RATINGS Press Releases http://www.thailand4.com/ratings/ Fitch Affirms Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) at #A-#; Outlook Stable Fitch Ratings has affirmed Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited's (SCBT) Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) at 'A-' with a Stable Outlook. At the same time, the agency has affirmed SCBT's National th-TH Sun, 23 Sep 2018 4:16:57 +0700 Fitch Rates Bangkok Bank#s USD Senior Notes Final #BBB+# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-17/15b536d829bb266081bcbc70be5c7896/ Fitch Ratings has assigned Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited#s ( BBB+/Stable/bbb+) USD1.2 billion senior unsecured notes a final rating of #BBB+#. The notes will be issued in two tranches, USD600 million for each tranche. The two tranches will have http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-17/15b536d829bb266081bcbc70be5c7896/ Mon, 17 Sep 2018 14:37:38 +0700 Nava Nakorn Electricity Generating Successfully Issued Its Debut Debentures of THB 6,400 million http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-14/807c30baddde9f8bd12293f52cdcbc26/ Nava Nakorn Electricity Generating#s Company Limited (NNEG) is pleased to announce its inaugural THB debentures issuance from a successful multi-tranche offering with amortization structure of 3-year with interest rate of 2.68%, 5-year with interest http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-14/807c30baddde9f8bd12293f52cdcbc26/ Fri, 14 Sep 2018 10:08:16 +0700 Fitch Rates Bangkok Bank#s Proposed USD Senior Notes #BBB+(EXP)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-13/e86615622e7f23cf3f08705d51733c0f/ Fitch Ratings has assigned Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited#s ( BBB+/Stable/bbb+) proposed US dollar denominated senior unsecured notes an expected #BBB+(EXP)# rating. The notes will be issued under BBL#s USD3.0 billion global medium-term note http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-13/e86615622e7f23cf3f08705d51733c0f/ Thu, 13 Sep 2018 9:25:16 +0700 Fitch: ThaiBev#s Larger Issuance Won#t Affect Rating on Bond http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-11/61661eb311f04be7e5f13b4acebaf0b7/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited says there will be no rating impact on the #AA(tha)# rating on Thai Beverage Public Company Limited#s (ThaiBev, BBB-/AA(tha)/Stable) new senior unsecured debentures after the company increased the size of the issuance to http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-11/61661eb311f04be7e5f13b4acebaf0b7/ Tue, 11 Sep 2018 17:43:09 +0700 Oil Insurance Limited (OIL) Upgraded by Standard Poor#s to #A# from #A-# on Stronger Financial Risk Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-11/6bb832321884478927ec01e726e77b12/ On Sept. 7, 2018, SP Global Ratings raised its long-term financial strength and issuer credit ratings on OIL to #A# from #A-# and its issue-level rating to #BBB+# from #BBB#. The outlook is stable. Bertil C. Olsson, President CEO, commented http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-11/6bb832321884478927ec01e726e77b12/ Tue, 11 Sep 2018 10:51:53 +0700 Fitch Upgrades Thailand#s TMB, TBANK, TCAP and Affirms Other Mid- and Small-Sized Banks http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-11/7cb0dff6737746826f93afb29d7bdc6d/ Fitch Ratings has upgraded the National Long-Term Ratings of Thailand-based TMB Bank Public Company Limited and Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited (TBANK) to #AA-(tha)#, from #A+(tha)#, and the National Long-Term Rating of TBANK#s holding company, http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-09-11/7cb0dff6737746826f93afb29d7bdc6d/ Tue, 11 Sep 2018 10:22:45 +0700 HOLIDAY CHECK AWARD 2018: TOP RECOMMENDED HOTELS FOR CENTARA GRAND BEACH RESORT VILLAS HUA HIN http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-09-04/35134db517f71eee9917f9e943d6b48c/ Hua Hin#s historic icon Centara Grand Beach Resort Villas Hua Hin recently shared its pride as it was granted Top Recommended Hotels in Hua Hin on HolidayCheck 2018#, based on millions of reviews and excellent ratings from travelers all over the http://www.thailand4.com/.life/2018-09-04/35134db517f71eee9917f9e943d6b48c/ Tue, 04 Sep 2018 17:06:38 +0700 Fitch Ratings: Diversification Shields Thai Securities Firms from Volatility http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-29/4c705eece74bab6f4661d5a3ad579dc8/ Thai securities companies that are able to build up their franchises and continue to diversify to reduce their reliance on brokerage revenue are likely to fare better in the challenging operating environment, Fitch Ratings says. Fitch expects the http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-29/4c705eece74bab6f4661d5a3ad579dc8/ Wed, 29 Aug 2018 16:03:36 +0700 Fitch Rates EASY BUY#s THB Senior Unsecured Bonds at #AA+(tha)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-23/dc1d5879736db13e45b67087b7c8381b/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has assigned a National Long-Term Rating of #AA+(tha)# to EASY BUY Public Company Limited#s ( AA+(tha)/Stable) upcoming issue of up to THB1.5 billion of senior unsecured bonds. The bonds will have a maturity of two years. The http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-23/dc1d5879736db13e45b67087b7c8381b/ Thu, 23 Aug 2018 14:55:21 +0700 Fitch Affirms BAM at #AA-(tha)#; Outlook Negative http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-17/4509ba512555e7504bc9522b4b66af81/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has affirmed Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Public Company Limited#s (BAM) National Long-Term Rating at #AA-(tha)# with a Negative Outlook. A full list of rating action is at the end of this commentary. KEY RATING http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-17/4509ba512555e7504bc9522b4b66af81/ Fri, 17 Aug 2018 18:52:04 +0700 Fitch Affirms AEON Thana Sinsap at #A-(tha)#; Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-17/db24564edf06af523b879c62e7ca5f1e/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has affirmed the National Long-Term Rating of AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited (AEONTS) at #A-(tha)# with a Stable Outlook. A full list of rating actions is at the end of this rating action commentary. KEY http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-17/db24564edf06af523b879c62e7ca5f1e/ Fri, 17 Aug 2018 15:47:42 +0700 Daily Repair Panthenol Soothing Gel Cream http://www.thailand4.com/.biz/2018-08-16/20f6ea3b45f4385bc631f2cd6e76487f/ A mild soothing gel cream formulated with 2.5% of Panthenol strengthens the skin barrier to soothe sensitive skin while restoring the optimal moisture balance with continuous hydration Main Features Hydrating + soothing + skin barrier strengthening http://www.thailand4.com/.biz/2018-08-16/20f6ea3b45f4385bc631f2cd6e76487f/ Thu, 16 Aug 2018 13:11:57 +0700 Fitch Downgrades CIMBT to #AA-(tha)#; Maintains RWN on CGS-CIMB TH http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-16/3c617aa2c7f8218202514ae856c1438d/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has downgraded CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited#s (CIMBT) National Long-Term Rating to #AA-(tha)# from #AA(tha)#. The agency has also downgraded the guaranteed bonds issued by subsidiary, CIMB Thai Auto Co., Ltd. (CIMBT http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-16/3c617aa2c7f8218202514ae856c1438d/ Thu, 16 Aug 2018 9:50:27 +0700 SI Group Rises to the Top 7 Percent for Global Corporate Social Responsibility http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2018-08-16/f55b22510fec5a2826c1424e89fd9942/ SI Group , a leading global developer and manufacturer of performance additives and intermediates, has received its third silver rating for corporate social responsibility from EcoVadis , an international organization that provides sustainability ratings http://www.thailand4.com/.nrg/2018-08-16/f55b22510fec5a2826c1424e89fd9942/ Thu, 16 Aug 2018 8:04:12 +0700 Fitch Ratings: Further Growth for Thailand#s Competitive Non-Life Insurers http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-06/b03bd970fc8131f091bbac69f7958c6a/ Better economic prospects, with a pick-up in consumer purchasing power, should support continued premium growth for Thailand#s motor, industrial and property and marine insurance segments for the remainder of 2018. However, profitability could be http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-06/b03bd970fc8131f091bbac69f7958c6a/ Mon, 06 Aug 2018 15:38:29 +0700 Fitch Rates ThaiBev#s Unsecured THB Debentures #AA(tha)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-03/b2247a92646e3a3d5c826632221c70b7/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited has assigned Thai Beverage Public Company Limited#s (ThaiBev, BBB-/AA(tha)/Stable) new senior unsecured debentures amounting to THB70 billion a National Long-Term Rating of #AA(tha)#. The debentures are in five tranches http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-03/b2247a92646e3a3d5c826632221c70b7/ Fri, 03 Aug 2018 17:36:44 +0700 Fitch Affirms ThaiBev at #BBB-#/#AA(tha)#; Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-02/0a4d7c022176999bde073307928d181a/ Fitch Ratings-Bangkok/Singapore-02 August 2018: Fitch Ratings has affirmed Thai Beverage Public Company Limited#s (ThaiBev) Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating at #BBB-#, and its National Long-Term Rating at #AA(tha)#. The Outlook is http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-02/0a4d7c022176999bde073307928d181a/ Thu, 02 Aug 2018 17:36:52 +0700 Fitch Affirms ThaiBev at #BBB-#/#AA(tha)#; Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-02/de8d8ee44e941ffffb6715817d2e364c/ Fitch Ratings has affirmed Thai Beverage Public Company Limited#s (ThaiBev) Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating at #BBB-#, and its National Long-Term Rating at #AA(tha)#. The Outlook is Stable. ThaiBev experienced challenges in its domestic http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-02/de8d8ee44e941ffffb6715817d2e364c/ Thu, 02 Aug 2018 17:29:17 +0700 Fitch: Thai Banks# Asset Quality Stabilising in Line with Expectations http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-01/aa59ded48ef39695ad40a568e47603f1/ The 1H18 results for listed Thai banks show that the asset-quality cycle has started to stabilise, with positive impact on banks# profitability and buffers. The trend is in line with Fitch Ratings# expectations (see Fitch: Thai Banks# Asset Quality http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-08-01/aa59ded48ef39695ad40a568e47603f1/ Wed, 01 Aug 2018 15:09:20 +0700 Mount Oswald Colleges LLP Proposed Senior Secured Debt Assigned #AA# Preliminary Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-31/324aab0306c9608a4207c54758eb65e2/ MADRID (SP Global Ratings) July 31, 2018-SP Global Ratings today assigned its preliminary #AA# long-term insured rating to the debt to be issued by U.K.-based limited-purpose vehicle Mount Oswald Colleges LLP (the project). The preliminary http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-31/324aab0306c9608a4207c54758eb65e2/ Tue, 31 Jul 2018 19:11:33 +0700 Fitch Affirms Siam Cement at #A+(tha)#; Rates New Debentures #A+(tha)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-26/7048680db057ba7269ed6d5d0db3c397/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited has affirmed the National Long-Term Rating and the senior unsecured rating of The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCC) at #A+(tha)#. The Outlook on the National Long-Term Rating is Stable. At the same time, Fitch has http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-26/7048680db057ba7269ed6d5d0db3c397/ Thu, 26 Jul 2018 15:16:28 +0700 Fitch Affirms JWD InfoLogistics at #BBB+(tha)#; Outlook Negative http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-24/3f7a259db9b2778c00249d2e519ccc1e/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited has affirmed JWD InfoLogistics Public Company Limited#s National Long-Term Rating at #BBB+(tha)#. The Outlook remains Negative. Simultaneously, the agency has affirmed JWD#s National Short-Term Rating at #F2(tha)#. The http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-24/3f7a259db9b2778c00249d2e519ccc1e/ Tue, 24 Jul 2018 16:43:08 +0700 Fitch Affirms Mercedes-Benz (Thailand)#s MTN Programmes at #AAA(tha)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-23/e80167c571605ce7a55ce209226acfad/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited has affirmed the National Long-Term Rating on Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited#s (MBTh) medium-term note (MTN) programme of up to THB15 billion (MTN-2) and its THB10 billion MTN programme (MTN-1) at #AAA(tha)#. The http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-23/e80167c571605ce7a55ce209226acfad/ Mon, 23 Jul 2018 17:13:30 +0700 Fitch Rates Navanakorn Electricity#s Thai Baht Debentures #A-(tha)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-18/2ef1c987bd44c8c5fe508670dfab65ac/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has assigned Navanakorn Electricity Generating Company Limited#s (NNEG, A-(tha)/Stable) upcoming senior unsecured amortising debentures of up to THB6.4 billion a National Long-Term Rating of #A-(tha)#. Proceeds will be used to http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-18/2ef1c987bd44c8c5fe508670dfab65ac/ Wed, 18 Jul 2018 17:11:41 +0700 Fitch Affirms SCB Asset Management at #Excellent(tha)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-16/dca52b7fa03c865f8d98171311aef11a/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited has affirmed Thailand-based SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd#s (SCBAM) National Investment Management Quality Rating (IMQR) at #Excellent(tha)#. The Outlook is Stable. KEY RATING DRIVERS SCBAM#s National IMQR reflects its http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-16/dca52b7fa03c865f8d98171311aef11a/ Mon, 16 Jul 2018 15:01:24 +0700 Fitch Maintains Rating Watch Negative on Thailand#s CGS-CIMB http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/9937e943781c2884f13db9a25c547733/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has maintained the Rating Watch Negative on CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd.#s (CGS-CIMB TH) National Long-Term Rating of #AA-(tha)# and National Short-Term Rating at #F1+(tha)#. Fitch placed CGS-CIMB TH#s ratings on http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/9937e943781c2884f13db9a25c547733/ Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:40:07 +0700 Fitch Affirms Finansa at #BBB-(tha)#; Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/ea3a60ad19f0be71e4919186d0668b1c/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has affirmed Finansa Public Company Limited#s (FNS) National Long-Term Rating at #BBB-(tha)# with a Stable Outlook. It also affirmed the company#s National Short-Term Rating at #F3(tha)#. KEY RATING DRIVERS The ratings reflect http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/ea3a60ad19f0be71e4919186d0668b1c/ Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:38:19 +0700 Fitch Upgrades Asia Plus Group Holdings to #A(tha)#; Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/99a9f2d452baee2440c6c0ef27a4743e/ Fitch has today upgraded the National Long-Term Rating on Asia Plus Group Holdings Public Company Limited (ASP) to #A(tha)# from #A-(tha)#. The Outlook is Stable. At the same time, the agency has upgraded ASP#s National Short-Term Rating to #F1(tha)# http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/99a9f2d452baee2440c6c0ef27a4743e/ Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:36:19 +0700 Fitch Affirms Thailand#s TOP at #AA-(tha)#; Outlook Stable http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/03dca7ed1201f94f5ecd30d49b8c7730/ Fitch Ratings (Thailand) has affirmed refining and petrochemical company Thai Oil Public Company Limited#s (TOP) National Long-Term Rating at #AA-(tha)# with a Stable Outlook after the company announced its final investment decision on its clean-fuel http://www.thailand4.com/.fin/2018-07-13/03dca7ed1201f94f5ecd30d49b8c7730/ Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:21:51 +0700