THE NEW IKEA CATALOGUE…From small space living to smart space solutions

Friday 28 August 2020 09:27
The wait is over for IKEA enthusiasts around the world with the launch of the new IKEA Catalogue! Published for 69 years, the IKEA Catalogue is well-known as a key communications link between IKEA and its fans worldwide. It’s also an important source of inspiration and decorating ideas, including the life at home trends for people all over the world.
THE NEW IKEA CATALOGUEFrom small space living to smart space solutions

Mr. Roy Devar, IKEA Bangna Store Manager, said, “In this new IKEA Catalogue, we are interested in today's living in smaller spaces, especially for those in urban areas. IKEA fans will experience fresh ideas and the concept of smart space solutions with furniture and home accessories that have multiple functions that meet the different needs of everyone in the family. It’s loaded with inspirations and little things that can make a big difference in everyday life. And it helps you decorate in a cosier, smarter, more sustainable and beautiful way since life at home has never been as important as it is now.

This has been a very challenging year for IKEA’s business with the Covid-19 pandemic followed by the global economic downturn. In response, IKEA has invested massively in the Even Lower Price category including more than 300 bestselling items. Emphasizing IKEA’s core philosophy on affordability, we want to make furnishings more accessible for the many people, ensuring their homes are a happy place to live within their budgets. We have also adjusted our marketing plan by incorporating consumer behavior during the spread of Covid-19 as consumers spent more time at home. We noticed that customers were ordering small products and accessories to better serve their daily lives at home such as the IKEA365+ food box, P?RKLA storage bag and OFTAST dinnerware. Therefore, IKEA plans to encourage more of these kinds of purchases. It’s worth noting that even small changes or adding a few decorations can make important changes to the home.”

IKEA Thailand’s business plan for fiscal year 2021 (Sep 2020 - Aug 2021):

Even Lower Price products: More than 300 bestselling items will have even lower prices averaging 20% in order to make them more affordable saving customers more money. IKEA worked continually to lower prices through more efficient production at high volumes, improved transportation and inventory management with smarter designs and flat packaging to offer affordability without having to compromise on quality.Storage across the home: Leveraging IKEA’s leading market position in storage solutions with a variety of storage items to help organize bedrooms, children's rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or workspaces. This is in response to increasing urbanization, multi-generational living, and small space living as smart storage solutions contribute to better living for everyone at home.Home furnishing accessories: Encouraging more purchases of small accessories to provide customers with complete functional solutions and lifestyle needs.

Finally, the IKEA Catalogue also has a digital equivalent, E-catalogue increasing convenience to customers who can browse through furniture, home decor products and great ideas anywhere, anytime. You can view details of the products you are interested in and click on the link to immediately access the IKEA website. Find the new IKEA catalogue at your local IKEA stores and at

Information on the new IKEA Catalogue in print editions

Total number of pages 280 pages + 4 cover pagesNumber of published editions 38,013,000 copiesNumber of countries where IKEA operates 53 countriesNumber of published languages in 32 languagesNumber of published versions 69 versions

THE NEW IKEA CATALOGUEFrom small space living to smart space solutions THE NEW IKEA CATALOGUEFrom small space living to smart space solutions