Bangkok Bank introduces Violette Wautier as a presenter of its BeSure QR campaign aiming to penetrate a new-generation market while promoting the cashless society with a special promotion for both shoppers and merchants

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Monday May 14, 2018 13:28
Bangkok--14 May--Bangkok Bank

Bangkok Bank introduces Violette "Vee" Wautier as the presenter of its BeSure QR campaign with the aim of penetrating a new-generation market while promoting the use of digital financial services. With its "fast-for-sure, convenient-for-sure, and receive-money-for-sure" service, the bank offers a special promotion of cash back and loans at special interest rates to merchants as well as cash back to shoppers who use Bualuang mBanking from today – August 31, 2018.

BBL Executive Vice President Dr. Thaweelap Rittapirom said that the bank organized the "BeSure QR" campaign to promote its QR Code Payment service among merchants and shoppers. The bank's QR Code Payment provides them with fast and convenient service so they do not have to carry or manage cash. On this occasion, the bank also introduced Violette "Vee" Wautier, a talented singer and actress, as a presenter of this campaign and an example of the new generation that uses the bank's digital financial services which are convenient, fast and safe.

"The bank is delighted to have 'Vee' Violette as a presenter of our BeSure QR campaign due to her outstanding character and multiple talents in acting and singing. What's more, she also represents a new generation that we want to communicate with. We would like to introduce them to our digital payment service as they are already familiar with digital technology, flexible and open to change. No matter how small the amount it is, they can pay with a QR code which is fast and convenient. At the same time, this will strengthen the bank's status as a leading digital service center".

The bank aims to increase the number of shops that accept QR Code Payment with solutions that continue to serve a range of customer segments. At the end of the first quarter of 2018, the number of Bualuang mBanking users had grown by more than 60% from a year earlier. The number of transactions had risen by more than 70% and the value of transactions had increased by 80%.

Dr. Thaweelap added that the BeSure QR campaign aims to build confidence among customers so that both merchants and shoppers can be confident about the "convenient-for-sure" service as the "receive-money-for-sure" service from QR code payment, and "fast-for-sure" service enables them to conveniently buy and sell products without using cash.

Under the BeSure QR project, merchants who register for QR Code Payment with Bangkok Bank and receive product/service payment transactions via the QR Code system, will receive a refund of Baht 10/transaction up to a maximum of Baht 300/store to their PromptPay accounts. There are special promotions for merchants in participating areas, and e-vouchers from Tesco Lotus valued at Baht 200/store up to a maximum of Baht 500/store via the e-Reward system will also be given.

What's more, participating merchants who have received product/service payment transactions via QR Code with Bangkok Bank for more than six consecutive months will receive privileges of a special interest rate for Bangkok Bank loans.

Shoppers using "Bualuang mBanking" for QR Code payment for products and services of Baht 200 or more at participating stores will get cash back of Baht 20/transaction. Participating stores include small shops such as food shops in universities, hospitals and government complexes at which customers that spend at least Baht 50 will get cash back of Baht 5, up to a maximum of Baht 200/customers.

Interested merchants and customers can join the BeSure QR campaign from today – August 31, 2018.

BeSure QR aims to support Bangkok Bank's electronic transaction usage aiming to promote and encourage both people and merchants to use electronic transactions instead of cash, in line with the government's policy to move Thailand forward to a "Cashless Society" under the National e-Payment scheme.

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