad14e8e6466117ffb02a84/ Fri, 02 Nov 2018 9:13:40 +0700 Suning Reports 31.15% Rise In Operating Revenue In First Three Quarters As Retail Business Thrives http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-01/8867776d8a5c23a0165d68355a51d0f2/ Suning.com (002024.SZ) (the Company), the Fortune Global 500 company and China#s largest online-to-offline (O2O) smart retailer owned by Suning Holdings Group (Suning or the Group), has released its third quarter 2018 performance report, showing http://www.thailand4.com/.evnt/2018-11-01/8867776d8a5c23a0165d68355a51d0f2/ Thu, 01 Nov 2018 17:14:02 +0700 Indorama Ventures Takes Major Step towards a Circular Economy http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-31/125821dfcefde8e1f16c045b20982097/ Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), headquartered in Thailand has committed to further increase its use of post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyester waste materials as feedstock for the future. Commenting on the recent http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-31/125821dfcefde8e1f16c045b20982097/ Wed, 31 Oct 2018 17:37:21 +0700 Thaicom reports operating results for third quarter 2018 http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-31/3102bd1f364df11bef2ca1bee2b08956/ Thaicom Public Company Limited (THCOM), Thailand#s first satellite operator, reported its operating results for the third quarter of 2018, posting a consolidated net profit of Baht 104 million, improved by 59.6% from Q3/2017, due mainly to the decrease http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-31/3102bd1f364df11bef2ca1bee2b08956/ Wed, 31 Oct 2018 11:41:17 +0700 Novel Drug Treatment Shows Improved Cognition in a Phase 3 Clinical Trial in Persons with Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer#s Disease in China http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-26/38c52babc024054f113d45a1ec29f34b/ - Green Valley Pharmaceutical Company has submitted New Drug Applications and Market Authorization to China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for Sodium Oligomannurarate (GV-971) Green Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Shanghai) announced http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-26/38c52babc024054f113d45a1ec29f34b/ Fri, 26 Oct 2018 13:53:59 +0700 PTTEP records net profit of USD 315 million in the 3rd quarter With robust financial position to support new investments http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2018-10-25/1f934ddedc69766cb15b0d64e0c51981/ PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) reported net profit in the third quarter of this year at USD 315 million (equivalent to THB 10,401 million), increasing by more than 100% comparing to the same period last year, attributed http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2018-10-25/1f934ddedc69766cb15b0d64e0c51981/ Thu, 25 Oct 2018 17:30:50 +0700 Siam Commercial Bank reported Baht 10.5 billion net profit for the third quarter of 2018 and Baht 33.0 billion for the first nine months of 2018 http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-19/6da01e12004100a9918f65018ed0b3c8/ Siam Commercial Bank and its subsidiaries announced total operating income of Baht 104.4 billion, a 2.5% yoy increase, for the first nine months of 2018. This positive income growth was achieved despite the digital transaction fee waiver. Operating http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-19/6da01e12004100a9918f65018ed0b3c8/ Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:51:27 +0700 New index released shows improved China#s inclusive finance services http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-18/22c1ae6d2c9ca0f17565bf8888674ff6/ The CCB-Xinhua Inclusive Finance-SME Index was inaugurated in Beijing on October 11, which showed improved availability and quality of financial services for China#s small-and micro-sized enterprises (SME) in the second quarter of 2018. The CCB-Xinhua http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-18/22c1ae6d2c9ca0f17565bf8888674ff6/ Thu, 18 Oct 2018 9:46:30 +0700 Merck Inaugurates State-of-the-art Pharma Packaging Center in Darmstadt http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-18/facf232721f2761fc411efca847ee1fc/ - Expansion of the pharma manufacturing site at Merck#s headquarters supports growth of current and future portfolio of pharma medicines - New building dedicated to the packaging and shipping of Merck#s pharma medicines in more than 90 countries - EUR63 http://www.thailand4.com/.food/2018-10-18/facf232721f2761fc411efca847ee1fc/ Thu, 18 Oct 2018 8:10:55 +0700 TBanks Q3 2018 produces 15th consecutive quarter of year-over-year earnings growth http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-17/6bac7cd1736fce22e7c087ae01015b11/ Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited (TBANK) reported a net profit of 3,540 million baht for the third quarter of 2018, up 1.8% compared to the same quarter last year and 9.9% higher year-to-date vs. the same 9 month period in 2017. Performance gains http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-17/6bac7cd1736fce22e7c087ae01015b11/ Wed, 17 Oct 2018 17:27:48 +0700 Whale Cloud and Alibaba Partner with Ghana on Innovative City Development http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-17/b60ddf40ac854c0aefa60251c622a8ec/ Whale Cloud (rebranded from ZTEsoft) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Republic of Ghana on innovative city development at the headquarters of Alibaba Group. Mr. Ben Zhou, CEO International of Whale Cloud, and Mrs. Ursula Owusu http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-17/b60ddf40ac854c0aefa60251c622a8ec/ Wed, 17 Oct 2018 16:30:46 +0700 Country and sector risks worldwide: Some emerging economies become increasingly vulnerable http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-16/19a0cf7acce3b931bc36c2bd44ed12dc/ - Higher oil prices and continued capital outflows from emerging markets mark the third quarter of 2018 - A wave of sectorial downgrades in Turkey and Argentina - Risks improve in Central Europe and the CIS - Downgrades for Pakistan and Nicaragua, http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-16/19a0cf7acce3b931bc36c2bd44ed12dc/ Tue, 16 Oct 2018 17:49:50 +0700 Leading Architectural Design Firms B+H and SAA Join Surbana Jurong Group http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-16/819670b4bd9cc1bd6d6f3e5447c70f16/ Surbana Jurong, one of the largest Asia-based urban and infrastructure development consultancies, is set to form one of the largest architectural groupings in the world with the joining of two leading architectural firms, Canadian-headquartered B+H and http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-10-16/819670b4bd9cc1bd6d6f3e5447c70f16/ Tue, 16 Oct 2018 17:17:44 +0700 United Nations chooses leading marketplace builder Arcadier to defeat non-communicable diseases around the world http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-16/08efd9be629d4f88f8811644f2331698/ Arcadier, a Singapore-headquartered online marketplace builder, has been chosen by the United Nations Office for Project Services# (UNOPS) Defeat-NCD (Non-Communicable Disease) Partnership as the partner for their Defeat-NCD Marketplace. The online http://www.thailand4.com/.it/2018-10-16/08efd9be629d4f88f8811644f2331698/ Tue, 16 Oct 2018 8:38:38 +0700 ABALONE MENU AT SUMMER PALACE, INTERCONTINENTAL BANGKOK http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-12/8d48700b177600e06593affd6b36090a/ Cantonese restaurant Summer Palace at InterContinental Bangkok delights diners with special abalone dishes available throughout the last quarter of 2018. Cantonese cuisine is known for the many ways abalone transforms traditional dishes into something http://www.thailand4.com/.gen/2018-10-12/8d48700b177600e06593affd6b36090a/ Fri, 12 Oct 2018 9:20:35 +0700 Mazda speeds up in Q3, grows up 41% piercing 50,000 units driving into the sustainable growth with four strategies becoming premium brand http://www.thailand4.com/.auto/2018-10-11/9f183c2bd7b9d3aecc166f621ebed7c7/ Thanks to the greatest success of sales volume especially in the 3rd quarter with the cumulative sales more than 52,000 units with 41% growth. Mazda is moving forward to become premium brand by inviting nationwide dealers to join 2018 Half Year Mazda Way http://www.thailand4.com/.auto/2018-10-11/9f183c2bd7b9d3aecc166f621ebed7c7/ Thu, 11 Oct 2018 16:45:49 +0700