New NESCAFE GOLD CREMA Sets a New Standard for Premium Pure Soluble Coffee, Arabica Blend Ground 10 Times Finer for a Mesmerizing Aroma and Taste, Topped with a Layer of Coffee Crema

Business Press Releases Tuesday February 20, 2018 16:06
Bangkok--20 Feb--ABM

NESCAFÉ GOLD, the global market leader in premium pure soluble coffee, today announced the launch of new NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA, with an investment of 450 million baht to set a new standard for Thailand's premium pure soluble coffee market. New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA is expertly crafted to offer a finer and irresistible pure soluble coffee experience to discerning coffee drinkers in three multi-senses: See the Difference, Smell the Difference, and Taste the Difference. New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA also introduced Kong Saharat and Sririta as co-brand ambassadors to engage discerning coffee drinkers through its total integrated marketing communications campaign. The launch of new NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA will further strengthen NESCAFÉ GOLD as the premium coffee of choice among Thai consumers.

With the multi-sensorial new NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA premium pure soluble coffee experience, discerning coffee lovers can See the Difference: New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA uses the same proprietary technology as Super Premium NESCAFÉ coffee in the United Kingdom and France to produce Golden Fine Powder. When you prepare your coffee, a layer of velvety coffee Crema tops every cup, adding that special finishing touch to your coffee experience. New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA sets a new standard for a premium pure soluble coffee experience that discerning coffee lovers look for. Smell the Difference: New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA's Signature Blend contains mountain-grown Arabica beans from the north of Thailand, ground 10 times finer to better release the mesmerizing rich aroma from the soul of the beans. Taste the Difference: New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA is carefully crafted using selected medium-dark roasted coffee beans, so you can enjoy the smooth, rich flavor of this premium coffee whenever you want.

Mrs. Audrey Liow, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestle Indochina, said,   "NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA is our first premium pure soluble coffee product that truly embraces Thailand. It was developed to meet the taste preferences of discerning Thai coffee lovers. NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA is crafted here in Thailand, using premium quality coffee beans grown by Thai farmers, and made with Nestle's latest proprietary technology. We are investing 450 million baht in technology development at our Chachoengsao factory and a variety of marketing activities for new NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA. We are making the NESCAFÉ GOLD superior coffee experience more accessible to an even greater number of Thai consumers."

Mr. Vladislav Andreev, Business Executive Officer – Coffee and Creamer Business Unit, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, "NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA was developed here in Thailand to meet the taste preference of Thai coffee lovers. In our tests, 8 out 10 Thai consumers preferred NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA. We are confident that new NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA will become the most preferred choice for premium pure soluble coffee among discerning coffee drinkers, while making NESCAFÉ GOLD more accessible to Thai consumers who want to indulge themselves with the perfect cup of premium coffee," he added.

The integrated marketing campaign for new NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA is based on the concept "NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA, for those who spend quality time to appreciate the difference." The campaign includes TV commercials featuring brand ambassadors Saharat (Kong) Sangkapricha and Sririta (Rita) Jensen, who invite coffee lovers to appreciate the difference of new NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA, supported by a nationwide sampling of over two million cups for consumers and a digital campaign to engage discerning coffee drinkers.

The launch of the NESCAFÉ GOLD brand last year was a success and firmly established NESCAFÉ GOLD as a true icon for premium coffee in Thailand with its No. 1 market position. Additional indicators of its success include an increase in NESCAFÉ GOLD brand awareness to 93%.

New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA comes in a new Signature jar with an innovative design that is being launched in Thailand at the same time as in Western Europe. The new jar features a brushed gold lid and a tall, sleek shape to appeal to the new generation of consumers.

New NESCAFÉ GOLD CREMA is now available in four sizes including a 200-gram jar at 245 baht; a 100-gram jar at 140 baht; a 100-gram Doy at 125 baht; and a 35-gram Doy at 49 baht, at hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and leading retail stores nationwide.

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