4ipnet Introduces WHG201, the Smallest and Most Affordable WLAN Controller with Enterprise-grade User Access Control

Thursday 16 July 2015 09:14
4ipnet, a leading provider of competitive and comprehensive wireless LAN solutions for meeting the Wi-Fi demands of tomorrow, today announced the launch of its latest wireless LAN controller, the WHG201. Able to manage up to 10 4ipnet access points, the WHG201 is ideal for distributed site deployments and SMBs that require the same degree of wireless security and performance as large enterprises, but without the hefty price tag. The WHG201 is also easy to deploy and has streamlined management functionality, minimizing the total cost of ownership and catering to smaller organizations with limited IT resources.

With a newly designed setup wizard, the WHG201's initial configuration can be easily completed even by those without a profound knowledge of wireless networking. For example, in addition to the automatic discovery and provisioning of access points, administrators are asked to provide an estimated quantity of users for the Wi-Fi network and whether or not bandwidth control per user is required. Based on the results, the system will then automatically generate optimized AP settings and user access policies. Finally, the administrator can separately configure the Ethernet port in single-WAN or dual-WAN operation, catering to deployment scenarios that need functions such as WAN port failover and load balancing.

Once the network is up and running, the WHG201's user access control and policy enforcement guarantees secure, reliable, and high performance Wi-Fi connectivity. Unauthorized users are prevented from accessing sensitive network resources, while individual user bandwidths are limited so that a single user does not congest the entire network. With the multitude of mobile devices in use today, many SMBs now realize that a stable Wi-Fi network cannot be maintained without proper access control functionality.

Finally, for large-scale distributed site and chain store deployments, multiple WHG201 and their respective access points can be centrally monitored by 4ipnet's upcoming Network Management System, the NMS100. Featuring multi-tenancy and a large storage capacity for remotely storing device configurations and system logs, the NMS100 helps administrators quickly detect and troubleshoot network issues at any of the locations. The WHG201 allows each site to independently perform user access control and monitoring with a minimal cost per site, striking a perfect balance between cost and performance.


The WHG201 is available immediately.

Please visit www.4ipnet.com/…urchase to make an inquiry.

About 4ipnet

Founded in 2002, 4ipnet offers an affordable all-in-one wireless LAN solution that combines AP management, user access control, social media login, multi-site cloud management, and network activity monitoring all within the same platform. With this design, many complexities of traditional WLAN deployments are simplified while simultaneously increasing cost-savings.

Along with a complete suite of guest Wi-Fi functionality, enterprise-grade security, and wireless performance optimization features, 4ipnet delivers a comprehensive and reliable Wi-Fi architecture at only a fraction of the cost of traditional WLAN solutions.

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