J Gourmet Online Kitchen Edition: New Ways for Cooking Lovers in the New Normal Era

Monday 10 August 2020 12:19
Deliver Me has launched a food project under the brand“J Gourmet”that has adapted to the circumstances of the New Normal. J Gourmet is the hub of premium quality food products designed for those who are cooking lovers. It is also regarded as the latest lifestyle on the e-Market platform through the website j-gourmet.com which can also be seen as the online world kitchen with an ongoing campaign “You Order, We Deliver to Your Door”.
J Gourmet Online Kitchen Edition: New Ways for Cooking Lovers in the New Normal Era

Deliver Me Co., Ltd. was established on April 4, 2013. We have been in the food industry for more than 7 years and thus we greatly value and give importance to all factors; from selecting premium food ingredients from all over the world to overseeing the process of importing premium quality beef, salmon, seafood, dairy products, processed products and all other ingredients commonly used in western cuisine. We believe in providing the best quality ingredients so that our customers can indulge in the finest food experience. We truly appreciate our customers thus every time you purchase a product from J Gourmet, we ensure that you always receive the best of the best.

With just one screen touch or a click, our customers can easily place orders through our website j-gourmet.com or Line or Facebook @jgourmet. If you encounter any problems, we have Personal Product Specialists who are available to help guide you through the entire process. In terms of delivery, you don’t have to think twice as we provide deliveries from all 5 of our Food Hub branches: Sukhumvit 42, Lasalle, Ramkamheng, Gateway Bang Sue, and Yaowarat. With an additional 3 more branches in the outskirts: Pattaya, Phuket, and Koh Samui. Payments can also be easily made through online banking transfers or credit cards.

In the future, J Gourmet plans to present new products and different ways to create healthy yet tasteful recipes to satisfy your cravings.

For the “You Order, We Deliver to Your Door” campaign, steak lovers could enjoy'Beef by Kilo’and other special deals every month!

For more updates on new inspiring recipes or ways to effectively use your kitchen, stay caught up with us on our channels Website: j-gourmet.com | Facebook: @jgourmet.th | Instagram: @jgourmet.th | Twitter: @JgourmetTH | Youtube: J Gourmet.