XCMG Global Operator Excellence Program Prepares All-around Talent for Construction Machinery Industry

Monday 22 July 2019 08:13
XCMG has successfully held the 10th operator training session of its Global Operator Excellence program (the "Program"). The final was held at XCMG's piling machinery's professional, intelligent manufacturing base. A total of 25 trainees from 16 Chinese provinces and 16 trainees from seven countries joined this summer's Program led by experienced experts and instructors of XCMG.

The latest session of the Program hosted two classes for overseas service engineers and rotary drilling rig operators for 25 days. XCMG customized study plans for the trainees that covered installation and adjustment of the pilot and dynamical systems, product structure principle and overseas service specifications, allowing them to improve overall skills in all aspects.

"XCMG has followed the market's demand and policy guidance to extend our construction machinery solution set strategy to include high-skilled talent development, providing all-around operators and service talents who are well prepared to operate, maintain and manage equipment, which is in line with our sustainable development philosophy," noted Su Yuan of XCMG.

The trainees also visited XCMG's intelligent manufacturing (IM) base, attended seminars and participated in public service activities to understand the history, culture and social responsibility of XCMG.

The 16 international trainees who have enrolled in this session came from Mexico, Serbia, Zambia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

"We will take this training as a valuable learning opportunity and turn the knowledge and skills we have learned as our wealth. I want to express my sincere thanks to all XCMG leaders and staff who carefully organized and diligently prepared this training," said Hany G. Seleim, an overseas service engineer from DMC company in Saudi Arabia at the opening ceremony.

The Program is part of XCMG's 14 precisely positioned projects "For Better Life" global public welfare campaign, which has benefited more than 300 trainees worldwide since its launch in 2016. The 29 classes of 10 sessions have helped more than 600 overseas service engineers and operators from 23 countries along the "Belt and Road."

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