C TRUE Announces Major Move Combining 6 Magazines with its Event Prowess and Entry into the Digital Realm

General Press Releases Tuesday September 8, 2015 17:46
Bangkok--8 Sep--C TRUE
For the first time in Thailand… the most complete and cost effective Marketing Communication solution ever!

C TRUE Co.,Ltd. the creative media producer and full-service event organizer with over 11 years of experience, has announced new and improved layouts for all six magazines under its brand, namely; Image, Madame Figaro, Her World, Maxim, Attitude and In Magazine, voicing confidence the revamps will present greater content and revolutionize the industry while allowing the magazines to stay in step with the digital age, offering creative innovations inspired by expert event organizers that respond to clients seeking 360 degree marketing communications and cost effectiveness.

Mr. Tassapon Bijleveld, CEO of C TRUE Co.,Ltd. explained that the decision to take on all of the magazines under the GMM group was made with the view to build on C True's creative media and full-service event organization business, allowing it to become Thailand's first and only one stop service for Creative & Engagement. He affirmed that the move will position C TRUE to revolutionize the marketing communication industry and bring forth a new culture of creative work that is responsive to all needs, target demographics and consumer lifestyles. He asserted his confidence that the potential of all six magazines now under the C TRUE brand combined with a team that has shown great creativity for organizing events and producing marketing media will result in a new phenomenon for Thailand, leading its magazine industry on to the world stage.

"Our aim is to reinvigorate the content, to draw out its potential and connect it to consumers more than ever. This goal is completely in step with our creative work behind events and marketing communications; from organizing dazzling exhibitions to our next step digital services, we are sure we can provide an innovation deserving of the public's attention. C TRUE is ready to present a different way to communicate with the market that is extensive and cost effective for our clients and all consumers" Mr. Tassapon said.

While C TRUE has stepped in to administrate all of the six magazines, their high level executives and editors will remain intact, ensuring their expertise for print remains and is ready to be enlivened by the new ideas and approaches of C TRUE Co.,Ltd.'s administrators.

Mrs. Laikram Lerdvitayaprasit, Managing Director and Publisher of Madame Figaro, Her World, Maxim, Attitude and In Magazine remarked that "traditionally, magazines only existed on paper with photos and text, but with C TRUE's involvement, our content will now be a tangible experience that allows our clients to enter the real world through events and all digital channels. It's a truly new phenomenon for Thailand to be able to connect with customers on such an all-inclusive scale. Our content will be present everywhere, allowing our advertisers a way to truly reach consumers of every lifestyle".

Mr. Kamron Pramoj na Ayutthaya, Managing Director and Editor of Image magazine, pointed out "Image magazine is presently one of Thailand's leading magazines because for the past 28 years we have set trends and have boldly sought to expand the imagination of our readers by introducing new innovations to the world of magazines. Today, we have been emboldened to step into the digital era where we are sure Image's status as a trendsetter will continue by offering new experiences to the full range of demographics. Today, we are reasserting our leadership amongst magazines in Thailand by announcing that the revamped Image will be available this September onward".

Mr. Kritpat Supathon, Managing Director of C TRUE Co.,Ltd. the young driver behind C TRUE over its past 11 years, affirms his confidence by saying that "C TRUE's vision, objective and approach in this instance is to become a national leader in creative media and full-service event organization with an eye to reach the international level next. We are ready to utilize the charms and potential of these six magazines and our strength in events to step into the digital realm. With our partners, OOKBEE, iQNECT and NEXT COVER, we have created a complete marketing communication innovation that reaches all target demographics, responds to all lifestyles and is absolutely cost effective. We are ready to become a leading Creative & Engagement Agency through the power of these six magazines, our event services and our entry into the digital realm".

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